DCUO Development Update - July 2021

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  1. ThePanda Active Player

    This is one of the greatest things since Pandas being discovered.. As a long time player I can say this is the breath of fresh air the game truly needed! I have not been this excited about ANYTHING DCUO since 2012. Not only does the Membership status have a great value to it but not restricted in repairs if choose to take some time off of it.

    The stat clamping to me sounds like the perfect trade off to being able to run anything we want as much as we want to run it, this to me feels like gives life into Alts where we can just grind out some of those easy feats and build up the artifacts.

    The best part of all of this FOR ME is that I could get Harley Quinn as an ally? That would be great.. Will there be different types of Harley Quinns, will they help me better in the Batman content over Superman or Wonder Woman content.. will she talk to herself as Harleen Quinzel and Harley Quinn like in Arkham series.. the possibilities have me super stoked and don't answer any of that anyone, I want to discover it all! :cool: The possibilities are so fascinating to me!

    Though something would I be interested in knowing is if LPvE would be considered "End Game" content or would it be "Non-End Game" content and also be allowed to be played over and over again. It is possible to be started early as Level 5 but It has it's own stuff separate so it has me curious. Not that it really matters, just wondering.
  2. Dene Prince Loyal Player

    your first line is absolutely correct - for all of us. No matter what our thoughts or opinions are in this.

    People are inserting mistruth and speculation to suit their fear and then running with it as fact, instead of of actually reading and comprehending - we *don't* know how this wil pan out

    people are reading "stat clamp" and freaking out without any actual basis for freaking out
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  3. sebfm Active Player

    I'm excited and curious how all of this will work. I like the way DCUO is going right now. Wish to see it coming.

    Best wishes and support to DCUO team. :)
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  4. Captain Catalunya New Player

    What happen with the vault tickets? Obsolete item or any new purpose? Any idea?
  5. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Off Topic: is there any further progress made to crossplay on Xbox and Switch?

    Just curious.
  6. abdul qayyum New Player

    Hi, if that's the case, could you make all the open world loot locks last for one day?
  7. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    Dene Prince: "your first line is absolutely correct - for all of us. No matter what our thoughts or opinions are in this.

    People are inserting mistruth and speculation to suit their fear and then running with it as fact, instead of of actually reading and comprehending - we *don't* know how this wil pan out

    people are reading "stat clamp" and freaking out without any actual basis for freaking out"

    Hiiii just wanted to point out my basis for freaking out is the 2017 Stats Revamp. I was there when it happened and most of us know how that turned out. So my concerns are not baseless - just saying. But it is what it is, let's hope for the best.
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  8. Scarlet Mysty Loyal Player

    I was also there in 2017. They changed my stats, hence the name, stats revamp. They did not clamp us.
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  9. Dene Prince Loyal Player

    Mepps stated they'd become "pinatas" and will give similiar stuff to what's in vault
  10. Dene Prince Loyal Player

    my concern is the mistruths become fact and then ppl run with that as fact and twist it all

    From what i've read they know there will be tweaking to do.. we need to work with the Devs to point these out *if* and *when* things seem off

    i think basing it on 2017 is understandable to a small extent (we have no other point of reference) but i just think it is two seperate things and will not affect everything as much as stat revamp did

    I just don't think it will affect things as much as people think.. your league will still run as normal and every now and then you'll do an old raid to get source marks and that's it - it's not the end of the world

    when was the last time your league ran really old raids ? And when you did why did you ?
  11. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Bad news buddy, the stat clamp exists their already xD
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  12. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Any planned upgrades to character slot limit? specifically the cap on buying the slots
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  13. Zoe· Content Creator

    This^^^ Idk how many threads I made about it in the past but I really need more slots, Membership or not :(
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  14. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

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  15. Magnificent Loyal Player

    You've heard our concerns and aren't summarily dismissing them.

    You've acknowledged that:
    • prior clamping wasn't done well enough,
    • that you realize players want to be able to trivialize old content,
    • that you are working to find that balance
    • and that doing an unclamped option at some nebulous point in the future is not completely off the table (not saying it will happen but just that it's not been tossed into the garbage can and thrown out).
    Considering this is being done to help push players into old content as a means of driving things to do (and it makes sense because there's a LOT of old content people rarely touch and I would wager content many new players using the CR buff have never even seen), I'm good with this.
    Now about fixing PVP...;)
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  16. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    I really wish Daybreak had done a better job communicating to us bread-and-butter customers who are at end-game and buy membership / marketplace cash:

    A) detail how the stat clamp will benefit not only just new / returning customers, because it really really does, but it benefits you too, our bread-and-butter customers who spend real money everyday on the game and support the Company financially.
    B) acknowledge the fact that stat clamped high CR end game customers are sacrificing for the greater good of this game. It is the least that can be done, just acknowledge us, sympathize with our sacrifice a little.

    A daily roulette of the older content is a wonderful wonderful thing. We are going to relive older content with new people. They will get to experience the same trials we did and feel the same sense of victory we did when they conquer those missions. This is the goal of the project as I see as well as to bring in new players for future game growth. As a result we all will have new and fun adventures together. This is the goal as I see it.

    High CR end game players are sacrificing for the sake of this game we all love otherwise we wouldn't be playing it. SO STOP DUMPING ON US for being more than a little bit upset about it.

    Respect our sacrifice.

    P.S. this has nothing to do with "one shot" anything
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  17. Learnmoretalkless New Player

    All we need since there will be quick play option implemented.

    1.Add a feature for stat clamped queue which will pair new players with vets who choose that option

    2.Add a feature for running the queue normal which allows vets who want to feat farm not having to deal with new players not knowing the game

    3.Add a private queue for easier feat farming instead of having to find a group.

    As far as I see there wasn’t a vote or poll that players have made to implement this feature.

    As of right now it’s literally and I mean literally it’s forcing players to be stat clamped again who asked for this please inform me and show statistics.
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  18. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    The literally goes against the whole point of the feature. Its not about who wanted it or didn't want it. Its about the health and future of the game. There is a reason why all successful MMOs have this or a similar feature.
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  19. Learnmoretalkless New Player

    you can’t compare dcuo to any other MMO unless they literally share the exact same game mechanics/progression/community/developers etc I can go on and on

    It’s your opinion as well as I have my own opinion you’re speaking as if it’s a fact that forcing again FORCING stat clamping will be a successful feature.

    Take into account all players have to do is make Pre made groups for feats/source mark farming/

    This isn’t 2014 there are Artifacts in the game players are farming for catalysts which are highly sought after.

    Look at it from this perspective if players are barely queuing for old content now what makes you think they would just to help new players rather than farming to max out their arts.

    All I did was make a suggestion for the health and future of this game.
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  20. Lovora Liaht Well-Known Player

    Will the NEW HQ have restrooms, cafeteria, dorms, and showers?
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