DCUO Development Update - July 2021

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  1. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    This is incredible! I can finally play without worrying about my cr dropping when I run out of membership. Having access to both lair and utility system is well worth the play as a new and former DCUO player. Are future dlcs going to be accessed to legendary membership? I didn't specifically read that here but I did see access to all powers.
  2. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    I'm so ready to spend money!!!!!!!!
  3. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    Also. With the ally system. It sounds like you'll have to go back and run specific content to gain xp for your chosen ally. That will be incentive for Qs as well.
  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Allies are not in any way a replacement for group members.
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  5. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    As *the* place to get source marks and weekly quick play rewards, people will be smashing that quick play button. And then, when they do, finding each other and popping those queues a lot faster.
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  6. MaryMagdalene_DCUO Well-Known Player

    Will Ally xp be available for purchase in the marketplace?
    I want to max out my ally asap
  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Thanks for the reply. I'll hold my final opinion till a month into the rollout. I sure like being forced to run stuff though....Unless source will somehow become optional. We'll see I guess.
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  8. Beren New Player

    Wow amazing changes! It was like telepathically DCUO read my mind. I was recently contemplating the fact that older great content are wasting their time in the backwaters with a lot of new players leveling their characters to 290 plus cr - a lot of old content are not getting their due. I last played the fortress of solitude and the batman's batcave episodes five years ago and I missed playing those huge raids as end-game events. I was going to suggest in the forums to create a 'blast from the past' on-duty tab where old content are leveled up to end-game cr levels. But now here it is! It would indeed be a blast to play them again and with villains as well. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to future events! :cool:
  9. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    While this may be true at launch, has any thought been put into leaving open the possibility for this kind of thing to happen eventually? I really liked what you guys did with Cyborg and Flashpoint Batman in the newest Duo, and I'd love to be able to queue into an old Alert alongside Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman (or some Titans or some villains, etc.).

    Anyway, I'm sure I'm getting ahead of things here concerning the Ally System.

    Just wanted to say that both Episode 41 and the new Membership structure seem awfully freaking shiny to me. My sub's not dropping anytime soon. :D
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  10. Ascended Well-Known Player

    Haven't played much since the beginning of the year (it's not you, DCUO, it's me) but I had to sign in and post for this announcement.

    This is...a lot. Just wow. Maybe the most ambitious thing I've seen the game do. And I like the sounds of all of it. I don't know if all of it will work the way y'all are hoping it will, but I haven't been this excited about the game in a long, long time. I feel like a lot of thought, effort, and energy went into these changes, and I truly appreciate that you've taken a deep look at the game and how it can improve and keep it's decade's worth of content relevant and refreshing.

    And congratulations on expanding the team; glad you guys are doing well enough to invest in more resources.

    Feel like the future of this game is looking pretty bright, and I'm definitely gonna go along for the ride.

    You guys throw a Nightwing ally into the game and I might just squee like a small girl.
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  11. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    Open World Bounties... there's always a fall off... do you think this will bring people back to them? If not, will you revisit them later to possibly allow people to solo them? I'll admit, the open world bounties are probably the ONLY thing that I don't want to see stat clamped because I *LOVE* being strong enough to solo them.

    I know everything is still being worked on, so I hope someone takes a note on this and maybe some leeway can be given. For example, I'm delighted to find that I can solo Doomsday in Doomed Metropolis right now, because finding a raid group is irritating. I'd like to someday be able to solo the Legion and Wonderverse bounties. If I understand this update correctly, that will not be possible. That's probably my only disappointment.
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  12. GoldenDodge Dedicated Player

    I may have missed some of this somewhere but is this new que system going to be for all older content for both factions?
    Before I went on my dcuo break you still could not get cross faction groups on a lot of older content.
    Getting into earlier content was ok on hero side but on villain side it was quite a hassle, especially if looking for certain feats.

    Is this new system going to correct that or is it still something that is not being fully addressed?
    Otherwise it is just another new system you are putting in place like all the other new features that were added at some point and only counted going forward while ignoring most of if not all of the previous content.

    I also thought I saw it stated somewhere that there still is no ability to form a cross faction group via lfg.
    Is that going to be fully addressed down the line or will it get left behind as usual?

    So while it may be exciting to hear what you want to do with the next episode, are you going to be able to put out a properly working game when this launches? A lot of previous undertakings had lots of problems and bugs that at times made the game unplayable because they were never caught or fixed before launch.

    Do you have anywhere near enough testers on pc side to go over 10 years of content and report bugs, etc?
    Those of us on the console side of things are unable to help in that regard and will your typical two weeks of testing really get to all of the content?

