DCUO Development Update - May 2022

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  1. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player


    Given further dev departures since this update, are we likely to see further delays on anything outlined here?

    I am almost tempted at this stage to take most of this developer update with a pinch of salt.
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  2. Learnmoretalkless New Player

    From 2011 exactly 11 years later this game has been going downhill.PvP hasn’t been worked on in what 6 years and just left to die.

    $15 a month to only play PVE to only grind out the same exact content with just different mechanics.October for the next DLC and next year for the DLC following....NEXT YEAR! $60 until October of paid membership until another DLC comes out 4 months later no out cry.Stat clamp still enabled knowingly acknowledged that numerous players don’t want it.Instead of adding a option in game or on the omnibus for players to be stat clamped or not.Which is simple it’s no different from the concept changing the Elite difficulty while in game.

    You want players to sit around and grind out the same EXACT content then turn around and grind out 7 year old content back when we were in
    high school while stat clamped.Thats the definition of repetitive,tedious,chore.Good thing we have PvP to offset...Wait no one plays PvP since it’s dead.

    $120 in the span of 8 months this upcoming months into next year.yet the game isn’t improving at all just throwing on more DLCs.Good thing when EP 55 releases we will all be stat clamped in Episode 43-44 etc just to relive those moments of waiting 4 months for another DLC.

    Imagine telling a new player that once they pass a certain CR threshold that all their progress will be stat clamped just to grind out the same content at the same rate that they’ve been playing for months.

    No new powers in years
    No new weapons on years
    No new movement set in years
    No new activities in years

    To those who may feel offended by my reply this comment isn’t for you only for people who actually understand how far in the deep end this game is.
    Now most of just log on to claim the daily reward stay blessed everyone.
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  3. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    Im a DCUO APOLOGIST and 10 year consecutive MEMBER LOYALIST to the grave but Damn I hate to say it, but, this is accurate. IMO. RESPECTFULLY

    RAIDS are really refreshing,, ITS DCUOs strength..DCUO should lean on a lot of its strength to gain MASS ATTRACTION.. Ive suggested that DCUO should have MORE RAIDS (and alerts too)releases per year... In 2022, the pattern of DLC in terms of QUANTITY hasn't really changed or SPICED IT UP or went BANANAS.. ITs been the same old same old raid release rotation. Predictability = breeds boredom.. Increased level of excitement is caused by RANDOM unexpectations. DCUO has fallen into the predictability cycle of COASTING

    MY SUGGESTIONS: Id like to see monthly raid releases(SM,SEASONALS,DLC, STU, or even PVP) up until EPISODES(which gives us more raids) Drops... Now until october for the next episode is a bit of a draaaaaag... The wait is wayyyyy tooooo long before we get NEW CONTENT... that's pretty crazy to think.. 2022, that can't be the formula for holding the people's attention for the long haul.

    SM is cool but seasonal shouldn't even be a MAIN EVENT content.. SEASONALS are viewed as side quest fun, but not like the MAIN ATTRACTION for the MONTH.. that's like 2012 excitement... Times change.. Seasonals should still be partnered alongside the MAIN EVENT content.. SM shouldn't event be a MAIN EVENT content either.. These are FUN stuff which should be around ALL YEAR LONG(outside of the seasonals ofc) honestly lol SM should be QUARTERLY or BI YEARLY rotation out of the cycle using maps we already have..

    I've suggested many times for the devs to release new single powers in the ICONIC tree.. maybe like 5-10 powers a year in the iconic tree and even create artifacts around them similar to SOLAR AMP... Get your money lol

    DAILY bounties as DAILY MISSION as well which will help alot of ppl out when everyone got it already and the few haven't..
    WHere are SEASONAL RAIDS??? Where are Seasonal BOUNTIES?? SWITCH IT UP DC! cmon lol :D

    I feel like DCUO should have A LOT MORE going on in terms of constant NEW content being all enjoyed for various reasons, but i still can't understand why things are so spread out the way it is now.. There is no reason SM cant stay for months until another SM updated replaces it. Or why cant SAve the universe and SM run concurrently.. If the motive is to keep everyone engaged in the game for long periods of hours, why can't we enjoy all of it as OPTIONS and instead of BI YEARLY.. Again not referring to SEASONALS..
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  4. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Thats what i tell ppl, 120$ a year is a ridiculous way for me to spend my money, when coming up soon the BIG version of ps+ is 120$! W over 400 games lol. Even the regular ps+ for a year was cheaper than dc, & u got alot more
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  5. NeoSelkie Active Player

    Did you end up figuring out where this landed?
  6. RafaelGBM New Player

    will we have quarks sale? I need to know because I'm gathering a lot