DCUO Development Update - September 2022

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  1. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    Well, not much to be excited about. Its great we are getting 2 raids again and I hope the game can keep up with this in the next episodes. I also hope we back to 3 Episodes a year because oh boy, if not for SM the game would be a wasteland from july to october.
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  2. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    They dont add new powers because they are rarely played. I really do believe we need them to keep the game fresh, but at the same time Id rather have more content or updates to the existing powers.

    Almost nobody enjoyed Skimming and the devs said back in the day it did cost as much as a new power. We dont need more movent variants really.

    Everybody uses 2 or 3 weapons max, why waste resources on them?

    Styles/materials/chromas arent unlocked without extra money because the systems did cost money to make and there are people willing to pay for the service.

    Faction and gender changes arent viable from a tech standpoint, this was said 1 trillion times. Plus you dont want all villains going to hero and leavibg f2p people alone.

    DCUO is not lagging far far behind. Its a dated game on a engine that no longer gets support competing with multibillion dollar companies and performing above average.

    I agree with the QoL requests for UI.
  3. Tree Well-Known Player

    "The future" and these coming Events & episode with Adam (plus Ally) give me something to look forward to.
    What are you most excited about in Q4?
  4. Kurama Level 30

    I have a question. I don't know if there will be a typo near the end of the sentence, after the events of Saint Valentine and Saint Patrick comes dlc 46, right? And 45 is in January, or am I wrong?
  5. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    People, they are just doing what they always do. Making crap that we have to spend money on and have to repeat 2312390123918209381023 times to get a 50 point feat.... They are just adding missions and window dressing. They are not adding features or enhancements. They are not adding to the quality of the game, just the quantity.

    I want them to stop stuffing this game with repetitive boring crap. I want them to add quality, not content. Enhance the game, add something that will bring people back again and stay. Add something that isn't a quick buck while people spend money on station cash/loyalty points to get and once it's got it's old. Enhance the game with stuff that isn't a get it, level it, leave the game for 2-3 months.

    Other MMorpgs don't have systems where you have to repeat crap as much as this game... that there is always something to do and it's always new. Hell, you can play Star Wars mmo for a year and not get to the end of everything. DCUO I can make a new character and be end game ready within a week.
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  6. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Episode 45 comes after St. Patrick event. Episode 46 is later next year.
  7. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    Guys, I think you might want to give the team some slack, the new year is around the corner and for all we know, subjectively, the game could be improving. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was the new development team, nor this game as a whole.

    I have voiced my opinions many times whether to do with the lack of ease when leveling artifacts along with the predatory breakthrough system, the overabundance of lackluster allies, having to repurchase materials and chromas for alternate characters, the awful time capsule loot box system along with the pay2win feats therein, the lack of body positive skins such as the Penguin's, having no true shared bank by which all account characters have access to money, need I go on, because I can?

    The fact is, as time goes on, the list of complaints gets longer and longer yet nothing will ever be done to correct/address/improve the problems we desperately try to shed light upon. Learn to live with the fact that we play an imperfect game that eventually will be shutting the gates, turning the lights out, and pulling the plug on the servers.

    Support the aspects of the game you enjoy. Stay away from the parts you loathe and despise like the plague. Remember that your opinions are just that, YOUR opinions. Share them if you like, but get used to the utter denial, complete disregard, and absolute rejection of your ideas.
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  8. inferno Loyal Player

    Love to see how Black Adam's quest to resurrect Isis follows. When I first went through this mission, a decade ago i guess, it was closer to when WW3 occurred in dcuo and that was all about Adam and his immediate family and what happened to them.
    I have to admit the strangeness that Black Adam is getting more mentions in DC than Captain Marvel.

    Yes, I still call him Captain Marvel.
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  9. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    "Planning for our milestone 13th year..." - Please don't miss this opportunity...


    "Eventually, Thirteen came across the Phantom Stranger and he became determined to prove he used hoaxes to make people believe in his supernatural powers. His quest brought Thirteen to work alongside the Phantom Stranger, solving mysteries and exposing crooks who pretended to use scare tactics against their victims Eventually, Dr. Thirteen's determination to prove hoaxes caused him to unleash the spirit of the evil demoness Tala upon Earth, giving the Phantom Stranger a hard time as he had to stop Tala from wreaking havoc."

    "On one occasion, Thirteen was summoned to Gotham City as the Gotham City Police Department needed an expert in paranormal activity to investigate the supposed "Ghost of Wayne Manor". Thirteen agreed, but in his search for unusual activity, he stumbled upon the Batcave, where Batman and Man-Bat were fighting.
  10. BabyBoyzim Dedicated Player

    Great points. I’ve said it before, this once great game has turned into some mobile gaming/p2w type game. I am fully expecting ‘watch this advertisement to earn 3 replay badges every hour!’ Or ‘pay a dollar to refill your energy after a ko’ Type stuff soon.
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  11. GermanM Committed Player

    Not to be ungrateful, but I would have preferred more content that could be done daily, such as solos, duos or alerts, raids can only be done once a week and that takes away some of the fun. They should at least enable drop of source marks on end game content when you re-do those instances.

