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  1. King Cisco Active Player

    Wow doesn’t re use animations like dc. Another example is ffxiv, blade and soul and a few others. I’d just like to see more from dc like actual good cutscenes not the cheesy 2-3 villain emotes haha
  2. Djem So New Player

    You are a lyer...you obviously did not complete all the episode feats by yourself...they were handed to you when you fought in a group...so stop acting as though just because you were helped more it somehow makes you a better player...and frankly it is not the job of players to make themselves interested in the game...expecting people to spend tons of money and time to play your game but not even being willing to properly explain the instructions for the tasks in the game is really arrogant if you ask me...as a developer you should give players incentive to invest time in your game...why would I want to play a game like this over another mmo that actually does explain the instructions for tasks effectively? And why would anyone want to go through the trouble of grinding feats/dailies or whatever it is you grinded, just to receive the same exact stats that are technically already offered by your cr gear? Sure u gain higher stats with sp but it is still the same stats...why go through all this trouble to gain stats that could be more easily gained in any other mmo?
  3. DarkAvenger Well-Known Player

    I understand what you guys are saying but they have to do something at least improve the stiff animations I was on the trailer for bird of prey dlc on playstations You tube channel and the comments were shiting on it saying the game looks like a mobile game in beta and that raid shadow legends has better graphics I really don’t see PS5 or new players getting this game
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  4. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Why do the handful of of you demand better graphics? Gameplay is far more important than brighter colors shiny faces
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  5. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Because DCUO isnt just another game. It has its own combat system, different questing. Every MMO has their differences and similarities and the largest difference will always be the Story. Another huge difference is in fact the Feat/Stat Point system. It was a great idea but certainly inflated a bit after a few years. You also dont need to be a Max Stat Point player to play the game but those stats are and still very useful. While the Stats from Gear are weighed more heavily, the Stat Points are the extra power for your characters may need in order to complete content. There are also completionists out there who just want all the Feats completed too. Every MMO brings something to the table. If you dont want to eat at the table then dont play. If you want to sherry pick your meal, then do so. Granted, a tutorial system would be handy but as a WoW player, we didnt get that tutorial system at launch. We go it yeeeeears later. DCUo knows they need a tutorial and im sure they are working on an idea to implement it along with the other projects. Just depends on which can be done first.

    If you dont want to grind out Skill Points then thats your decision but also note you'll be crippling your toon(s) and yourself down the line. You may be able to complete content without Skill Points but at certain levels of difficulty, you'll need them.
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  6. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    How would it benefit greatly may I ask... or better yet: I suppose my question is. What do you guys really want from a DCUO follow up? Because while a new game is great and all, you'd have to at least acknowledge that some of the core problems that the original DCUO has would probably carry over to the next one.

    Time capsules, lack of focus on PVP, and etc are things that come to mind.

    The Original Guild Wars is still up and playable and that's been out since 2005.

    And they are still adding updates to the game to make you want to come back to it even though Guild Wars 2 is up and running at the same time.

    MMO's aren't about "them graphics" MMO's are about the gameplay and content released, as well as how they treat their customers.
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  7. dcuotoo Well-Known Player

    ive had stage 4 cancer and a heart attack during this games run...and big trucks go up and down our street...who knows...
  8. dcuotoo Well-Known Player

    reskin World of Warcrafts R and D...for our R and D....call it Crafting at WarWorld...wheres the portal in the WT again...what feats ???
  9. King Cisco Active Player

  10. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Where did the want, and the silly conspiracy about a dcuo 2 come from anyway lol?
  11. Isif Committed Player

    Plenty of naysayers out there. I'm sure they said the same when PS4 launched. Pretty games are not the end all, be all.
  12. King Cisco Active Player

    Graphics aren’t everything however, you can’t use the gameplay argument. DC has had the same gameplay for 9 years. It has a very loyal and small fan base. But we are saying we want more. Other games these days are just far ahead not just graphics wise but mechanics wise. I don’t see anybody spending $500 for a new console to then play dc. I want to see dc last but at this rate I don’t know if it will. Look at that trailer and that other poster is right, there is nothing but negative comments about dc.
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  13. King Cisco Active Player

    Funny, I just saw that :,)
  14. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    If you want to talk about arguments folks can't use, I suggest you stop trying to imply the idea that MMO's somehow drive console sales; because they don't.

    Folks who buy next generation hardware are not looking at MMO games as their first or their final persuading choice. If your buying a Playstation, your buying it for the exclusives. If your buying a Nintendo system, your getting it for Animal Crossing or Mario. If your buying an Xbox, your getting it for Halo or something.

    MMO's at the end of the day are nothing but an extra to your gaming collection to begin with that appeals to a very niche type of gamer, they'll be in your library; but they'll never be the reason you pick up the system to begin with.

