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    DCUO Episode 32
    Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
    Rewards Guide

    Release Date: 18th July 2018
    Event Ends: TBA

    Required CR (End Game Version): 230
    Minimum Level (Event Version): Level 10+

    Thanks again for joining me in another one of my Rewards Guides, this time covering Episode 32: Teen Titans Judas Contract, the first all-new Episode of 2018.

    As the name suggests, this episode is heavily influenced by the iconic DC Comics Judas Contract storyline and puts the Teen Titans, the Fearsome Five, Deathstroke, and more, at the forefront of end game content for the first time since DLC8.

    In this episode, players earn Titans Cred for completing content, which can then be used by DLC owners and members to acquire the awesome, new Cyborg style, inspired by his appearance in the Rebirth series. Non-members and low CR characters can use their currency to grind the all new Red Robin inspired "Armored Detective" style.

    Thanks again for stopping by, hopefully you find the guide useful. If there are any mistakes or changes that I've made or missed, please feel free to let me know.

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    Episode Currency: Titans Cred
    Titans Cred is the Episode 32 currency, awarded to players for completing Episode 32 content and used to purchase the available rewards.

    Titans Cred can be obtained from the following missions:

    Daily Missions
    • Open World
      • Mission for Cyborg | 1x Titans Cred
      • Mission for Raven | 1x Titans Cred
      • Daily Console Mark | 1x Titans Cred
    • Duos
      • Titans Training Sim | 1x Titans Cred
    • Alerts
      • Titans Targeted! | 3x Titans Cred
    • Open World
      • Weekly Bounty: The Fearsome Five | 8x Titans Cred
      • Weekly Bounty: Giant Robot | 8x Titans Cred
      • Nightwing - Help Raven/Cyborg 5 times | 8x Titans Cred
    • Raids
      • Titans: H.I.V.E. Base | 10x Titans Cred
      • Titans: The Machine | 10x Titans Cred
    Every day, players can obtain 7x Titans Cred by completing each of the daily missions. Over 7 days, that amounts to a weekly total of 49x Titans Cred.

    Each week, players have the opportunity to obtain an additional 44x Titans Cred by completing both Raids (Normal or Event),both weekly bounties, and the mission for Nightwing, where you assist either Raven or Cyborg 5 times.

    Total Weekly Obtainable Amount: (7 * 7 = 49) + 8 + 8 + 8 + 10 + 10 = 93 Titans Cred

    Completing the Elite versions of the content every week will net an additional (TBC) Titans Cred.
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    Episode 32 Gear
    This section contains information about the gear found in Episode 32: Teen Titans: Judas Contract.

    Cyborg's "Mechanized" Vendor Gear
    Style: Bionic
    Item Level: 215
    Feat: Still in Beta (3 Stars)
    • Head - 75x Titans Cred
    • Shoulders- 65x Titans Cred
    • Chest - 80x Titans Cred
    • Back - 55x Titans Cred
    • Hands - 40x Titans Cred
    • Waist - 45x Titans Cred
    • Legs - 80x Titans Cred
    • Feet - 40x Titans Cred

    Cyborg's "Mechanized" Elite Vendor Gear
    Style: Enhanced Bionic
    Item Level: 217
    Feat: The Six Billion Dollar Style (3 Stars)
    • Head - 94x Titans Cred
    • Shoulders- 81x Titans Cred
    • Chest - 100x Titans Cred
    • Back - 69x Titans Cred
    • Hands - 50x Titans Cred
    • Waist - 56x Titans Cred
    • Legs - 100x Titans Cred
    • Feet - 50x Titans Cred

    Red Robin's "Rider" Rare Drop/Event Gear
    Style: Armored Detective
    Max Item Level: 213
    Feat: Night Rider (3 Stars)

    • Head - 56x Titans Cred
    • Shoulders- 49x Titans Cred
    • Chest - 60x Titans Cred
    • Back - 41x Titans Cred
    • Hands - 30x Titans Cred
    • Waist - 34x Titans Cred
    • Legs - 60x Titans Cred
    • Feet - 30x Titans Cred
    Note: This information is relevant to the end game versions of the gear, only. The Event versions of the gear have different stats

    Dropped Gear
    Style: HIVE Defender
    Green - Max Item Level: 209
    Blue - Max Item Level: 211

