DCUO Development Update - May 2021

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Panderus, May 3, 2021.

  1. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Great format. Getting an update is nice, and this shows that you don't have to give away tons of spoilers to give us a heads' up of general things we can expect. Very cool idea!
  2. ChristianJsonDCUO New Player

    2021 and on could be DCUO's redemption arc. LET'S GET THIS BREAD.
  3. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Thanks for the update. A bit more info would be nice, but hopefully we'll get that in the next month or so...besides the Free eps, which we all kind of figured were coming.

    Just a question. For those that have spent 100's of dollars(or more) buying episodes, do you forsee any kind of compensation...like 1 purchased episode becomes 100 MPC or something? Yes...I know members spend 100's or 1000's of dollars (and I have as well as I've been a member since 2013 or so) on membership, but that was always a temporary deal...spending the money to own the episode was an investment that was supposed to be permanent.
  4. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    A few weeks ago i said i was starting to like the way the game is being run, the recent transparency is all ive really asked for in the past. Im liking the change in attitude.
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  5. Nephenelyn New Player

    This honestly, is great to hear. Hopefully escrow for premium players can increase a little bit. I am fine with ~20000. But of course a little bit more would be great. This will allow a little bit faster progression and make it less a chore to go and gather money each time we want to buy something from a vendor.

    Episodes going free is amazing! Due to my studies, and part-time work unfortunately lately I was feeling like I was spending for little time in the game. I am fine with paying, it is just due to my currency it is a financial burden and it felt bad when I could not get enough of the game.

    I love the way the development is going, to the people that are saying microtransactions are coming; (no offense) but with paying you can get a full account in 1 day. Tell me that is not pay to skip already? I have no problems with this, this is a PvE game so it is happy to see we can get strong whales that carry us and carry the game ;)

    Thanks for being sharing. I hope the free episodes are heard by all and returns to you with even higher incomes from the game. Black Desert started giving out many gifts and I can say, many people I know started playing right away. (Then paid a lot of money without realizing lol)

    To monetize the game more, perhaps is it possible to introduce new powers? Have been waiting on blue lanterns :p.

    Sorry for my disorganized post. I was just so happy to hear the news and had to post a supportive comment. Now I can create a league without feeling like I need to pay to keep things going. Limitations are fiine.. but not being able to play isn't :D

    One final note, great work on transperancy! Please keep it up, I am sure people love to hear from the developers.

    Thanks a lot.
    Best regards,
  6. badams8705 New Player

    More options for Source Marks at higher ranks is needed .

    Would like to see access to retired objects like Superman 80th Anniversary Emblem, and ability to repeat low rank missions for loot like - getting the jester item from Full House. It is only available the first time we do the mission. I didn't know it was needed for a Style so destroyed it.

    Ability to transfer items from Lair to Guild Hall would be great.
  7. PlayerNumberWhoKnows Active Player

    Where is the soloable older content part?
  8. Rockshokx New Player

    Hey uhm so all episodes will STAY free to everyone? or did I read something wrong? I hope that all episodes will stay available to everyone :)
  9. Zoe· Content Creator

    Yes Episode going to permanently be free :)
  10. NotHappy Active Player

    Not overly fond of the Beetle style but I don't think it was rigged but more people wanted certain styles, the one I wanted didn't make it to the end so I stopped voting.
  11. NotHappy Active Player

    RIGHT ON! :D

    and that Shazam guy, that's really Captain Marvel.......
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  12. NotHappy Active Player

    Second, and at the same time, membership will see a substantial update as well. Part of this update to membership will directly address replacing members' access-to-all-episodes benefit and then some.

    Sorry but I am not quite clear what that means "replacing members' access-to-all-episodes benefit"
  13. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    Just to clarify your a bit, right now if you don't own an episode you have longer than normal loot lockouts. For example, if you ran an alert on Monday, you works be loot locked today and possibly tomorrow as well if you don't own the episode.

    The update in the summer will remove those extended loot lockouts, so regardless of membership status or marketplace purchase you would have normal loot lockouts.
  14. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    Currently one of the membership benefits is access to all episodes without any additional purchase. With open episodes going on, this only really gives normal loot lockout times (solos, duos, and alerts reset daily) instead of the extended lockouts that people without membership and that don't own the episode see (rubbing a solo, duo, or alert one day will prevent you from getting loot for a few days unless you use replay badges).
  15. Wa11ywest New Player

    It would be awesome if we could change the color of our powers,like change the speedforce lighting, hand blast colors and the power icons.
    Also would be super cool if we can do past episodes like lightning strikes, I reeeeally want to play that.
    Last thing, episode or event idea, flash war. We can get the new force symbols, force avatars gear, Zooms suit, and the rebirth wally suit. It's personally my favorite flash story and it's a fun idea but only problem is working the stillforce into the game.

    But yeah hope this helps
  16. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    All of that sounds great and exciting. Thank you for the update on all this, paragraphs are totally my thing. One thing before I hit “post reply”. YES! YES! YES! Blue Beetle for the win! Up top Reach Empire!
    Ok. Now that I’ve got that out of my system. Thank you again for this information. My program appreciates the work of all y’all.
  17. Whazues Well-Known Player

    episode 40 is permanently free the others just dont have a scheduled date for when they will go back to not being free yet
  18. Whazues Well-Known Player

    blue beetle style interesting i had thought that their was already a blue beetle style. oh well maybe it will look good but i wont be making a blue beetle i'd rather make a blue lantern wish to see y'alls thoughts on future powers. that could be added in and maybe change up the power sets into the 3 role categories like the lantern ring powers could be split between all 3 roles. i know that alot of us players would like to create legit lanterns of the other lantern corps instead of just having green, yellow and red we need a lantern in the healing role like that of the star sapphires a.k.a violet lanterns, the black lanterns and the either white lanterns or indigo tribe lanterns
  19. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    All episodes are going to be permanently free next quarter, it's literally highlighted in a huge blue box
  20. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    That doesn't include utility belt right?