DCUO Development Update - July 2021

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  1. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    Sure of course. I didn't bring that up as some kind of inviolable covenant or something-- I only mentioned it in reference to the idea that a couple people here were pushing that it's unreasonable or somehow wrong for people to overgear for older feats.

    Kind of a weird read on the whole situation imo. If you're getting into the weeds on reading feat descriptions in order to make the case that people shouldn't overgear then I would suggest that if those feats are not meant to be achieved by people overgeared for them, then the feats should specify that.

    Just like anything else, progression makes challenges less challenging. Someone who starts lifting weights might struggle with a certain bench weight but down the road, that same weight is made much easier to press. The same principle applies here with older feats-- people who put in the work to improve themselves, or in this case their characters-- should be able to enjoy the gains they made.

    Also, I'm really not understanding your statement about challenging feats becoming "trivial chores." If you pull back, all of gaming is ultimately about tasks or "work." That those tougher tasks be made less tough because people put effort into their characters does nothing to make those feats into "chores."
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  2. Zhouz Well-Known Player

    I agree on the work part, but work isn't the only factor for all content. Work = time spent in game. Getting more gear is literally only a matter of time. Time spent earning marks to buy the best gear. CR is a function of time, not skill.

    While completing the main content should be made easier by virtue of raising your CR and that's what progression earns everyone, there is certain content that is meant to involve a skill factor: certain feats and any content with "Elite" in the name.

    I don't understand the argument that Elite should be for everyone. It isn't for everyone, the target audience is right in the name, Elite.
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  3. KidSuperBoy Well-Known Player

    Hi everyone. Good day to you all! I have 2 questions. One, with access to all powers in the new membership system, will all of the powers then be available on one character's armory? Secondly, with the added character slots and if you're already maxed out will you still receive the additional? Thank you and great day!
  4. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    False. If you earned marks simply by logging in, you might have a point. You may choose to trivialize the effort people put in to gear up, work on artifacts, grind SPs, etc because it doesn't suit your argument but the statement that "time" is what makes for progression is simply inaccurate.

    Again with the gatekeeping. "Elite" is just marketing and doesn't necessarily mean anything in particular. You're getting much too caught up on semantics while also making the extremely bizarre argument that multiple year old content should be off limits to some players simply because of your overly literal interpretation of the game's use of the term "elite."

    Very weird.
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  5. VariableFire Loyal Player

    If Elite content was truly about being skilled, it should be how it was originally and award ZERO feat points, only titles. But contrary to what a lot of players on the forum say, people wouldn't play that content otherwise.
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  6. DedWynd New Player

    Removed CR, no marks for current content, clamped stats on old content and membership bonuses turned into another tier up to gain buy-in progression for skimpy rewards like so many others have now done. Daybreak has been slowly killing DCUO for years (made a huge leap with the crap-tastic revamp in 2017, whioch still has not had all its innumerable issues fixed). Daybreak continues to remove enjoyable play-ability and increase sheer money-grabbing avarice. One nice things is the ability to have iconics as allies, finally, of course that's probably going to turn out to be a joke as only the most elite will be able to get them (mostly the testers that get everything top tier for free, complain about how easy content is and get EVERYONE else stuck in, what is for most of us, nightmare difficulty content for typically pathetic rewards), will be Buy with $ only or typical absurd grind to death for a small chance on a drop. After years of being strangled by Daybreak, this is almost certain to be a deathknell for our once-beloved game.
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  7. Zhouz Well-Known Player

    We can agree to disagree on the elite part, but CR truly is just time. When you can log in and earn both casino marks and source marks with very little need for roles, coordination, or any other pre-requisite, it just takes persistence.

    Any and every given player can "earn" a full set of top tier gear just by running the FP stuff out of the events tab and the FP stuff in the open world. That's all it takes to max out on CR and, at this point, make a bunch of other content in the game completely trivial.

    I'm not trivializing effort, but rewards for effort are participation trophies. "Here's a reward simply for trying, not because you were any good". And if that was the point of the feat list, we may as well replace the whole thing with daily feat points rewarded on login.
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  8. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    We can't agree to disagree because you're posting very extreme mischaracterizations of how things actually are.

    No, CR is not "truly just time." People are running content to earn marks. These are not from the grant menu, they're from running content. Please stop trivializing the time and effort people put in to their characters.

    You also continue to move the goal posts around in ways that really don't even make that much sense. You seem to have some sort of axe to grind with regard to feats but using insulting terms such as "participation trophy" is not appropriate here and I would suggest that your lashing out at large swaths of the community is maybe not the best way to go about making your case.
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  9. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    You have some interesting suggestions and it would be interesting to visit an alternative world where the game you describe exists, but the changes you're asking for are so wildly drastic that they'd require a complete overhaul of the game that would require either making the staff ten times larger or would take five-plus years to complete while nothing else gets done.

