DCUO Development Update - September 2022

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Panderus, Sep 6, 2022.

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    Once you hit around 300sp, and have "meta" pet or trans/strat builds, even with just 160 artifacts, you can put out more damage than some people with 500+ sp and 200 artifacts. Skill points sadly don't have a great enough effect because of diminishing returns as far as percentage scaling. You can stop at 100 sp on might and precision, and run Quislet, trans, and source shard/Amazo matrix with aoe brawling spam and neo venom boost and do a million more damage every 10 seconds as compared to someone with max prec and 100 in might with a 200 wrist dispenser, clarion, and demon fang doing aoe brawling spam with neo venom boost.

    Artifacts are not balanced even after the revamp of some. Not to mention, if you are on PS5 or PC, you can art swap like crazy compared to PS4, be it the eog, philosopher stone, or dead king scepter. Having personally experienced this has led me to be pretty upset that I cannot choose the artifacts I want to use and still keep up with someone far below my skill level and skill points. They say if you can't beat them, join them, but I refuse to use Quislet and sadly probably have to acquire the strat card again to pair with the transformation card, over what I thought would be a killer prec build of wrist dispenser, clarion, and demon fang. These three are useful in other areas of the game, just not for pve.

    For anyone reading, free damage like the strat card and Quislet simply cannot be overtaken. One MUST run trans/strat combo and/or Quizlet, Amazo matrix/source shard to be viable in content. Don't forget to art swap.

    RIP skill points...
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  3. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    ok, now that you have taken off that hat.....

    Everyone who plays a game wants to be end game... so of course whining playing will cry they aren't strong enough. I personally have been in this game since beta and day one of official release. I had to go through all the teirs, gear, missions, etc.... I spent the equivilent of YEARS and THOUSANDS of dollars building up my toons with pain-staking reruns for feats and gear.... Yes, I should be stronger than someone just coming into the game. How is it fair after all that time and money I spent on the game... I can get caught up by someone who just started a month ago and spent no money in the game?

    Plus, all the early content is just wasted if noone has to run it anymore. Might as well delete levels 1-30 at least.

    Ok, and when I mean quality, I didnt mean reworking/rebalancing. I'm talking about new systems... like ....
    • My previous idea of a Nemesis system. I have more detailed ways to make it work in this game without interferring in team missions.
    • Braniac has been defeated millions of times... A new updated zone that you can only enter once you finish Braniac the very last time you fight him (thus ending the Braniac Invasion storyline). New Metropolis and Gotham zones would have NO bottles and would open up the potential for new open world missions as it would not be cluttered with old content as it is now.
    • New Powers would be nice, there are still types of powers not explored like wind powers, cosmic powers, source wall type powers, etc...
    • How about being officially part of the Justice League and being able to go inside the Hall of Justice.
    • The Watchtower needs updating or replacement. The only reason to go to Watchtower now is strictly to change phases from PvE to PvP. HoL really did the replacement for the Watchtower.
    • More love to League Halls. They are really underutilized. Only thing to do there is buy the buffs and use the sparing targets. And we havn't had a new design since the under water one a few years ago. Give us a reason to go to the halls.
    • As far as lower teir missions, instead of clamping us, why not up the missions to the average CR of the teams. That way we keep our strength that we worked hard to get and it's still challenging.
    These are just some... there are probably more but I havn't the time to go into them.
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  5. GermanM Committed Player

    Long time ago i used to pay for retly badges in order to keep my two character´s in the same sp, now, each have more then 440sp and i can confirm what you say. Is sad how skill point´s dont matter much anymore.
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  6. myandria Item Storage

  7. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    You apparently didn't read my post thoroughly.

    And to state they don't have time to improve the quality of the game is an excuse. Excuses don't fly with me. They have the resources or can get the resources to do anything they want to do. Including not listening to it's player base.
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  8. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    I'll second that, but since the 13th Anniversary is still over a year away, what if we got that for the upcoming 12th Anniversary instead? ;)
  9. zNot Loyal Player

    I also find it funny how game breaking unintented cheesing is referred to as „gray area“ aka we arent gonna balance it while content that gave 2-3 more source marks vs other content get instantly nerfed for „disrupting eco system“.
  10. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    They've said for years and years now that "there are no plans at this time for new powers."

    Denying reality and then being disappointed that reality is reality seems like a huge and total waste of energy. But have fun with that!
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  11. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    I appreciate the efforts. Love the game, big Titans fan since childhoos. Don't want to offend anyone but no.

    This stuff is awful. May as well have just rehashed the Strykers Island garbage.

    Very disappointed.
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  12. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    you know, I really think people need to temper their expectations of this game.
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  13. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    I want six new Powers, three new Weapons, and a pony. Before Christmas. And a switch to a new game engine. Thanks devs. ;)
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  14. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Forget the "graphical update" or whatever, I'm more worried about what happened to the new cross-faction grouping system they had planned as well (but also vanished from the timeline). That's waaaay more important, especially with the major population issues on some servers.
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  15. Tolly Committed Player


    this screen could make such a cool base theme, the screen looks great anyway!

    It would be nice to have a basic raid or location theme in every DLC :)
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  16. Tomazo Level 30

    What happened with the "graphics update" plans ? Is it still going to happen at some point or its over ?

  17. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    There never were any "graphics update plans", not officially. That was just some BS the new owners invented to impress their shareholders.
  18. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    It's coming...


  19. Comixfan Committed Player

    What do you think a new power is? It's content, of course!

    Powers are the core of DCUO. Not adding a new power is like not adding a new hero in Overwatch - it causes the game to stagnate and for players to leave and seek out other games that get updates regularly and spend their hard-earned money on those games.

    We do. It's new content and would keep the game fresh and it would lead to an uptick in sales of Movement respect tokens so more money for Daybreak.

    Not everyone. Don't generalise like that unless you have facts to back up your claim.

    Orbital strikes, henchmen and supply drops cost money to make too yet they're now free to give to alts. No reason they can't do the same with styles/materials/chromas.

    Could you provide links to where this has been stated before?

    I mean, I don't doubt it. The game is 11 years old at this point and has never received an overhaul to the game engine, but I'd still like to see where this has been confirmed by a dev.

    It absolutely is, especially when compared to other MMOs.

    I mean, look at what's happened most recently - their newest loot box features all recycled content.

    They can't even generate new content for the only thing in game that makes them money! That's pretty telling.

    And they broke the shared bank! Something that's been working fine so far as I can remember and I've been here since PC launch!

    They are lagging far far faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar behind.

    Performing above average? What's your source for that claim?
  20. Comixfan Committed Player


    They've had years to improve this game.


    And what've we got? Recycled content in "new" episodes. Recycled events. And a new loot box that contains recycled stuff.

    They've used up all the slack the community has already given them. There is no slack left to give. The community is completely slackless.

    And then the devs break the shared bank...
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