DCUO Development Update - July 2021

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  1. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Pretty sure it will all be unveiled along with the new ally system this or next week during a Livestream.
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  2. Ice master187 Level 30

    If the vault is being taken out does the nth metal I have on alts from the vault gonna b account bound after update 41 ??
  3. Alexei Shostakov New Player

    Can anyone explain to me why there are "Cannot Trade Across Platforms" items? What is the purpose of this ridiculous limitation? Because that sort of thing, with absolutely no apparent logic, always makes me think I'm playing a game developed by amateurs.

    I understand the "Cannot Trade" and "Accound Bound" items perfectly, but there is absolutely no reason for the "Cannot Trade Across Platforms" items. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Still on this subject: why PC and PS players can't reset instances with each other? Again: amateurism.

    They could use the update to fix these issues.
  4. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Purchases and revenue are handled differently across platforms. Purchases made on PC are handled by Daybreak directly, purchases made on console are solely handled by their console partners. Console partners also do not share your account information with Daybreak. I imagine it limits the trouble for the support team to have to go through Sony if something were to go wrong with a cross-platform trade. Other games that are cross-platform also have these restrictions.
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  5. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Money, basically. Sony don't want PS4/5 people using things somebody else bought on PC because in their view it means they're losing money because the purchase wasn't made on their platform and as such they don't get a cut of the profits. Before you say it - yes, I know there are platform trading restrictions on things bought with in game currency, such as Catalysts, but I understand the reasoning for this to be because the same Catalysts can also be purchased on the Marketplace and there is no distinction between the MP versions and the versions you can buy off Constantine.

    It's the same in other games, for example Fortnite. If you play Fortnite on both PC and PS4/5 then even though you have the same account for both your (purchased) V-Bucks are still separated by platform.
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  6. Yophinia New Player

    Im just really excited to see this huge update but I hope this is good as they say it is but if you think about it its really no point of having membership cuz they kinda have the same benefits members have but we shall see I guess.
  7. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    I hope the upcoming UI changes are followed by even more UI changes and that contributes to a better performing game experience.
    Good luck Devs!

    Since revisiting the settings today after moving the game files to a different hard drive, I forgot to enable show user platform in social tab thingy. SOOOO many PSN users. Making me wonder of a potential.... if PSN (network) has an issue, does that become a DCUO issue for a PC user in group content with PSN users? /ponder. Next time I am in Patchwork Themyscira vs bounties and I'm last to be hit from the skull attack compared to seeing other characters near me get knocked back, I'll check for user platforms nearby.

    Any conversations in the studio or zoom calls about moving on from DX9?? Could set a tone for the intention of many more years ahead. Just say'n. (yes, it is on my mind because ArenaNet recently announced they're making the move from DX9 to DX11 on their 2012 game) I don't think there are a lot of examples of studios doing this. I'm searching for other examples and the results from doing it but am not finding much... planetside2, WOW, .... hmmm, difficult to find the words to get the right results in a search. *recalls from utube Jens Andersen and the DCUO demo of 2009. PS3s are no longer supported, right? Dang it! My fat PS3 died in like, 2013, and I have not bought another console since. I had intended on not getting a PS3, but my less-informed-friend bought a few at launch and I got it for very cheap from him. :rolleyes: In hind sight, PS3 had issues. aaaanywho...
  8. Anubis New Player

    Idk whats going on here but isn't ice was good for SM because its just power efficiency?
  9. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Shields. Lots of shields lol
  10. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    These are not issues that can be fixed by a game update, they are part of the legal contract between Daybreak and Sony. And I very much doubt that Daybreak is in a position to force through a big change in that contract.
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  11. Pull Dozer New Player

    Long time US PC player, but just now finally posting.

    Few ideas that I'm not sure have been mentioned pertaining to the stat clamps and "not feeling powerful after a lot of work".

    I use the following systems as broad context descriptors, not exact systems brought over exactly (obviously different games with different mechanics may not make sense in that way).

    I feel pretty strongly against any sort of "blanket" stat-clamped system when there's systems than can be used to give players options in challenge vs progression.

    Warframe has a few systems that may alleviate some of these concerns (stat clamps vs feeling of power/investment of time), while still offering a way to use older content assets as a means of progression and as a means of challenge. These systems were options players could choose to do depending on what they wanted to do or achieve.

    Hear me out and view the links included for further context.

    Name in Warframe: The Steel Path
    DCUO: This is basically upscaled versions of their normal level/difficulty versions. Essentially mobs with more HP, they do more damage, etc that in this instance would be a "stat clamped version" of the older content. You can choose still to go into the original older content or this "harder" version. This allows players the option of going back to old content and smash stuff without progression or rewards as well as the option to go into the harder (stat-clamped) version for progression.

    This is more or less the proposed system the DCUO devs are discussing from my understanding. The difference is that in Warframe this is an option players can choose to do, rather than only able to do.