    Note: This information is relevant to the end game versions of the gear, only. The Event versions of the gear have different stats
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    Item of Omnipotence

    Teen Titan's Lost and Found Box
    Reward: Robin's Footwear of Omnipotence
    Feat: If Found Return to Titans (3 Stars)

    1. Beast Boy's Shedded Fur
      • Location: Episode 32 Vendor - 375x Titans Cred
    2. Starfire's Fire-Proof Scrunchie
      • Location: Titans Island - Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Loot Box
    3. Cyborg's Missing Screw
      • Location: Titans Island - Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Large Loot Box (Nightwing mission)
    4. Raven's Dark Lipstick
      • Location: Titans Training Sim Duo - 1st Boss: Robin
    5. Robin's Bike Keys
      • Location: Titans Training Sim Duo - Final Boss: Trigon
    6. Kid Flash's Boot Strap
      • Location: Titans Targeted! Alert - 1st Boss: Mammoth
    7. Donna Troy's Whip Holster
      • Location: Titans Targeted! Alert - Final Boss: Cyborg
    8. Bumblebee's Used Wax Candle
      • Location: H.I.V.E. Reborn Raid - 1st Boss: Guard Captain Buzzzcutt/Lieutenant Bombus
    9. Herald's Horn Cap
      • Location: H.I.V.E. Reborn Raid - Final Boss: Terra
    10. Terra's Burner Phone
      • Location: H.I.V.E. Reborn Raid - 2nd Boss: Deathstroke
    11. Superboy's Book on Triskaidekaphobia
      • Location: H.I.V.E. Reborn Raid - 2nd Boss: Deathstroke
      • Location: The Machine Raid - Final Boss Encounter: HIVE Master
    12. Jericho's Deep Conditioner
      • Location: The Machine Raid - Final Boss Encounter: HIVE Master
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    In this section, you will see the collections available in Episode 32: Teen Titans: Judas Contract.

    Titan's Roster
    Reward: Video Game Console (Base Item)
    Located: Collection Nodes on Titan Island
    1. Titan: Beast Boy
    2. Titan: Starfire
    3. Titan: Donna Troy
    4. Titan: Nightwing
    5. Titan: Raven
    6. Teen Titan: Static
    7. Teen Titan: Superboy
    8. Teen Titan: Wonder Girl
    9. Teen Titan: Kid Flash
    10. Teen Titan: Aqualad
    11. Teen Titan: Miss Martian
    12. Titan: Cyborg
    13. Teen Titan: Bumblebee
    14. Titan: Arsenal
    15. Titans: Hawk & Dove

    Beast Boy's Scrapbook
    Reward: Video Game Cases (Base Item)
    Located: Collection Nodes on Titan Island

    1. Doom Patrol Key Card
    2. Group Photo - Fan Day
    3. Space Patrol Trading Card
    4. Ocean's Pizza Napkin
    5. Selfie with Raven
    6. Headshot of Gar
    7. Agent's Phone Number
    8. Fan Letter

    Trinkets of a Tamaran Princess
    Reward: Marks of Victory

    1. Cracked Engagement Ring
      • Location: Unknown
    2. Prince Karra's Royal Signet
      • Location: Titans Island - Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Large Loot Box (Nightwing Mission)
    3. Eternal Tamaran Sky-Flower
      • Location: H.I.V.E. Reborn Raid - Captain Buzzzcutt & Lieutenant Bombus
    4. Worn Psion Shackles
      • Location: Unknown
    5. Teen Titan's Acceptance Letter
      • Location: Titans Targeted! Alert - Mammoth
    6. Komand'r Broken Sparring Sword
      • Location: Unknown
    7. Vega System Star-Glob
      • Location: Titans Training Simulation Duo - Trigon
    8. Vial of Tamaran Soil
      • Location: The Machine Raid - H.I.V.E. Master
    9. Portrait Locket of a Tamaran Family
      • Location: H.I.V.E. Reborn Raid - Deathstroke
    10. Koriand'r Tamaran Hair Brush
      • Location: H.I.V.E. Reborn Raid - Terra
    11. Nightwing's Love Letter
      • Location: Titans Targeted! Alert - Cyborg
    12. Tamaran Promise Stone
      • Location: Titans Island - Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Loot Box

