DCUO Development Update - July 2021

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  1. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    Don't try to put words in my mouth..

    I was talking about power growth...and there will no longer be any..stronger than the new players?..the point is that I should be way stronger than the new players..BECAUSE I WORKED FOR IT..because I've been been playing the game for 9+ years..because I have 2000+ feats and the SP that comes with it..because I spent a crapload of time leveling artifacts to 200..because I'm actually at endgame..actually one shotting a raid boss has little to do with it..it's just a by product of progression..but if I want to try to solo an older open world bounty when I've progressed further in the game..I think all the time and effort I put in should earn me that right..it won't be possible now..if I want to go back and slam Darkseid in DWF because that raid was such a pain in the *** well past level..I think the time and effort I put in should earn me that right
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  2. Mr Furious Well-Known Player

    I'm talking about you verses you, not you verses others. If you have maxed out current content you will be better than you were when you started the current content. But for any lower content it will basically be as if you had maxed out for that content no matter what you have done in the current content. Basically everything much below you will be the same. It will be like you never got past it. You will be playing all content at the top end of the episode, no higher.

    You might as well not have 300+ cr levels and the massive stats you worked to build up. I'm sure that's the next step. Stat and level squishes are inevitable when they stop being meaningful.
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  3. Mr Furious Well-Known Player

    Who are you replying to? You obviously didn't read what I wrote.
  4. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    How about if you don't like one shots you go play another game..

    Or you know, find a group of people that want to play it as designed like you

    Or better yet..why can't the needs of both you be an option?
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  5. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    I tried to explain what you meant to him earlier in the thread..

    Anyways..I'm right there with you bud
  6. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    There's some confusion here. Namely in the "...join you in not participating" part of that comment. We are playing again. I don't hop on the forums to a game I don't play.

    The entire time this game has been out, there has been a vocal minority on the forums. That's us - you, me, and everyone else on this thread. The recurring names on the forums do not make up the majority of the player base. I'm exhausted with the lack of upkeep on the Census so I haven't checked, but I'm willing to ***/u/me the majority of characters are not max CR. So all the things you listed are important to them as they progress.

    On the flipside, new content will release and current endgame players...won't be max CR. All those things that improve their stats for endgame content will be important.

    Another bonus? A lot of the artifact bonuses are not just stat increases. Allowing support powers to hit more people, lowering cooldowns, etc. Those bonuses should be in effect even if your CR is lowered.

    Can I see where you're coming from about wishing you could go back and have an easier time in older content? Sure, I get it. I'm just in the boat that I think this is a better change for the game and I wish they had done it a decade ago.
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  7. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    If you want everything easy mode than you can also play a different game. The games changing whether you like it or not so you could just take your own advice
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  8. hero turner Well-Known Player

    ok someone suggested do an option for the clamped content ok well why not have something at the selections of missions in the journals, on duty tabs , event and seasonal missions, raids, alerts, duos, solos, legends ect..ect..So what ever select have the option to choose easy, normal. hard .difficult, expert,high, low levels ect ect..so that when you que up or group up for these missions it automatic puts you in these groups or missions to play at those levels and once your in these missions your clamped to the level of those missions. Looking at some other MMO and fighting games, they usually have a option at start up to choose easy, normal, hard or difficult, expert levels, high levels and low levels so it can be that way in DCUO as well when selecting on duty or reg missions solos , duos , alerts, raids , event and seasonal content. That way open world cand watchtower, Hall of Doom , safe houses can stay the same as they are now , also it would be ok to choose these level options when doing scrims, duels with other players if selected to test each other in spars at higher levels if you feel strong enough, I mean you can always decline duel invites if no lol just a suggestion.
  9. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    If I remember correctly, one of the reasons you left around the time of Earth 3 was you were tired of the grind.

    It’s fine. I can log in occasionally, get some purple gear, a couple of pieces of regular gear off vendor - have the minimum CR to see the next episode. Do a regular raid night with friends once or twice or week and not worry about it.

    Don’t need that membership either. Don’t really need to spend any money at all. Thanks! :)
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  10. Zhouz Well-Known Player

    Like I said, feats are a function of time and skill. The parts you just described? Gearing up, unlocking mainframe etc: that's part of the time requirement.

    Players aren't given feats for just being good without putting in the work. They gotta actually run the content.