    There is a lot of good stuff mentioned regarding this update and it is a huge undertaking no doubt.
    But this is nothing more than a very small step in corralling 10+ years of content.

    There is a lot of content that has been passed over and ignored when putting out all of the changes this game has had over the years.
    Some stuff has been fixed, some ignored and other parts blatantly disregarded into being almost non-existent.

    Again, as I stated above, I may have missed something in another post but these are questions that popped into my head while trying to read all of this.
  13. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    mmmm, the big instance bounties that require roles, spawn in one location, & beat a timer aspect vs a few spawn locations for a bounty that can be solo'd and not using a timer. How will stat clamping effect them?

    I recall being buffed in 31st century instance doing bounties for a while. I can solo Deluge, earth 3, and doomed metrop bounties, but can't solo metal titans, metal man-bat, chaos gotham... I have found random instances where a group will be doing Starro or Giant Shadow Gollum. probably from the #of KOs related to feat. Doing it over and over in small bites of time when it's one big bounty per instance vs a carousel of bounties all with KO quantities towards a feat (Legion or Wonderverse).There are only so many feats drawing be to do them at all anymore, as they tend to not drop loot from what I can tell. Maybe a quest might give a reward of a large crate once per day. Not even Nth metal as that's a time based loot aspect, i think. KO something every 10 minutes as long as it's not super low level to your CR or not?

    Bounties... give them a loot table. Change Form trinkets for example. or certainly Nth metal (like Doomsday in Flashpoint). or.... Vault items and base items.

    the most recent surprise loot i got that was a trinket, was Phantom Zone Kryptonite Chunk. 0o whaaaat eez this?

    Feats..... 2nd to disliking any feat tied to any time capsule, I recently discovered the feat on Titans map.... BeeHIVE yourself. /sigh. might be my most /facepalm feat in a long while. I'm ignoring LPVE (Entirely). much like PvP is ignored by devs. :oops::eek: over time, new people, new owners, new directions/priorities, i know, i played the beta. so many crashes and so much lag back in 2011 at the end of beta event. I lost the bookmark that was to a youtube video of the event that my hero character was seen in it.
  14. Vicious Well-Known Player

    Thanks for all the quick responses in here guys! This entire thread has been a treat to read through (besides the typical complaining).

    Quick question: I know you guys have been working on improving quality of life and UI using feedback from the community but I've yet to see a feedback thread for the Broker. The Broker is a big part of the game for a lot of people and could use a lot of quality of life improvements (like the "Usable by me" filter for collected items not working in the Style tab). Any chance that's on the horizon?

    Also, this one I guess is for Mepps since he's been responding to the House of Legends questions, but any chance heroes and villains will be able to trade together? And if that isn't in the immediate plans, is there any consideration for making that possible in the future? Allowing us to do that could really open up the economy.
  15. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Awwww....... :(

    That is sad news. I thought we would at least have the Open Worlds to avoid the Clamp. :(

    Me sad. :(
    Please.... reconsider.... no Clamp. :(
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  16. HE MANofGRAYSKULL New Player

    think maybe with all these changes we can see our armory saves that have different power, skills , ect...ect... able to equip or switch to with out having to use a token from market place? I can see using the tokens to create a different power ect ect when you want to start them over or give them a dif.. primary save but if you have them saved in a armory already we should be able to switch with out purchasing a token its like we cant use what we already have when we want with out having to spend money to use them!. Also would be nice to see the league your toons are in when start up and selection at beginning of log in like we see our stats , name, level and cr level stats .
  17. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    What about prestige for leagues? We were already hurting on this because of open world bounties in Wonderverse and Legion that rewarded no prestige. From what I’m reading, the new episode will mostly encourage play of old content. Until now, that meager 100 prestige token in old content has always been locked behind an RNG loot lock (and not dropped at all in some old content). Removing loot locks, can we expect that old content will reward no prestige just as open world bounties offered none?

    Are you phasing out the prestige system? Is some alternative in the works? Even if unused renown could be donated for prestige, that’s no substitute for what we’ve been getting by just running newer content on a daily basis.
  18. HE MANofGRAYSKULL New Player

    I got to say you put that together quite nicely, even the song went well with the video , good job.
  19. HE MANofGRAYSKULL New Player

    ok but without Prestige how would we purchase League halls and use in our league halls?
  20. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    All DLCs/Episodes going forward are free for every single player, and every DLC/Episode we already have will be made 100% free for everyone when this new update comes out.
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