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    Titans Among Us
    Type: Global Briefing
    Location: Titans Island, T9 Duo - Titans Training Sim, T9 Alert - Titans Targeted!
    Reward: H.I.V.E. Master (Shoulders Style)

    1. Roots (0:56)
    2. Family (1:27)
    3. Home (1:58)
    4. Hope (2:29)
    5. Fun (3:05)
    6. Courage (3:49)

    Family Honor
    Type: Global Briefing
    Location: T9 Alert - Titans Targeted!, Titans Island Open World Area, T9 Raid - H.I.V.E Reborn
    Reward: H.I.V.E. Cultist Hood (Head Style)

    1. Honor Thy Father (0:57)
    2. Honor Thy Mother (1:32)
    3. Honor Thy Family (2:07)
    4. A Victim of Honor (2:37)
    5. An Honorable Excuse (3:06)
    6. An Honorable Death (3:27)
    7. Death before Dishonor (4:03)
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    The World According to Gar
    Type: Global Investigation
    Location: Titans Island, T9 Alert - Titans Targeted!
    Reward: Curved Couch (Floor Base Items)

    1. The Beast Common Denominator (0:40)
    2. International Beast of Mystery (1:08)
    3. Wild Boy (1:44)
    4. Beauty and the Beast Boy (2:20)
    5. Beast of Burden (2:50)
    6. Beast Boy Fan Club (3:19)


    Terra Incognito
    Type: Global Investigation
    Location: Titans Island, T9 Alert - Titans Targeted!, T9 Raid - Titans: H.I.V.E. Reborn
    Reward: Titan Island T-Post (Base Item)

    1. Terra Uncensored (0:31)
    2. A Terra-ble Time (1:06)
    3. Confessionals of a Teen Titan (1:40)
    4. Twisted Teen (2:21)
    5. Psycho Love (2:52)
    6. Father Knows Best (3:32)
    7. Issues (4:17)


    The Rebirth of H.I.V.E.
    Type: Global Investigation
    Location: Titans Island Open World, T9 Raid - Titans: H.I.V.E. Reborn, T9 Raid - Titans: The Machine
    Reward: HIVE Cultist Enervator (Back Style)

    1. In Service of the Queen Bee (0:53)
    2. For Queen and Colony (1:24)
    3. Superior Rulership (1:56)
    4. Bitter Honey (2:26)
    5. Queen Bee No More (2:59)
    6. H.I.V.E. Reborn (3:32)
    7. The Judas Contract (4:01)
    8. Master of H.I.V.E. (4:31)

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    Base Items
    Commonly Available Base Items
    The following base items are the more commonly available base items found in Episode 32. They are the ones you will find as drops from bosses, not to mention in the Base Item boxes sold in the rewards vendor.

    • H.I.V.E. Base Items
      • Ceiling H.I.V.E. Data Antenna
      • Wall H.I.V.E. Data Antenna
      • Floor H.I.V.E. Data Antenna
      • Ceiling H.I.V.E. Honeycomb Console
      • Wall H.I.V.E. Honeycomb Console
      • Floor H.I.V.E. Honeycomb Console
      • H.I.V.E. Barrier
      • H.I.V.E. Wall Barrier
      • Small H.I.V.E. Crate
      • Medium H.I.V.E. Crate
      • Large H.I.V.E. Crate
      • Small H.I.V.E. Turret
      • Large H.I.V.E. Turret
      • H.I.V.E. Lamp
    • Titans Tower Base Items
      • Security Eye Ceiling
      • Security Eye Wall
      • Titan Island Post
      • Titan Tower Sign
      • Titans Alert Monitor
      • Titans Banner
      • Titans Closed Door
      • Titans Control Panel
      • Titans Live Feed Monitor
      • Titans Tower Barstool
      • Titans Tower Monitor - Small
      • Clean Decorative Table
      • Messy Decorative Table
      • Oceans’ Pizza Box – Closed
      • Oceans’ Pizza Box – Empty
      • Oceans’ Pizza Box – Leftovers
      • Oceans’ Pizza Box – Open
      • Oceans’ Pizza Box Stack – Medium
      • Oceans’ Pizza Box Stack – Short
      • Oceans’ Pizza Box Stack – Tall
      • Pizza Box – Leftovers
      • Pizza Box – Open
      • Pizza Box Stack – Medium
      • Pizza Box Stack – Short
      • Pizza Box Stack – Tall
      • Beast Boy Banner
      • Cyborg Banner
      • Donna Troy Banner
      • Kid Flash Banner
      • Nightwing Banner
      • Raven Banner
      • Starfire Banner
      • Wonder Girl Banner
    Owner's Treasure Box Base Items
    The following base items can be found inside the Owner's treasure box. These treasure boxes drop from the final bosses of each instance in Episode 32 and can be opened exclusively by members and owners of the episode
    • Pizza Slice
    • + More
    Elite Raid Exclusive Base Items
    The following base items can be obtained by defeating bosses in the Elite versions of the Episode's raids - H.I.V.E. Reborn & The Machine.
    • T-Shaped Table
    • + More
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    Other Styles