    Players also shouldn't just automatically be given feats because they stuck around long enough to have them handed to them. Gotta apply both, time and skill.
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  11. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    Well, not exactly.

    Over the years, the devs have repeatedly mentioned going back to tough feats after being very overgeared for them as a method to achieve some of the more stubborn ones. It's a very strange mischaracterization that you're performing here-- no one is asking for feats to be "handed to them." Of course folks are going to run the content but there's always been a method for people to go back and revisit for difficult feats long after they're out of relevancy. It's just been part of the game and it's not remotely an unreasonable expectation for the community to continue to want that.

    Honestly, your posts just read like gatekeeping and saltiness that someone might have a better shot at a three year old feat that it seems you don't want them to be able to earn.
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  12. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Because some people are indifferent to their fellow players experience, just because players are geared doesn't give them the ok to 1 shot a instance raid boss with other people
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  13. the solowing Steadfast Player

    there will be, youll be stronger then a newbie, but no longer able to simply 1 shot a raid boss.
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  14. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    What you're saying comes uncomfortably close to saying that people shouldn't be listened to because you don't agree with them as to what they should want.

    But everyone gets to pick their own priorities. If some people " just want to steamroll old content and one shot things," their opinion is exactly as valid as your dismissal.
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  15. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    With all due respect, I missed where we held an election and elected you (or anyone else, of any opinion) to speak for "everyone else."

    Just as a general rule -- see my .sig -- people should restrain themselves to speaking only for themselves, because that's the only person anyone can speak for. Attempts to claim that one speaks for the masses are best avoided. Please.
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  16. the solowing Steadfast Player

    The question is, how is a single player 1 shotting a 8 man raid boss healthy for the community?
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  17. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Then should 1 player should be able to dictate the pace of a instance run and how fast bosses die? Or should that be something everyone in the run gets to participate in?
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  18. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    Perhaps a better solution would a compromise? Using my self as an example (CR 341), clamp my damage output all you want, clamp it at whatever tier level but don't touch my health stats. I refuse to accept that I should get KO'd by a lower tier anything. My health will have no affect on new or returning lower CR players in their enjoyment of the content at whatever their level, or is this too much to ask also?

    Just wondering.
  19. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    I don't want "everything easy mode"..that's what endgame is for..

    Also..I already played these instances when they were "hard mode"..so your easy mode comment means nothing to me..I don't really care about one shotting early raid bosses or the content that you could currently even one shot stuff in..like I said to someone else, just a by product of progression

    But I'll say it again..I should be able to go back and try to solo an open world bounty if I want to.. or go back to DWF and beat the **** out of Darkseid because it was such a pain in the *** when it was "hard mode" if I want to..BECAUSE I WORKED FOR IT

    Because 9+ years playing the game, at endgame, 2000+ feats (All group feats PUG'd by the way..just in case you want to question how difficult that is), lvl 200 artifacts and everything else

    If a game is not going to respect those things and people who have supported and played the game for 8, 9, 10 years..the time played and effort put in..than it's not worth playing..and I for one don't think stat clamping everything and it not being optional is very resepectful of those things..never being able to be stronger than a clamp is not respectful to the time and effort put in (and money spent) by people who have put in massive amounts of time and effort over the last decade..even more so considering that's how this game has functioned since it began..and it was understood by all that's how it functioned so the change of it adds even more disrespect
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  20. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    And this is for everyone just in case you don't get it..

    Stat clamping all content will never allow anyone to be more powerful in any content..there will always be limits you cannot surpass

    Endgame is always limited.. it is the max gear, etc..the next episode will increase the stats on gear but will also increase in difficulty..the lower episode will become a little easier as you progress..but it will eventually drop into not endgame content and will be clamped..no matter how much you progress past it you will never be more powerful in this content than the clamp allows..never

    All not endgame content will be clamped..there will be certain stat limits that you will never be able to surpass in whatever not endgame content you are in..no matter how much you progress you will never be anymore powerful in this content than the clamp allows

    Or you can think about this way..Endgame will be the most difficult content but you will never get more powerful in it than the restrictions put on you by the clamp when it is no longer endgame no matter how much you progress or how far away it gets from endgame

    Whichever way you want to look at it, this change is effectively the end of power growth in this game..you will never be able to be stronger in any content than what is allowed by that content's clamp
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