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  1. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    SIDE NOTE: As I've been posting the negatives...CC bounties might be one of the only positives, assuming you can get a group together for them. Previously as they are un-resettable, you need a minimum of 56 days to do all 500, doing 1 rotation a day. Assuming now with the 'no lock' I'd guess we can do 2, 3 or 56 in a day, again...assuming you can get a group to do it. The loot might be a benefit as well, but the counts were always the big drawback on CC bounties as 9 was the max per day.

    If they remain 'un-resetable' you now will need 56 days of building a group to go hunt them....so let's hope that's not the case.
  2. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    My take on clamping is still that SOME upper limit needs to be put on our damage output because it’s all too easy to soft-lock an instance by killing something too quickly. Our defences should remain impregnable however. I think that’s a good compromise.
  3. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    If people at that level are hitting the same as you than you are doing something very wrong. They stated multiple times that you are being clamped down to the cr of the enemies. You are getting stamped down yes but not to that same level. So you will have better stats than those just reaching that content.
  4. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    The clamp should be optional not forced.
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  5. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    And what is competent? Know how to “hot swap”?

    We have been repeatedly told we will only have 3 artifact slots, but some players bypass that. If they want the extra benefit of a fourth or fifth supercharge artifact, then during a battle they quickly open their inventory - swap in the SC style artifacts - close inventory - release SC to get benefits - then re-open inventory and swap artifacts again. These players are breaking your system, and the response from the dev team has been to design content where it’s required! DPS elite Grail before her omega beam goes off? Try that at-level without something like hot swapping.

    Out gearing content is the way to achieve the feat without doing that.
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  6. Zhouz Well-Known Player

    Bounties is probably the opposite example of what you mean though, since in the new system all players will get full marks for bounties with no lockouts, I expect to see a lot of players farming bounties for the fast marks.

    To your point though, this will probably mean less players running old raids for marks since the bounties reward the same amount of source marks but take significantly less time than a clamped raid.
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  7. Zhouz Well-Known Player

    There were plenty of players getting the feats you're referring to before artifacts ever existed and when SP capped out at 200. Outgearing wasn't ever a requirement for earning a feat, it was a requirement for cheesing it without effort.
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  8. EconoKnight XIII Legion

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    Do you even play? I was in Odyssey for years and saw you log in maybe twice. You’re talking about a game you don’t even know anymore.
  9. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    I think the poster you quoted meant you'll never hit anything harder or be stronger health wise than what you're clamped to..no matter which tier, you will never be able to hit anything harder than where the clamp maxes out..hence no power growth in the game

    There will now be nowhere in the game where you are stronger than the max clamp

    even if you take current endgame..eventually when it becomes "not-endgame" you will never hit anything harder or have more survivability than the max clamp

    So..no real power growth in the game whatsoever
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  10. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    The problem with this response is that it is a major revolution to this game; it completely goes against the way the game has worked for ten years now.

    Your response doesn't suggest great awareness of just how huge a change you are proposing here. It would completely change the way people have played old instances now for many years, even before the CR-relevancy-rules which came before the Stats Matter days.

    I recognize that the original intent ten years ago was never to let players get so powerful as to breeze through instances, but that nevertheless is the way the game has worked since CR went that high, many years ago, and changing that now is not some minor thing to be mentioned relatively in passing.

    After all, I can't count the number of times you have responded to complaints about contemporary instances being too difficult to get feats and what you've said are variants of "well, you can always go back later to get those done."

    But now that would be much more difficult under the new proposals.

    I strongly recommend soliciting and listening closely to player feedback on any and all clamping/up-leveling innovations.

    This goes equally for any notions of changing how bounties work. Clamping them/up-leveling them would be another dramatic change to how the game has dealt with bounties.

    I think y'all need to clearly understand what precedents you've set and how much or little players will be upset by past precedents going out the window. Clamping has always been a subject wildly disagreed about and you'll never please everyone, but this is not far from the degree of changes STAR WARS GALAXIES made, and we all know how THAT went. I very much don't want to see DCUO make drastic changes without long and hard discussions with the player base as best as possible.

    In general, being conservative about making major precedent-breaking game-changing decisions is probably a good idea.

    Players' experience has always been that progression means being super-super powerful later in the game should always be considered in any such decisions. Breaking expectations could potentially go down very badly. You know how much we tend to over-react. :)
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  11. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Do you know what stat clamp actually does cause by the way you are describing it it seems like you don’t.

    There will be stats clamped yes. But there is no set stats clamp. Meaning you will always hit X amount. They have said MULTIPLE times that when you are downgraded you will be put to a point that is still above what the cr for that set is.

    If you are fighting an enemy with cr100 the stats clamp will not put you to cr 100. It will put you above it probably 2 dlcs above it. So you will be higher than those who are just entering or those who are at that cr for that fight. I’m other words you will still be over leveled for that fight. Just not to the point of one shotting thing.