    Enhanced Armored Detective
    The Enhanced version of the Armored Detective style is an exclusive reward inside the Teen Titans: Judas Contract Treasure Boxes. These reward boxes can only be opened by players who are either subscribed to DCUO or who own Episode 32.

    Style: Enhanced Armored Detective
    Feat: "Tonight We Ride" (3 Stars, 50 Feat Points)

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    Cybernetic Cores
    The launch of Episode 32 also sees the launch of the new Augments system, a system designed to replace the R&D gear modding system that was first introduced into the game in 2012. All strength that was previously gained through R&D modding is now transferred to Augments.

    There are two types of Augments available: Origin Augments and Adapative Augments. Origin Augments are your basic "bread and butter" augments. They will remain with you for the entire duration of your characters existence. You will be able to level them as each new episode is released.

    Adaptive Augments are unique to each episode. Starting from Episode 32, episodes will introduce new Adaptive Augments that not only grant stats, but cool bonuses that work exclusively in Episode 32 content.

    Augments come in various flavours, each relative to a specific stat: Precision, Might, Restoration, Vitalization, and Dominance. All Origin Augments grant Health and Power.

    Augments are levelled up using the new "Exobyte" XP consumables. These Exobyte XP consumables are given out as both rewards in Episode 32 and for salvaging gear across the entire game. They are not the same as the exobytes that have existed since 2012.

    The Exobytes have a chance to be coloured Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, or Purple. Matching the colour of your exobyte to any augment of a matching colour will see a bonus applied to your XP.

    If you get a generic, colourless Exobyte in a quality less than Pristine, you are able to upgrade that Exobyte using the R&D table and a new material called Exo-material which can be found in the former Exobit nodes in Open World areas such as Gotham or Metropolis.


    In Episode 32, Cybernetic Cores are the Adaptive Augments. There are 5 different ones overall:
    • Mighty Cybernetic Core (Might)
    • Dominating Cybernetic Core (Dominance)
    • Restoring Cybernetic Core (Restoration)
    • Vital Cybernetic Core (Vitalization)
    • Precise Cybernetic Core (Precision)
    Players are automatically given a 2 boxes by Cyborg after finishing the Episode 32 introductory mission, allowing you to select any 2 of the above Augments. Additional Augments can be purchased off the Episode 32 Vendor for 10 Titans Cred each, should you change your mind.

    Keep an eye out for Cybernetic Exobytes, as these Exobytes grant an additional 100% XP when used with Cybernetic Cores.

    The difference between the Adaptive Augments is purely in the stats they carry. They all use the same buffs.

    Buffs specific to the episode are available by levelling up the Adaptive Augments and then breaking them through using episode specific catalysts. These catalysts have the opportunity to drop from bosses in Episode 32 content.

    The buffs on the Cybernetic Cores in Episode 32 are:

    Rank 15: Titan's Training
    Catalysts Required: [IMG]x4, [IMG]x3
    Breakthrough Chance: 100%

    +2% Might and Precision while in combat in Teen Titans: Judas Contract content


    Rank 18: Techno Organic Nanites
    Catalysts Required: [IMG]x8, [IMG]x4
    Breakthrough Chance: 85%

    Chance to heal a small amount of damage in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract content


    Rank 21: Cybernetic Adaptation
    Catalysts Required: [IMG]x16, [IMG]x6, [IMG]x4
    Breakthrough Chance: 60%

    Take 5% less environmental damage in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract


    Rank 23: Enervator Energy Dampener
    Catalysts Required: [IMG]x8, [IMG]x6, [IMG]x2
    Breakthrough Chance: 40%

    Take 15% less damage from the Hive Master's Enervator Beam while blocking in Titans: The Machine
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    Late Additions
    Following on from the trend started in Episode 31, the development team added a bunch of additional rewards to the Episode 32 rewards vendor towards the end of the episode's run as the most recent DLC.

