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  1. NationFox New Player

    Okay so right now I'm 75cr Pve

    My toon Nationfox is a hard light controller(playing as a dps right now feat hunting solos and such at 52sp right now)

    So I'm wondering should I buy a cheap high level resto plan and just mod in all my slots or go the synthetic mod route(yes I'm aware that my vit won't be comparing up to others if I go synthetic)

    I will still keep gearing up but was wondering if I mod can I start the next tier early?

    Basically what type of mod should I use to increase my cr for the next tier?
  2. General Powers New Player

    Any mod has the potential to increase your CR level. As of right now, I would recommend you go with synthetic mods that benefit your role at the moment. Also, aim for skill points because they'll make things a bit smoother.
  3. NationFox New Player

    Okay thanks for the feedback!!!
    Anyone else have a opinion? Feel free to share it I take all advice
  4. NexGenX New Player

    1. Resto isnt useful for either DPS or Controlling.

    2. Synthetic comes in all tiers in single stat form with the same stat value as single stat exo mods. So there is no reason to say your vit won't compare to those who use exos. The only reason it wouldn't compare is if the mod tier someone else is using is higher than yours or they're using expert mods as synths don't come in expert variety. Which is not something to worry about at your level.

    3. Yes by modding the appropriate gear you can get to the next tier fast. I recommend modding the Item Level 75 gear drops from the Siege and Morrowbots with Synth 3's. Also remember to mod accordingly with your gear affinity slots.
  5. NationFox New Player

    I know resto is needed for my role but someone told me I should get a high level resto mod and just mod it in all my slots to increase my cr faster which seem pretty odd to me. Any how thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!
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