DCUO Development Update - July 2021

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    All of this is too good to be true. Like I never seen a game do this much and I'm so glad it's happening. Can't wait to see more YouTubers uploading DCUO content.
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  2. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    That’s my concern. Spent about an hour in False Idols Elite last night - completed it. Got one token worth 100 prestige.

    This could be what we’re about to face. When you look at things like open world bounties and old content, that’s untold hours of play with little to no prestige reward for the league. You can play your heart out and still get nowhere. Is that what’s intended?

    Speaking of my own league, we burned through our prestige savings during the eight and a half month period of Wonderverse and Legion open world bounties. We were starting to red line just before Flashpoint released; and we’re looking at that again right now as activity slowed after Flashpoint triple marks.
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    Thanks. ;)
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  5. Mr Furious Well-Known Player

    I'd like having the option to play old content unclamped, even if it's only solo for reduced rewards.

    I see the value in playing it kind of like it was intended for the sake of challenge and not overwhelming new players. Getting killed in old content makes people feel powerless, like you haven't gained anything. We need to be able to go back to old content and utterly destroy it so we have some confirmation that we have gained power.

    Being able to solo old content is also important when you need to get something done and you can't get a group. This new system might help, but I still doubt I'll be able to get a full group for Kahndaq when I need it.
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  6. Mr Furious Well-Known Player

    Soloing old world bosses is how I want to play. Getting people to join a group in the world even on current stuff is next to impossible. Even Doomsday you end up with mostly solo players individually hitting him. I got a 3 man group the other day, but there were like 10 people solo. Now if past onee are going to be hard again it won't even be that good. Try getting a group for Bizarro.
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  7. notorious007 New Player

    How bout atleast add new playable legend characters like darkside or gorilla grodd like u promised years ago? or even cyborg atleast
  8. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    My league was talking about this last night. It seems the prestige we earn for league buffs will only affect end game content now as everything else is stat clamped - so no league buff benefit there.

    It also seems, we reasoned based on what has been revealed by the devs, there is no real reason to go out of our way to grind for better gear than what drops for free or is in a TC because of the stat clamp. Better gear than free loot drop will only benefit doing Elite raids. We did Elite raids to get better gear that will now be stat clamped - no need anymore.

    We also reasoned that it is useless to level the OP gear now or even get an Artifact past 160 or 120 - no need because of stat clamp. Why put in the effort for temporary benefit at end game? This is our reasoning.

    New players and lower CR players are truly being lavished while the high CR folks are punished for their success.

    These are the points my league came up with last night as we understand what the devs have told us in the announcement. IF our reasoning is in error, please explain in a civil manner without snark as it is unnecessary. My league is one of the older leagues on DC. We loved this game. We want to continue to love this game. But it seems this game doesn't love us anymore.

    On a side note: Last night after our league meeting I was in the WT when a very low CR individual asked for my help in defeating Dr. Light because I am high CR (CR341). I thought how ironic. I resisted the urge to tell him to take a hike and helped him get his feat. I apologize for being bitter but right now I am a very bitter person.
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  9. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I mean everything I'm about to say in a respectful manner, so I hope none of it comes across as snark. Everything you spoke of is guesswork at the moment. I don't know exactly how the clamping will work. You don't know. Your leaguemates don't know. None of us know. Clamped does not necessarily mean that we will be set at a specific amount of Health, Power, Precision, Might etc. when we enter a clamped piece of content. As far as I'm aware, the way clamping works currently (or has in the past) is that we enter a clamped instance and our stats are brought down to a baseline. After that extras are taken into account, such as SP allocation, league buffs, artifacts etc. and then we get added stats on top of the baseline ones. If I am wrong about that then I hope someone corrects me.

    Mepps has stated that we will still "feel powerful" but that we just won't be able to one shot stuff or bulldoze through content. There is still every chance that things such as league buffs, SP allocation and artifacts etc. will still contribute to our stats when we are in clamped content, but that is just a possibility I'm putting forward - I don't know for sure.

    I understand that a lot of people are not happy with stat clamping being put in place for older content, and I absolutely have my own reservations about it, but we don't know how it's going to work yet so I think we should all hold off on jumping to conclusions until either it is on test or there is a livestream going over it all in more detail.
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  10. Aesthete Well-Known Player

    Some of those unsatisfied with premium benefits are claiming you spend a ton of money on the game..... has it ever crossed your mind to just buy membership if thats the case?

