DCUO E3 2014

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  1. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    No footage or news....because it wasnt there.

    DCUO appeared at

    E3 2010
    E3 2011
    E3 2012
    E3 2013

    but not E3 2014.
    Personally i think this may have been because SOE are pushing the coming Planetside 2 launch on PS4 but Planetside 2 was also shown alongside DCUO at the last 2 E3s.

    So why no DCUO this time alongside PS2?

    Considering alot of the stuff brought up last year still havent been released since they were announced at last years E3 (UI , league halls , etc) was there nothing new to show? Is there nothing special to get players excited for other then what we have already had announced?

    This is not a "OMG sky is falling" thread , simply because we all know DCUO isnt going anywhere anytime soon but considering this is DCUOs first no show at an E3 since before it was launched i wouldnt take it as a positive thing.

    Im wondering how this makes the playerbase feel , if anything at all and what everyone thinks made SOE say "theres no need to show DCUO at E3 this year"

    I leave it to the forum users to put a positive spin on this as many times ive seen something negative and someones managed to alter my point of view.
    Thanks for any responses and please no arguments over "DCUO is or isnt dying".
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  2. Ace1 Dedicated Player

    Sometimes, I feel like not many people know about dcuo, this game should be huge and very well known to so many comic fans.

    I'm still in support of dropping the ps3 but that's no ones call but SOE.
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  3. Hero of Justice New Player

    It seems to me that they are focusing on SOE live over E3 for their big news and relying on other channels when a DLC or something particularly notable comes into the game. I saw a decent amount of news from several sources when WOTL part 1 came out, for instance. Now why they decided to do that, I don't know.

    I do agree with Ace that the advertising for the game often feels lacking, but as SOE seems to be in a financial crunch right now I suppose DCUO doesn't have the budget for lots of advertising and the content that they've been releasing at the same time. And unfortunately DC hasn't exactly been overly supportive, at least IMO. But of course, I'm not privy to that relationship so I can't say for sure.
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  4. Draco8573 New Player

    I once went to Gamestop and at the ps4 display that had the dcuo amazon fury trailer playing for 45 minutes straight. So advertising is happening.
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  5. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    Thanks for responses so far folks , im surprised this hasnt had more though.

    People normally jump at the chance to defend or criticize DCUO even when the littlest of things is mentioned questioning DCUO future/content.

    Guess people just dont care as much anymore.
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  6. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    Most likely their saving stuff for SOE live. Some BIG, JUICY, WET (o_O), NEWS!
    Probably didn't have anything to share at E3 this year is my guess.
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