    You're not being remotely realistic in what you're asking for, nice as those things may be.
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  10. the solowing Steadfast Player

    None of you are the bad guys, its just the design was counter-intuitive, players cannot experience the raid in its glory, if it take 1 person 3 swings to kill it, players cannot learn anything if they dont get to participate in the mechanics. This is bigger then you or i, this is for the benefit of the players experience, queue times, and understanding of how to play DCUO.
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  11. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Yes, that's obviously why the game is full of players at every hour of the day, with numbers having risen significantly over the past couple of years.

    Last time I was in the WT, there were eight phases and over 500 players altogether just at that location.

    So, sure, the game is clearly dying. In some hallucination of wishful thinking. (PC/US.)
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  12. SuperWeak New Player

    I enjoy this game. But if we're gonna get capped..., first off I've spent so much time and money to get to where I am... all that thrown away just so new players can pay to be on the same level. Yeah I'm gonna go check out ff I guess. My enter league is making plans to switch, all 200 of us.
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  13. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    I don't know how any of this is going to work and I won't know until it drops in Episode 41. I just feel like it was when I waited tables at TGIFs; even though I worked hard for the tips, I didn't get to keep mine, they were taken away and evenly distributed to the others to make it fair. That experience kinda changed the way I look at things now. There was no "thank you for your hard work, we appreciate you" there either.
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  14. MEMO2 Level 30

    I do not know what the problem you are facing is because you are not players at all or you do not feel what they want players because you are programmers and not professional in playing

    Therefore, he answers that you should communicate with game professionals who have spent years playing the game

    And if I am with you I am 100% sure that I will solve the problems of his game

    I apologize that I do not speak English well

    I hope for a miracle to solve the problem of his game
  15. Latino New Player

    Thank you! Your post is exactly the point I've been trying to make with other players on XBOX and how I feel about the situation after starting on PC then joining and grinding on XBOX for 5 years The time spent working on Skill points, and augments and wasting money into artifacts for 8 toons. I just don't see the purpose anymore if they're going to clamp older content. This decision defeats the purpose of even growing stats/character progression and the feeling a sense of accomplishing anything. In a game that's been so heavily on pay for access over the years, they're taking away the one thing that kept me around at the end of content and going back to run older content with my league rather for feats or for fun and that's feeling rewarded for my hard work.

    The first and second blow to me was mod revamp I enjoyed the grind for the materials for my mods, I didn't mind remaking them every episode It gave me something to do and I had a great sense of accomplishment verses players who were lazy and sat in the watch tower all day and giving those feats away for free. Second being the artifact system going up to 200 which made me feel like my 5 year grind for skill points no longer mattered. If anything thing is to be adjusted it should be the value of stat points granted per skill point or increase the percentage from 10% to 15%. So skill points outweigh the benefits of artifacts. But I feel this is my third and final blow in a battle we can't win since the decision has been made without consideration for those who've put years and hundreds if not thousands into the game.
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  16. Mr Furious Well-Known Player

    I don't think you understand RPGs if you think it is counterintuitive. However why are you against having options? I was the one who said it was a good idea to have clamping option for the benefit of new players. Those who don't want a forced clamp are all for the option of playing clamped but you and the devs want to force people into only playing one way. You can't even stand that people are playing it the way it was originally designed where it wouldn't even affect you. The devs are acting counter to the design philosophy of allowing people to play how they want.
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  17. MEMO2 Level 30

    I think they are small groups and need more workers
  18. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    When it comes to clamping people's progression-- something some of us have an actual decade(!) of play time, money and effort sunk into, please prioritize making this optional. I understand the team has put a lot of work in, but any clamping at all is too much clamping if it's not optional and for players going for feats. Now, by all means, go through with the plan to clamp players in instances with no loot locks. But please, PLEASE don't erase our progression when it comes to going for older feats. It doesn't matter how massaged and tweaked or nuanced the clamping is, any at all is unacceptable if it's not optional. It's imperative that there be two versions: one with the stated plan and one that is not clamped and delivers no loot but is feat-eligible.
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  19. Proxystar #Perception

    It could easily be more than that though without trivializing the content, I wondered that myself whether that would be their starting point, but the more I thought about it the more I thought it shouldn't be.

    You could probably even double or triple that in terms of the allowed progression without it wrecking the older content, if anything 30CR is where I'd start just to see but it's probably not, at least in my opinion where it should likely sit in the end.

    Take the experience you have in something like ZOO-E right now and you massively out level that instance, it might be easy for a CR342 player, but I would argue you're certainly not trivializing the experience, you can still die to Joker Bat charge, you can still die to the Commander Barrels, you can still die to Talia, you can still die in gas etc and those mechanics still go off

    edit for the record max CR in ZOO-E is 227, so that's a progression window of 115CR without undermining that content.
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  20. Proxystar #Perception

    The developers have for 10 years intended for players to meaningfully progress to make "challenging" feats a lot easier, sure there is ground to insist the feats aren't entirely trivialized but at the same time insisting the original challenge be preserved is equally silly and flies in the face of player progress. I'm not sure we're really disagreeing, but finding that balance between how much easier something is made is of the utmost importance.
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