    Anyways, this was an overwhelming update like others have stated and I look forward to seeing it all hit the live servers. Loving the new addtions.
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  11. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    You shouldn't be able to solo old world bosses, I think bosses like Bizarro and The Judge should get a buff with new rewards so players can come back to the open world and get out the hubs for once.
  12. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    This is nothing new, people overeacts everytime there is a game changing update like this.
  13. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    Also Mepps can we get some new Artifacts.
  14. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    All of the past content will be clamped like this and open to everybody for full rewards. There may be a few instances that present a problem at launch get get pulled from the quick play/omnibus button directly, but the goal is to have everything included.

    We have been working on making everything cross faction - not sure when you checked out for your break.

    Cross-faction grouping isn't part of this update, but may come in the future.

    We will have public testing and will be able to correct outlying instances that feel too easy/hard, long/short.
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  15. Untold_fantasy New Player

    I have a question for a dev.
    When it comes to end game content. Since source mark's are being removed from end game drops. Will that episode's currency drop be increased or stay the same?
    For example. Usually for FP weekly we get 8 source marks an 8 Wayne casino tokens. Will the amount of casino tokens we obtain be increased for open world?
  16. Hurtyman Active Player

    I haven't seen it addressed, but I may have glossed over it in the thread, but does renown reset like loot? What about earning renown for Save the Universe content? Let's say one of the STU raids is from Age of Justice, or Amazon Fury III, does the renown you gain from completing those raids transfer to your renown in the original?
  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    So if a group is looking for a 'feat' run (as many do today), they will still need to find 7 other people to group and queue that content (using the current queue system). This is further exacerbated by the fact that whereas today you need 'bodies' for many of the older runs (yet many still can't get in) you will now need 'competent bodies' for the clamped lower runs....assuming clamping=difficulty.

    Great for source/loot....bad for feat farming...just saying. You are going to see a further divide in the haves and have nots on SP. If that matters at all.
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  18. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    There is SOOOO much that is wrong about this post.

    Your first point of players requesting help to just breeze through content is an issue with the game within itself. You then state that learning roles is not rocket science but also say most older raids do not even have roles. Just dps burning through everything. That is the exact definition of players not learning anything. They can't learn anything because everything is dying right away. That is why roles aren't even in there. Now roles will be required. Everything won't just die because they got to close to you.

    A players should not have to worry about learning their role first? That is just insane. That should be the FIRST thing new players learn. You can have maxed out gear, stats, artifacts, skill points, and still suck at the game. There are so many players now that pay for all that and still cant beat content because they don't understand their roles and mechanics. There is a reason why in every single profession the fundamentals are taught first. Without the basics you are just not going to get far.

    You then talk about cr skips. You said they bypass many aspects of the game but then say in the same paragraph that they don't miss key points of the game. You then says did they learn anything from the cr skip when in your earlier statement you said that learning isn't rocket science. So which is it? CR skips alone are not an issue. Its how the player uses them that is the issue. They do not learn the fundamentals and then que end game content with the 200 artifacts they paid for because people like you think its enough. No, learning the basics should be the priority not getting 200 artifacts.

    And then you say that it would take a player years to get over 342 skill points. That is also not true. There are SO MANY free skill points just sitting in the HQ (watchtower/hall of doom) thats players can get with source marks. And do you know what this update is going to do? give people a way to farm source marks. So this update will help players actually catch up and have a healthier end game population (as long as they learn the basics).

    Players help players yes but to an extent. Pugging any instance and not knowing your role usually leads to getting kicked. Not to getting taught. Teaching new players usually falls to the league and youtube to do, not other players. The issue with Youtube is that most players just get loadouts but don't actually look up more information. And there are also a lot of bad loadouts on there too. Without proper research players don't actually learn anything. And players relying heavily on Youtube also leads to players not knowing how to properly test things for themselves. The issue with leagues is that most leagues are very restrictive with who they invite. Most don't even want to take the time to actually teach new players.
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  19. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    From another post they made it seems that source marks might still be on open world bounties. Thou I am unsure if that includes new bounties going forward.
  20. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    FoS3 is what I am calling lol
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