    Other games are "mechanically superior" what other games are you talking about, and are they in the same genre as DC?

    Every MMO to a degree has the same gameplay throughout it's entire lifetime(take a look at World of Warcraft. It has different classes, but the fundamental spellcaster formula is essentially the same throughout the game.)

    And I'm going to need to see some concrete examples of the game types you've mentioned that are "mechanically superior".. because as far as I know, there isn't much out there; or if it is.. it's entirely different from DC in every way, and doesn't necessarily mean it's superior.

    Also on a sidenote: If you want DCUO to last... Trying to scare people with conspiracy theories about "how the developers are in cahoots with gold sellers" Doesn't exactly help your case. It's one thing to talk about a game being negative, it's another thing to drag negative publicity to said game especially if it's not true to begin with.

    I'm not saying DCUO's perfect.

    I'm not saying DCUO couldn't benefit from a second game.

    But what I am saying is: DCUO 2 can be a better game and breathe new life: sure. But I'm also saying it can easily be just as flawed as this one is. A DCUO 2 won't be the magical fix that this game needed, and folks need to quit thinking like that; because there'll be a point in time where DCUO 2'll be flawed and dated as is the current game we have now.

    In other words: Keep an open mind & be-careful for what you wish for.
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  15. Brit Loyal Player

    I remember when Everquest 2 launched. I was actively playing Everquest at the time, which even then had incredibly dated graphics. My experiences basically went as follows:

    "EQ2? That sounds awesome. I should check it out."

    "Wow. The graphics are beautiful. This really puts Everquest to shame. This is so much better."

    "Oh. The entire robust faction system that I loved about Everquest was removed, and they instead implemented one of those terrible WoW-clone 2 faction systems. No more rep'ing up to enter new territories. No more ability to kill absolutely anything. No more raids on enemy hometowns, or hunting your own guards and becoming an outlaw in your own lands. So much of the fun stuff from EQ was removed. That's a real shame."

    "Good Lord, there is nothing to do. There is practically no content at all. It launched with less than a quarter of what Everquest did, and then Everquest had several years and multiple expansions to build on to it and further expand. EQ2 feels like it has no content at all. I have thoroughly exhausted every zone and I'm stuck just randomly grinding. This is god-awful."

    "This game is so boring. There is not enough content. I was spoiled by playing a game that had been out for a long time and had a ton of expansions. This sucks. I'm quitting and going back to regular EQ."

    "Well, crap. Now the EQ graphics really bother me, while previously I didn't care much because I was just used to it. Ugh. I guess I'll just deal with it."

    "Man, it feels harder to raid in EQ, now that the population has been split in half, with half the players moving to EQ2 and half the players staying put. I lost friends, socially the game feels more dead, and the entire experience is less satisfying now, regardless of which game I'm playing."

    So color me crazy, but I see no reason why I would remotely want DCUO2 to be a thing. It just amounts to trading tons of content, in exchange for a graphics upgrade. "Hey! Would you like to eliminate 9 powersets and 30-something Episodes, in exchange for having better graphics, in a game that is never actually going to go for realistic graphics because it's always going to want to stay somewhat true to the comic book/cartoony origins of the source material?" Seems like a pretty horrible trade-off.
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  16. Isif Committed Player

    In all honesty, "DCUO2" means that everyone starts at 0. No gear, no CR, no artifacts, no bankroll. I love it for all the wrong reasons, but I imagine folks would throw a ton of loot at it to be "relevant" in the forums and on the Tube. I support it if the only transfer that you can make is your name. Otherwise I'll just stick to OG DCUO.
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  17. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Pretty much this, really.
  18. Controller Devoted Player

    This right here is IMO what the most likely outcome of a "DCUO 2" would be.

    This is why I'm happy with DCUO as it is for now.
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  19. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Lose all my progression in the original dcuo just to play a sequel, I’ll pass
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  20. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Honestly, if done right, I would rather play the sequel.

    Trying to come in as a new player (I don't play DC right now but I have been tempted to come back but on PS4 rather than PC) just doesn't seem interesting at all. I'm not a big fan of how vertical the progression in this game can be but my biggest issue is how long it takes for lower level missions to queue. On top of that, if I ever do manage to enter a low level mission I will probably end up with a super strong teammate, taking all the fun away. The questing is bad and the overall open world experience is pretty poor as well. I also think the feat system is pretty bad.

    If DCUO 2 could keep DCUO's combat, have horizontal progression (similar to that of ESO's), frequent content releases, better open world/questing, and improved PvP it would be the perfect MMO for me. Graphics aren't super relevant but an improvement to compete with other MMOs would be desirable.
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