DCUO DLC7 Origin Crisis: Anomoly "Huntress"

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  1. Aiden Warren New Player

    Remember to go back for Barrels.
    And More Importantly is to spend some time on the Sparring Target to Fill up the Supercharge
    Full Supercharge adds additional damage for Knockdowns, Blockbreaks and etc.

    "Disable Alarms Without Being Seen"

    0:26 lol wut?

    I will have a Moderator to update the thread for
    Killer Croc

    If you get them. Remember their moves and powers and know when to counter them.
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  2. Kroye Loyal Player

    This video was extremely helpful, and is worth a watch for folks struggling with the Huntress Simulation.
    It's important to see understand that the minute the first miniboss spawns an add to hit the alarm, you stop hitting the min-boss and take down the add ASAP.

    Also, the second important thing to pay attention to in the video, is when you get past the door following the first min-boss, wait until the patrol goes to your left, then go right and disable the first two alarm console. On the third, if you time it right, you can actually take it down without fighting anyone (for a feat) but even if you end up getting seen, just focus on keeping all the adds off of the terminal (sometimes you'll have to fight two at once.)
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  3. Aiden Warren New Player

    Thanks, and Which is why I had to post the Unseen one, because in the full video, I got seen and had to take them down lol.

    Metal Gear Solid FTW
  4. Remander Steadfast Player

    At work, so no audio. You might have explained this during the video, but you don't actually have to take out the mobs on the left side of the first room. Were you doing that just to build SC? Nice work on Johnny Blowtorch, BTW. I like how you kept him from turning on the flame jets altogether. For those reading, if you do get pulled in and he goes for the jets, just roll off the floor grate. Immediately after he triggers them, he'll either lunge you (block) or range you (range back).
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  5. Aiden Warren New Player

    Full SC does additional damage to Knock Downs, Block Breaks, and other effects from range attacks.
  6. Aiden Warren New Player

    Sorry, I do give brief tips, Walkthroughs and guides are good, But I just feel sometimes they are spoilers for self learning experience, I mean it's just me, But I do like walkthroughs and guides though.
  7. Aiden Warren New Player

    Killer Croc

    His Raor will no longer block break on GU26
  8. Remander Steadfast Player

    Can't believe Croc only used his roar on you twice. He was spamming that thing on me, LOL! Nice work with MA. I found DP actually work very well with him: Slip Shot, Sweep Shot, Magnum, FTW!
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