DCUO Development Update - July 2021

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  1. Royal Knight Kiryu Well-Known Player

    That was hilarious
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  2. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    To keep it short, although i like to criticise a lot, nothing bad i can say about this. Looks good, sounds good and irregular content and content-updates are very apprechiated - at least by me. Good job.
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  3. Pinky Well-Known Player

    Thank you Devs for your hard work.

    I'm pretty confident that the upcoming changes will improve the game's longevity.

    I have been looking for a reason to rerun older content, and the main reason preventing me from doing that was that there was really no incentive for me to do so because there were no substantial rewards (I have 600+ SP, and I already have near 90% of all the available styles in the game).

    The addition of Source marks being the reward for running old content, plus being able to re-run old content endlessly for Source marks, is exactly the reason I need to spam older content. I really want to gear up my alts with decently levelled up artifacts, and Source marks is a really big pain to farm, and is a major bottleneck for artifact levelling.

    Thank you.
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  4. pyrat101 New Player

    2 words: STATS REVAMP
  5. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    So if we will be able to run older content endlessly for source marks does that mean that everything we buy with source marks will cost more?
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  6. Alexei Shostakov New Player

    Jogo DCUO desde 2016. A pinça me preocupa. Se você nerfar jogadores com alto CR que se juntam às instâncias antigas, essas instâncias serão definitivamente abandonadas e ficarão desertas. Ninguém com cérebro vai querer ser enfraquecido por entrar em instâncias antigas, então qual é o propósito de ficar mais forte a cada dia no jogo? Isso é um absurdo absoluto.
    Portanto, você pode argumentar que o nerf não será tão drástico. Mas QUALQUER nerf é preocupante.

    Want to make the old instances more attractive? ----> Increase the relevance of rewards. Simple. No need to nerf.
  7. Alexei Shostakov New Player

    Explain how it makes sense, from a minimally rational point of view, to weaken players who struggle to get stronger every day. Want to make the old instances more attractive? ----> Increase the relevance of rewards. Simple. No need to nerf. What is the purpose of the clamp? With the clamp these instances will be definitively abandoned and will be deserted. No one with a brain will want to be weakened by going into old instances, so what is the purpose of getting stronger every day in the game? This is absolute nonsense.

    Want to challenge an old instance? ----> Remove part of your equipment and/or artifacts. Jesus.
  8. stärnbock Devoted Player

    my goodness, did we realy not learn anything from the past?
    i allways sayd they should make older content stat clamped!
    way to go devs, i dont mind getting no new missions this time.
  9. NotHappy Active Player

    lol Agreed
  10. Time Stone New Player

    Going back to older contents to framing feats:

    New player:
    - OMG, No one wants to help me, every dlc has that difficulty like new one does.
    Someone who has skipped a few dlc for some reasons:
    - OMG, No one wants to help me, every dlc has that difficulty like new one does.
    Lonely ones, casual players or people who have no op or even decent league and thought they will return after a few dlcs with higher stats to achieve feats easier.
    - OMG, No one wants to help me, every dlc has that difficulty like new one does.
    End game players with nearly/max sp:
    - I don't care. I'm gonna run the last 3 dlcs for source marks and second currency.
    Etc, etc...

    Correct me if I'm wrong?!
  11. Red Wáve Active Player

    End-game Content will no longer reward Source Marks
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  12. Time Stone New Player

    I know, that's why I put an "and" but as I can see I should have put an "or". But not that is the point.
  13. Royal Knight Kiryu Well-Known Player

    And what realm of reality would you call the current game “stats matter“? Your stats actually mattering would mean your artifacts would be a percentage based increase that continuously increase as your stats increase, but they don’t. Your stats actually mattering means you could put all the extra skill points you get into one skill tree not having to spread them out because they’re capped at 295 currently. If stats truly mattered then those with the 500 scale point plus range would smoke individuals in the 300 category every time regardless of power, but as we all know that is not the case.
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  14. stärnbock Devoted Player

    true ^ it seems intentionally to be like that though: everything you can use to get more stats,
    is giving you a total amount of roughly +10%. it is a combination of many factors,
    here are a few examples about how your stats get raised with each DLC:
    maxed out stat points (raised with new maxed cr)? +10%
    completed best gear of newest vendor? +10%
    complete new generator mod s? +10%
    all equipement mods? +10%

    granted: i think the artifacts should be revamped, removing flat stats and instead only giving percentages.
    also: they should overdo the older artifacts completely, wich would most likely frustrate a lot of old players...
    think about it: you should get stats depending on the role you play as, switching role would change values:

    example: lazarus pit water, (giving rivive as usual):
    dps role: gives +5% precission, might and power
    tank role: gives 5% health, dominance and restoration
    control role: gives 5% dominance, vitalization and power
    healer role: 5% power, restoration and dominance
    as the stats and % are now, it is basicly useless
  15. Royal Knight Kiryu Well-Known Player

    I wouldn’t have a problem with them revamping the older artifacts considering only two of them are viable. What they need to do is set it up so the stat percentage increase you get is just for the individual player not for the whole damn group.
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  16. stärnbock Devoted Player

    true... honestly, i realy like to chase the scoreboard.
    the group buff is actually nice, but nothing wanted...
    and i have never looked at the artifacts of others,
    when forming groups to make sure about the buffs.
    devs intended it for tactical teamplay, wich failded.
  17. Major Shenanigans Well-Known Player

    All I can say is it's about time the relevancy nonsense ended.
  18. Major Shenanigans Well-Known Player

    I can't wait.
    I finally unsubbed last year because I just couldn't do it any more and I was tired of all the naysayers in the forums that hate on everything. Almost everything that is in this GU/DLC/EPISODE is something that others and I have tossed out as potential ideas over the past years to only get pounced on by the suppossed in the know crowd.

    My biggest concern is the stats clamping execution. The last time DCUO did this was with CR differential and we all know how that went. It was horrible. Level 5 npc's could bounce cr 100s around like they were new. I absolutely hated it.
  19. Major Shenanigans Well-Known Player

    Oct nov 2011 player here
    One of the main reasons why I stopped my sub was marks relevancy.
    I just couldn't t do it any more. And, to be frank about the whole situation.
    The same DLC day in and day out week in & week out just sucks.
    Its mindnumbingly boring to say the least.

    Everything that you guys are doing is awesome and I just hope you planned well because last time DCUO stat clamped it was not.

    My thoughts and experience on why I think some people are worried about stat clamps.
    I can tell you the biggest issue that happened when DCUO tried to implement stat clamps in lower content years back was that CR differential was involved. It was a horrible execution.
    Level 5 npc's could bounce end game plyers around like the were fresh off of the ship.
    The seasonal npc's (if I remember correctly).
    The summer seasonal level 10's would give end game players a beat down. LOL
    They would stun you, they would be immune to everything. It was just horrible.
    Then came CR relevancy and wiping everyones thousands of MoTs (that they earned) to almost nil (100 to be exact).
    What players the stat clamping didnt run off CR relevancy did.
    Q times went from eazy 5 minutes wait at most to 15/30/45 minutes wait time.
    All that happened within a month or so. It was not a good sight to behold. It was horrible.
    It was almost like a deliberate attempt to crash the game.

    Sooo, with that being said

    My cash is in hand waiting for this GU/DLC to be implemented.

  20. Zoe· Content Creator

    Are there gonna be any hyping "teasers" by that I mean pics of refreshed NPCs and new ones and maybe the new hub? Mepps usually post these to hype us, but I guess It's different with this episode.