    But I understand why they do it that way.
  12. Northernfire New Player

    Good to hear and see- looking forward to this!

    Any word on addressing the movement mode issues with the meta and how one is clearly better than the other in the meta?
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  13. Soc New Player

    I keep quitting this game and come back every so often to find the same boring stuff, people saying give the devs slack because so many left, I find it alarming that so many devs left all at once but, that still hasn't stopped them from making Allies, Artifacts, Time capsule Booster Bundles but it did delay content and it is the same boring content over and over and over year after year.

    Same open world remember when open worlds gave you different daily missions you don't even get that anymore, so tired of bounties 25,50,100 over an over every DLC, the progression needs to be revamped.

    All these requests for Quality of life changes fall on deaf ears, why can't source marks be account bound? why can't in game cash be account bound if I can't mail money, why aren't a lot of things in this game account bound!

    Even this last time capsule style was a reskin, content after content is reskinned this current DLC is night time version of the last DLC open world which was in the day time.

    My favorite open world was New Genesis, wonder why they never went back there?

    No one even noticed they are pushing more and more events there won't be another new DLC till April 2023 but you will have so many events to do, The Events themselves are sooo outdated they need to be refreshed reskinned it's the same instance over and over, even in the event people so bored of it they just stand there afk let other people do the work. Why is it in other games you afk for a few minutes and the game kicks you this game breeds lazy players nothing is ever done about them at all! Nothing is done about Speed Hackers, But Hey lets give the devs some slack...
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  14. CaptainCanada31 New Player

    That would ve awesome, i was thinking the same thing. I have the GL orbital, henchmen and now the supply drop and emblem accessory. Just need the ally and i'd be all set
  15. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    Fair points. You add to the part when I said, "need I go on, because I can?" But everyone has one big problem they need to personally address with themselves and it is called "tempering your expectations."
    If one cannot do that, they must be suffering from delusions of grandeur. Slack is needed cut for the developers as stated previously because frankly, their customers/content consumers expect a Chrysler Sebring of a game to turn heads like a Lamborghini, pur like a Maserati, and offer the luxury of a Rolls Royce. Be happy you got the convertible and can take the top down once in awhile, so to speak. What I am saying is there are options, just not the options we all wish were available. The engine still runs on this old beater, and as long as you keep filling the tank, it will keep putt putting down the old yellow brick road.
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  16. Soc New Player

    LoL made me laugh :D

    That's why I leave and come back, I think sometimes you hold out hope just like when your low on gas and you hope you can just go those few extra miles, like this game I come back and hope but.... in the end there are other options as stated.
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  17. GermanM Committed Player

    Agree, im tired of those feat´s, is just farming and farming.
    Besides the stat points system never recover from artifacts introduction. You still need them, but the impact in you character is not that big as many people think.
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  18. TeeVolt Well-Known Player

    I agree with this! Please!
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  19. myandria Item Storage



    "Puts on the neon colored Devil's Advocate Hat on her head..."

    WHO asked for the game to be played faster? I'll wait... no, I will not wait. It was the general player base that asked for it. We complained that there was too much of a gap between new/low level players and the veteran player base so the devs fixed that by granting low level players access to end game content until new content is launched. We complained that the leveling grind was too much and too long so the devs fixed that by reworking the Episode Tier levels (the new upcoming episode would be Tier 13 with the old system) and granting a CR skip "every year".

    You can now make a new character and participate in end-game content "before" it gets to CR 30 and stay there until end game CR is reached without stepping foot in most of the lower level content.

    Some of the changes were necessary (like the old crafting system; "shudders" good riddance and reworking the membership tiers [which I still think needs work]); however, this game now moves too fast and many players want new content too quickly to expect anything more than "copy and paste" gameplay and mechanics.

    In order to get that "quality" content some players are asking for, the devs would have to slow things down "a lot". For example, I think they would have to:

    1) Pull back on new content launch times from 3 times a year to just two. I think this would allow the devs more time to create better quality content and push for character access that was denied before.

    2) Clip the event version of end game content from "available until launch of new content" to 60 days of availability (I think that was the time frame before; I could be wrong). Yes, this would push many players to go back to playing the lower level content; however, since most of those lower level raids and bosses have been reworked to the player's favor, this should not be an issue.

    3) Put some focus on revisiting Tier 1--5 content with triple Source Marks/Nth Metal/Ally Favor marks as part of the weekly event rotation. This would help those who have used the CR skip to get into lower level content to help raise their SP by completing more feats, help a player's alts to get into lower level content for the same reasons, and to give exposure and practice to mechanics that newer/returning players need.

    4) Offer the CR skip either at every 150 CR difference (for example CR 300 skip, CR 450 skip, ect) or discontinue them until they see a large amount of the player base struggling with CR progression. Some MMO's have the same level skip for "many years" because they have made leveling up a character so much easier that it is no longer necessary to keep granting them. I think DCUO should do the same.

    "Takes off the neon Devil's Advocate Hat and goes to sit in the time-out chair in the far corner of the room." :D
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  20. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    Eloquent and well developed thoughts. Opinions that are all worthwhile as far as I am concerned.