    Look at wonderverse. We are 2 DLC ahead of it (31st century, and flashpoint). If you go back to that raid you will not be able to one shot it but you will still outclass the content. Same with 31st century which we are just 1 dlc above. We can not one shot things there but we still outclass it. So even if they only put us 1 dlcss worth of cr ahead we will still outclass anyone in that dlcs. So if someone is just getting into that dlc is hitting as hard as you than yes that’s an issue with you and not the stats clamp.
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  12. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    The issue with getting feedback is that most of the complaints are coming from people who just want to steamroll old content and one shot things. The people complaining aren’t even looking to give feedback. They just want an easy way to get feats. The devs even said countless times that people will still be at a higher point compared to the enemies, just not enough to instantly nuke them.

    Whether people like it or not this is something that is needed for a healthy community. Old players going back and nuking everything means new players never learn anything. They get to end game and can’t beats anything so they turn around and ask for easier content. The devs have to take this into account when deciding difficulty levels for new content. Older players then find new content to easy and leave. New players become old players and their skill level now determines the highs and we have a bad cycle.

    Like it or not, doesn’t really matter. With the new membership benefits and F2P getting access to more of the game it’s also an important step to give these new players a proper experience if you want them to stay. And you should want them to stay because a healthy game population means the game stays open for longer.
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  13. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    No one is saying it's going to put us at the exact same level as the content..the person you quoted did not say that..

    But there will be a level that you will not be able to surpass stats wise based on the content that you are in..you will never be able to surpass that level in that specific content..that's what the clamp means..that means you will never be able to be stronger in that content than what the clamp allows..no matter how much you progress, upgrade your gear, etc

    Hence..again..no real power growth in the game whatsoever
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  14. Magnificent Loyal Player

    I believe they've said that. Long ago in the distant past, they have also said being able to choose between phases was problematic.

    If there is enough of a demand for something and they have the right people, it should be possible.
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  15. Zhouz Well-Known Player

    I know exactly what i'm talking about. You don't want feats, you want a participation trophy.

    Feats require time and skill. Time enough to play and learn the content, skill enough to execute the requirements for the feat.

    Sounds like what you're arguing for is for time investment to reward feats regardless of skill.

    This is the sentiment i'm hearing: "If I play long enough, I should get feat points for free"

    Why don't we just remove the feat list entirely and reward 25 feat points every day a player logs in then?
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  16. the solowing Steadfast Player

    So just screw everyone elses experience because you want to 1 shot a boss? Youll be stronger then new players within the clamp, sheesh. Yall act like the world is ending because you cant 1 shot a raid boss in a group of 8 people..
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  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    This....this right here. The whole point of getting more powerful is to make things a bit easier. 200 artis vs 120. 342 gear vs 322. I 100% agree that you SHOULD be able to get the 11 min feat in COUE day 1, but we all know it's not really possible....but a month later, with 23 head augs + 10 or 12 CR, another handful of SP and better Artis...it will be easier. A DLC later, even easier, etc... Hence that statement above...."go back and get them later". Except now there is a cap on how far you can be 'better' than minimum. So maybe it should be 'go back and get them later, but if you can't get them by X differential, I guess give up cause you aren't going to get any stronger'.

    Should be interesting the next month or so as people pound through old feats. Guess that will help queue times on difficult content after the change too, right?
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  18. the solowing Steadfast Player

    If you NEED to go back and destroy bosses in one swing, do it in a single player game where your experience doesn't effect 7 others who may want to actually experience the raids as they were designed, or 1 shot a world boss.
  19. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Actually most people who dislike the clamp have always said 'as long as it's optional...sure'. I'm not opposed to a clamp being in the game, just not all the time in every run (save the 'current' eps)....and yes, I have just as much a right to enjoy the game my way as you do yours. At least today you have an option to do so (made groups)....that option is being taken away for those opposed to the clamp. The hardline clampers are basically saying 'so screw everyone else because I'm bad at farming source and need it in ALL content'....or ...'to heck with anyone who doesn't have the time to sit in 8 or 9 year old runs if there's something they actually need in there'.

    I'm not sure if you were here 5 or 6 years ago when they tried this before, but 1 shotting bosses was not a problem then, but finishing the raid in a group of at level toons really was. Many runs were harder than they originally were...we'll see how it goes this time.

    You do realize that this could be said the opposite of people wanting a clamp right? And again, today there is an option....in a month, not so much.
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  20. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    Then as I stated in another thread - Why bother grinding gear? Why bother keeping up a mainframe? Why bother keeping up league proficiencies? Why bother leveling artifacts? Why bother leveling the new ally system? These things take a lot of time (and in some cases a lot of money), but they certainly don’t show your “skill”. It’s just a long, long merciless, mind numbing grind.

    We can just join you in not participating.
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