Dcuo Formula that's been always neglected.

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  1. Aggro Well-Known Player

    This is regarding States Revamp on all roles.

    One word, Speed!

    Dcuo has a history where speed always wins against high damage, trolling, tanking and healing, sure, we want high heals, but if those heals are slower I'm opting out the high heal

    If my high heals go for 20k and my speed is slower vs a heal that''s 7k and I can spam it 3 times before getting the one time I use the 20k heal off, everyone knows what to switch too...

    This is why jump canceling was a problem, and now we are revisiting that same issue..

    Playstyles like only weapons are irrelevant, they are too slow and don't compensate enough damage vs the other 2 playstyles, to even become a "playstyle".

    If your going to make these playstyles competitive to each other, think about the speed and time spent vs the other playstyles and the damage they do.

    At this point everyone on stat revamp his just spamming instant powers that out perform weapons only and almost hybrid.

    The biggest issue is once you buff weapons to run in a competitive dmg to speed ratio, now you have hybrid becoming the optimal playstyle...

    So what do we do dcuo? This is a general topic across all powers and roles on the game.
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  2. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Hybrid being the Optimal playstyle is just that, That doesn't exactly reflect what Players will be using when the revamp goes Live.

    Truth be told I like where the developers are going, Each playstyle has it's own mix of pro's and cons from my point of view.

    Hybrid: Consumes the most power because using Weapons and Powers both are favored, but at the same time they also have the weapon regeneration to back it up.

    PFTT: Demands a lot of power, but you won't be free to spec heavily into the other stats.

    Weapons: Pretty friendly on Power-consumption, but also a bit on the limiting side since your gonna spend most of your time using WM combos here.

    I really find the Weapons style enjoyable, but only in the certain situations it's applied to. If you have a Green Arrow, Captain America, or some kind of character that heavily uses weapons I think loads of players will love this playstyle.

    Weapon and Weapon Mastery in general still need more fine tuning. I feel like the Developers need to finish up PFTT, smooth out cooldowns, and work-out the general problems with each powerset. Giving Weapons a much needed damage boost should be the least demanding task of this revamp imo.

    As far as Speed Goes: I'm not too sure how that'll play out, They have a risk/reward system on test so you'd really have to consider what you would be doing.

    Sure you can spam more, but at the same rate it's gonna cost you more power to use.
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  3. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Well said though I have a question. Haven't been on test for a while unfortunately but do you know if breakouts have been improved or tweaked at all in any way? Even on live I lose most of my power breaking out when using rage.
  4. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Breakout costs are still out of whack.

    They're actually the main reason I run out of power with a PFTT build.
  5. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    I see thank you. Don't care much for the weapons loadout but once revamp comes back I'll be testing out pfft with quantum and celestial.
  6. stärnbock Devoted Player

    Yes, i agree: cooldowns are way to long for whatever effect the power may have. Thats why ppl are spamming the powers that have low costs AND 0.5sec cooldowns... Granted: they seem to not split dammage aswell... Anyways:
    Also: i cant exactly imagine how weapons only should work and how exactly the devs are thinking it could be a competitive play style if the only difference to hybrid is if you clipp your combo with a power or not... I mean: clipping (or WM) should ALLWAYS do more dammage than just combo without additional power attack... Dont you think? Maybe someone can explain to me how this is even supposed to work like?
  7. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    Tunso test method was flawed for several reasons but it was easy to use and sadly they stuck with it.

    Either way let's not confuse the potential speed of different power sets versus the speed of different players. Ice dps is way faster than nature which causes problems in balance. This is the difference in speed that needs fixed or to be accounted for.

    Now you can still have a good dps using nature than will stick with the group better than a bad ice dps. Doesn't happen often but it is possible. Player skill should not be capped. Which sadly they did when they got rid of jump cancel and other clipping.
  8. Aggro Well-Known Player

    I don't mind weapons being a playstyle but there has to be a on switch to an able that potential. For example like switching roles. The reason why I said it's irrelevant is because, there's no point to categorize it has a playstyle when that (playstyle isn't doing enough damage vs time spent on combo and hybrid would eventually take over).

    This playstyle won't be "played" 99% of the time. Unless your a casual who has no clue or studied the game. And maybe pvp.

    I loved jump cancelling cause it wasnt capping players to have a unique factor impact on the game, yes it was not balanced and devs couldn't pull it off while others could.

    But it didn't mean they had to take it of the game.

    What do I mean? Own that mistake take it futher, add it to all 11 weapons build a mechanic around it? Was it hard to use? Of course it was but that's exactly what people wanted, people who can't pull it off give them other options.

    The main problem is they generalize the damage in 1 role so all the options and playstyle are stuck in that role, people are just going to use the best option, and others don't know what their doing.