    There are a total of 6 new items available. 2 Materials, 1 Aura, 1 Hairstyle, 1 Base Pet, and 1 Henchmen Trinket skin.

    The total cost to buy all of these items is 900 Titans Cred. There are no feats associated with any of these items, making them completely optional extras.

    Aura and Materials
    • Magma Material - 200x Titans Cred
    • Lava Material - 200x Titans Cred
    • Embre Aura - 150x Titans Cred
    Tamaranian Hair - Ombre
    • Tamaranian Hair - Ombre - 150x Titans Cred
    Henchmen Uplink Device & Titans Island Drone Base Pet

    • Henchmen Uplink Device: Holographic Henchmen - 100x Titans Cred
    • Titan Island Drone - 100x Titans Cred

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    Late, Late Additions
    To coincide with the last Double Titans Cred weekend (at least while the event version of Episode 32 is live), even more items were added to the Episode 32 Rewards Vendor.

    This time, 2 new materials, a new supply drop skin, and a base pet (w/ accessories) were added.

    Ikon Material, Critical Ikon Material, & Mercenary Supply Pod

    Ikon Material - 200x Titans Cred
    Critical Ikon Material - 200x Titans Cred
    Mercenary Supply Pod - 100x Titans Cred

    The Ikon Material and Critical Ikon Material are inspired by the visual effects displayed when Deathstroke activates his Ikon Suit in Episode 32 content. These two items are non-tradable, but are marked as Account Bound, allowing you to transfer them between your characters.

    The Mercenary Supply Pod is another Deathstroke inspired item. Deathstroke throws down this supply drop in H.I.V.E Reborn near the start of the boss fight against him, regenerating a small amount of health before targeting the group with his laser staff. This item is tradable, and can be acquired via trading/the broker.

    There are no feats associated with any of these 3 items.

    Wonder Dog Pack

    Wonder Dog Pack - 150x Titans Cred

    Similar to the Krypto pack available during the Anniversary Event and on the DCUO Marketplace, The Wonder Dog Pack contains Wonder Dog Totem (base pet), Tintable Dog Bowl, Tintable Dog Bed.

    As the name suggests, you are able to adjust the colours of the bowl and bed, as well as apply an emblem to them, as well, too. Unlike the Krypto Dog Bed and Bowl, which are colour locked and emblazoned with the Superman logo.

    The Pack is non-tradable but account bound, allowing you to open it on a different character on your account. It is unknown, at this time, if Wonder Dog or his accessories are tradable when released from the Pack.

    Collecting Wonder Dog will unlock a 1 star feat.

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    Today's the day :D

    I've finished a large portion of the guide. Just a few more areas to fill in.

    I need to do 3 more videos for the missing Briefs/Investigations. I was unable to finish them as some of the nodes are in the Raids and I wasn't able to test the raids. There's also a couple of nodes which depend on RNG to unlock, inside the Titans Targeted! alert. Hopefully they will be done before the Weekend, though.

    If there's anything I haven't covered that you'd like me to cover specifically, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

    I was going to cover Augments, including a video, but in the end, I decided against it. There's already a lot of great information out there and the amount of explanation needed doesn't really suit my short, voiceless video format.

    Seems like a really cool system, though. Very easy to pick up. I'm looking forward to trying it out on live.

    Anyway, hope this guide was useful for you. If you have any questions or corrections, please let me know.

    Also, if you're willing to share your OP collection findings, be sure to include the mission and boss fight where you saw it. Some proof would be greatly appreciated, too, to validate the information.
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    As always, thank you for your work. I feel prepared enough for this one even though I only got on the test server a couple of times. Thank you! You do such a fantastic job!
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    Wow...mods(augments) are spisode specfic now?
  19. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    Thank You so much once again for all the hard work you put into doing this for everyone. I really appreciate it
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  20. RealTegan Dedicated Player

    Two of them are. The other four are standard across the board.
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