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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Jul 7, 2021.

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  1. Mertal Defer Level 30

    How you put time into the game and get better?
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    So are you fine where relevant duos sit right now or not? Take the most recent duo, are you saying you have an issue with it? Because you do know although its "helpful" and certainly "desirable" your partner participate in there, it's not exactly required if you're good enough.

    I don't particularly agree, I appreciate this might be somewhat subjective, but trash mobs between boss fights are, at least for me anyway irrelevant to the experience, you could literally delete them and I would give zero cares and I'm probably not alone in that.

    Of course, breaking the instance is obviously one of the biggest isues.

    Similar response to my earlier comments to you, player participation yes, absolute reliance upon that player, no

    Balancing a duo around requiring the two players in absolute terms is the exact extremity I referenced in my post you quoted that shouldn't prevail, it's over clamping past the point that exists within what is going to be termed "end game content" you'd be making the new "non end game content" harder than the most recent.

    The clamp has to be light enough to still make it feel like you've progressed, not remained static or even worse become even harder that's beyond asinine and is exactly the type of damaging clamping that was undertaken in SWToR.

    It sounds like you take some issue with difficulty in general of fresh content, in which case I'd suggest you probably try to give a bit more testing feedback to the devs when the duos are first released so they're the challenge you want at first but not so much as the player progresses :)
  3. Bats. New Player

    Hi there Charon, is there anything we could know about the upcoming Batman Day and Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary? Will we get Batman and Wonder Woman styles, etc?

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  4. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Did you bother to learn the mechanics of the fight and then have everyone at least able to listen on voice to directions/alerts?

    And still wiped? Or did you not bother, which is the solution to your problem?

    Mind, I'm lacking feats for elite raids going back many DLCs due to various health issues of mine and, frankly, lack of dedication these days. But that's how to do them.
  5. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Soloing the elite duo is one of my favorite things to do in the game right now.

    Trash mobs are great. They buy you some time to go to the kitchen for a drink or snack or go to the bathroom without anybody noticing you're AFK. Bless your little hearts trash mob enemies!
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  6. Spider Jerusalem Active Player

    This is a SUPERHERO mmorpg. Steamrolling my enemies is kinda what I signed up for.
  7. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    Yes, I'm not fine with how Duos are right now. To me, the combat is the focus and adds allow players to fully engage with its systems. Bosses trigger immunities too much which is exacerbated in 4 to 8 player content. Speaking of those modes, 4 to 8 player combat all but forces everyone to treat the boss like a sparring target. Further, the boss might as well be a sparring target when it doesn't pose a threat (which they don't right now in low end content for high geared players).

    Unfortunately, it's best to leave and block players that are high geared in low end content; seeing a 300 cr player in Area 51 is madness. Focus on rotating open world content (which is hard to do where there is a lack of it early on) and when close to reaching a new tier complete the dungeons that are left even with a high CRs. Naturally, the best content right now is content that one can run at their own pace within their own conditions. So---open world content and solo instances.

    Side Note: Ink should stop ignoring too much of their combat systems in favor of the old 2 dimensional styled rpgs where animations were minimal and the stats were the main focus. To be honest, I think most veterans play DCUO like an old rpg where animations aren't much of a factor. Where it doesn't matter what you look like and what you do to take down the target as long as its downed "quickly". Many of you would skip all your animations to pull this off if you could (clipping is a "corroborator"). This is more a cultural issue but Ink could put systems in place to prevent animation bypasses (dove tails for example) and require more to be used in boss battles.

    To me, new players want to engage with adds, bosses---"dance with them" and actually make a spectacle. Ink should take the opportunity to help players get engage with the actual sight of combat. Considering most of what I said, it's not surprising that players ended up making a culture centered around skipping animations skipping adds, skipping combat and skipping content.

    Note: PVP used to be nearly central to DCUO's longevity (regular, legends--all of it) before it was broken which should further emphasize how important combat used to be and could be again.

    "I actually want to see everything that I'm doing"
  8. Proxystar #Perception

    With respect, it seems to me that you perhaps need to start testing and giving feedback when content is brand new and relevant because you shouldn't be looking for this type of thing to remain persistent in old content where a player has progressed.

    A player needs to have felt like they've progressed past a piece of content and that content becomes demonstrably easier; not have a feeling that they've remained static because you want to preserve a feeling you experienced within content the very first day you ran it.

    It seems to me like you almost don't want players to progress at all.
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  9. EconoKnight Loyal Player

    There’s at least one time of year you can find eggs hidden everywhere:


    Maybe you have to hunt for limited time “secret” headlines added just for the event that unlock the tiers (much like a combination lock)? Maybe there are clues of what content to play - just find hidden eggs to interact with in Metro, Gotham, Central City, Atlantis, etc? A long scavenger hunt of sorts accomplished through text prompts? (No voice acting needed) Just throwing out ideas.

    It wouldn’t exactly be a seasonal. It would be more in line with hunting investigations and collection nodes during April Fools - except this egg hunt would lead to playing various content
  10. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    Except---usually if not always---there are new players. Those players help justify that experience to be renewed/supported instead of relying on personal gain.

    There have and still are antitheses (the opposite) to what most veterans have become since early DCUO. That want the action in this action MMORPG to be a focus. To me that's the draw and to me there are more than enough players (new or old) that don't want a "damage output simulator"; stat clamping may actually help make this clear.