    Name in Warframe: Nightmare Mode
    DCUO: This is a more difficult version of previous content, but slightly modified. The art is sometimes a little different (maybe turn the sky blood red in Metropolis/Gotham) to indicate it's a nightmare mode. In fact, one of the more recent raids had a shimmering effect around mobs that might be usable for this mode as well. Nightmare Mode in Warframe gave "penalties" that may the content a little more interesting. Some were more brutal than others. You could have some zones rotation between different nightmare penalties or just set them as static nightmare mode penalties. Some penalties would be do less damage while they were active, some were constant bleed damage, some could be things like no travel powers, maybe reflect damage on mobs, etc. They're just modifiers to "spice" things up and make it more interesting. The specifics of the penalties are less important than the mechanic theory that was in Warframe. These typically offer higher/better rewards as they're a slightly higher tier in difficulty compared to equal tier (non-steel path, steel path, etc) content.

    This more or less takes the "base content" and adds flavor/difficulty to it or takes the "steel path" content and adds flavor/difficulty to it. Again, with more challenge, comes better/more rewards.


    Both systems above achieve that the developers would like (not insta-gibbing content and still getting rewarded) while still giving players the option to do so (without being rewarded) as is the current gameplay mechanic.

    The benefit to both systems above also reuse lots of old content so there's more bang-for-buck for the development team getting more years and use out of content creation, gives players optional ways to play, and some content people like even though they've out geared/leveled a chance to play it in a meaningful way still. It still gives players who want to "feel powerful" to go to old content and just "have fun smashing stuff" with little-to-no reward (as is the current system).

    I don't believe it's an all or nothing, rather a willingness or resources by developers to add these sort of alternative option paths for players to choose in playing. I don't mean this in a condescending or negative way, rather it may just be the reality of timelines, budgets, etc.

    Just my 2 cents for whatever that's worth.

    Pull Dozer
    US PC / Ice Tank / Villain

    Edit - slight formatting improvement
  12. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    Minor observation: the Currency tab... has no default sort method? When I spend all my Source Marks and then get more, it is sometimes close to the bottom and other times closer to the top. They're Shirley not sorted by amount. I've got 21 currencies currently.

    Also, don't let text in new on duty change from regular to italic text. It's not necessary at all. It does it now, for no good reason and seems to change with a mouse press on the line of text. A removable asset would be Italic fonts. Trim the nonsense. good luck.
  13. Olirion New Player

    I just wanted to post as a new player to share how excited I am for this content update. I am really loving the game but I have felt like not sticking around because what I hear about alerts/raids once you hit 30. You either have people not queuing for them or veteran players with high CR blowing through it. DCUO has a LOT of content that I want to see and I want to experience it as it was meant to be. It seems like with the changes to the duty finder this will no longer be the case. I like this approach because it keeps all of the content of the game relevant and makes it draw in new players like myself who want to see everything. I think this is always a good approach to content. I do hear the player concerns about clamping though. Hopefully they add a feature like unsycing so you can run it at full power. However, this method gets rid of the bonuses you get from queuing for the clamped content. Other MMOs use a system like this and I think it works great.
  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I've noticed this too. Thought maybe it was a 'quantity' thing, like higher piles would be at top or bottom, and on some toons it seems that way....but on most not.

    It really seems pretty random overall. If it's not, I'd like to see that sort algorithm. And....
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  15. MrChiCity0884 Well-Known Player

    Hi devs one big question will I be able to send in game cash to my other characters through mail like I use to ask member or is that still going to be locked as members we deserve all access systems especially mailing in game cash to our new or existing characters
  16. Evolution New Player

    I would like to see who changed their opinion about dc clamped universe after 28 pages on this thread now that they explained it and it is on test server now. Go.
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  17. obito5005 New Player

    Hello i was wondering who else here wants the Repair gear in game removed.
    Because in Games like champions online and COH MMORPG they didnt have repair gear
    i wish someone would take it away. i bet alot of other players would agree on this
  18. DscwcFolly Active Player

    2 questions

    (1) Says no more promethain lock boxes that there contents distrubeted else where!!!. what does that mean excactly I am trying to get punchline gloves (WITCH SHOULD BE IN VENDOR NOT THE VARIANT STYLE) so I want to know whats going on and were I can get them

    (2) Says August well what date in august is this update house of legends coming out
  19. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    1) We don't know yet. There's going to be a stream about the new Daily Rewards later this week. It might be addressed in that.

    2) We don't know yet. Most likely 2-3 weeks from now.
  20. DscwcFolly Active Player

    2-3 weeks from now is not august if you got to wait till the last couple of days of the month before update!. might as well say next month and take the extra few days to make sure the update is right thank you i will keep a eye on updates

    can someone tell me how to get puchline gloves or from were since (THE ENTIRE SET IS IN VENDOR EXCEPT THE GLOVES) the variant in vendor is not what is shows in the capsule of the hall of doom there for is not part of the set even if it does have the same stats

    i know i am not the only one p offed about the wrong gloves being in the vendor