    Side Note to Dimensional Ink: Ink, since you are doing the "near unthinkable" by adding stat clamping, can you make concessions for those that have switched platforms --- Playstation/Xbox/Switch/PC. Because right now, you're all but forcing customers to stay on a platform if they want to keep what they have invested in. I wonder how many players quit DCUO because they switched platforms with invested accounts? Doesn't seem like their was enough considering the outcome. However, I'm almost sure that there is more than enough players that have had to leave their account to do platform hopping to justify concessions (powers, shield and character slots etc.).

    It's doubtful Daybreak would have just rolled over and shutdown if most of their player-base was leaving due to switching to another platform. Especially true if it was happening to most MMOs on the market; so this topic/perspective seems to sound on its merit alone.
  11. Lara Well-Known Player

    So Vault gets removed,

    Where can we get the OMAC-Trinket than? from the Fate vendor?

    @Mepps @Charon
  12. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    People don't believe me when I tell them, but I actually chose the Duel Wield Flurry Shot as my precision combo of choice based on what it looked like and because duel swords and bow and arrow are typical ninja weapons and my main character's theme is a cybernetic ninja. Granted, my VERY first choice was the martial arts uppercut (which hit like a Mack truck before the balance) but I was informed by a league mate after expressing interest in trying elite content that meleeing in elite is nooooo bueno. So in searching for something max range and single target, that was the coolest and best character theme fitting combo I found. I did do minimal testing just to make sure it didn't suck, but I didn't find out that it was meta or learn about jump clipping it until later. Even now after 58.3 gazillion flurry shots done, while it doesn't have that initial wow factor, how cool it looks and "feels" is a big part of the reason I'm #TeamPrec4Lyfe and would never go might.

    Also, while I do clip 7 powers in my stealth clip that all are practically invisible save for my character seizuring for a split second, I do actually LOVE the battle display (weapon buff) animation that remains afterward. I also love that my shield/detaunt/immunity power is smashing a smoke capsule on the ground. Like I said above, my character is a ninja so it's perfect. Lastly, to this day I still think robot sidekick looks cool AF including the how he hovers around you non-stationary, will fall behind if you move quickly away but then catches up. Still very cool to me. I would be pretty damn peeved if for some reason any of those animations that washer taken away or changed for the worse.

    I agree with you that many if not a majority of players would completely clip/skip every animation if given the ability and choice. However, I do feel it would have a negative subconscious effect on the gaming experience. The immersion factor would take a big hit and people would feel the the game seems less cool. They'd blame the devs even though it was their own choices to "edit" out their power animations. So the fact that we're "forced" to watch certain animations is much better for the game.
  13. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Mepps I have another question.

    In the notes it says items in this dlc will be none tradable. Is this a full non tradable or account bound? If they are not account bound any chance for this ti be changed? A lot of people tend to run alts with the purpose of helping their main toons.
  14. Hellclown127! Well-Known Player

    A question about the out of relevancy content. My league mates and I have been discussing the news. We understand, from what's been said so far that the on-duty que's will in fact be stat clamped as well as give full source marks and have no loot locks. Our question is what about the episodes with open-world dailies? Will the dailies start giving source marks again and will we be stat clamped going in to the open worlds of previous episodes?
  15. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Where does it say that? I can't see anything to that effect. Are you sure you didn't misread the part where he said it would be a non-traditional episode?
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  16. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Older open worlds that have dailies/weeklies will be stat clamped, will give Source Marks and will have the normal loot lockouts they have now. So for example bounties will still have weekly lockouts and dailies will still have a daily lockout.
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  17. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Ummmmmm actually I think you’re right lol. Never mind thank you for correcting me lol. That makes things even better lol
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  18. Mr.W Well-Known Player

    I have to say i am loving the majority of changes coming, keep up the good work.

    Question regarding full rewards in older content...can we also have augment xp caches as an added drop to the various episodic exobytes used for our adaptive arguments. This will make things more alt friendly.
  19. Proxystar #Perception

    I think you're missing the point though, you have to have a balance between actual demonstrable progression you can feel and perceive and not entirely trivializing something.

    Funnily enough I was mucking around in FF14 last night with some others and stat clamping is entirely optional in that game, you don't have to level sync, obviously it has xp and loot impacts, but you don't actually have too, this was particularly helpful in terms of just "boosting" which you also can't argue against when games sell "Skip tokens", how is it any different?

    Obviously this game is going, at least in the short term, seemingly, down a more mandatory path and with that being the case, you're not going to get it all your own way and neither should I or anyone else.

    This is going to require community compromise, you keep talking like the "new player experience is all that matters" when that's horribly narrow-minded, what about the veterans playing experience...

    There may be some players that don't want this to be a damage output simulator and there's certainly those that do, its about finding the compromise so that both sides will at least be somewhat happy.

    Many people will claim that the current experience is pushing away new players, maybe it is, maybe it has, but irritating your veteran player base that already exists and has stuck with you for 10 years is probably an alternatively good way to get your game into just as much trouble.

    There's no avoiding this change, but if you take a look through these threads there's certainly a lot of opposition to it, if the balance isn't found, those players are just going to leave and never come back just as easily as you might suggest new players have been thus far.
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  20. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    As Proxystar said, there is no avoiding this change (since once the devs decide to make a change there's nothing that we can say or do about it. So I don't know why they bothered to make a discussion thread). Anyway, the bottom line is: if you need anything from the old Raids (feats, etc), do it now before the update hits.
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