DCUO Development Update - February 2022

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  1. Zoe· YouTuber

    By re equipping you mean buy them again and equipping them or we can use the ones we already have to make them appear in the vendor?

    and Thank You!!!
  2. Mike EUPC Active Player

    And the people who have the feat of get 1 supply drop,henchmen,etc and after delete it? There is a lot of people who delete old items because they don´t have any space in their bank or their inventory. Maybe if we have the feat of the orbital ,henchmen,etc we can get in the dispenser instead to get again Mordru supply drops or manbats for example

    Or maybe another option is we can get a present who have the feat of the Manbats for example but we can not sell that item in the broker, only can equip and delete it
  3. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Awesome about the dispenser upgrade. That will make a lot of players happy. So much freed up inventory space
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  4. The Cat-Lady Well-Known Player

    If Krypto is going to be an ally, what are the chances of getting ... STREAKY?!

    Please and thank-you! :)
  5. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Will they be account bound/ account wide? Example: if my Ice guy has the ice SM Orbital, & my Celestial has the Shadow SM Orbital, will those 2 show up for my main? If not, can it be redeemed & sent to my other characters (acc bound)
  6. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    I don't speak for any devs, of course, but I'm pretty sure that if he meant we needed to buy them again, he would have said so. I think he quite clearly said that we only need to equip them once more and then we're good. I might be wrong, but I know how to read plain English.

    This is not actually ambiguous in the slightest.
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  7. Charon Lead Content Designer

    Just equip the old one again. If you delete it without equipping it and it didn't have a feat, you're out of luck. See below.

    I think I can finagle the system to allow it to offer a trinket on the Dispenser that had a feat you earned. It's not like that yet but I can see about getting that in. Any qualifying trinket that does not have a feat and was deleted before this will not show up though. There's no way for me to track it other than via feats.

    See above - I think it may work out in the case where if an alt has a feat for one of these trinkets, then you unlock that feat on an Alt, you'd be able to get it on that alt's Dispenser. The items that generate from the Dispenser are technically new variants that don't have old feats attached, etc. It had to be that way due to various pricing, trade rules, and other settings that varied in all those trinkets. If we were to make them account bound, we'd have to change any strings on trinkets that had feats to indicate that these DON'T have feats, plus a bunch of other stuff that muddies the waters and will make this take longer to get out. It gets messy. I think having to buy the normal feat-free trinkets out there again for alts that probably cost source marks or episode/seasonal currency is fine and if there is a feat attached, you'd be able to procure that trinket for anyone you can feat unlock with.

    I'll talk it out with some others internally but I do think that's how the system will at least launch like and likely remain that way.
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  8. Zoe· YouTuber

    Thank you just wanted to make sure I understood correctly!
  9. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    Does this new feature cover the Survival mode pets and other non combat pets too ?
  10. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Brilliant! Thanks for the response!
  11. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    I still hope one day we will have:

    1) Seasonal styles unlockable.

    2) Mega capsule styles unlockable.

    3) Material styles unlockable.
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  12. ghosts Well-Known Player

    No arts plz, as a returning player I can barely keep up leveling my current ones
  13. Punkpirate Well-Known Player

    Comic shaded to be added to marketplace atleast, im sure 2500 coins for it as a permanent unlock for all chars would be fair, otherwise this material will never be seen ingame again :(
  14. Zoe· YouTuber

    Booster Bundle Items never make to the game again or to market place, maybe variants but not the exact same item
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  15. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    Thanks God ! Im not gona pay bilions in game cash for this no mater how cool looking this items are :)
    Now people who bought shaded comic for 1 bil want so sale it for 2 bil + and i dont have problem with this but .... since i dont care about comic why i have to watch all this spam .They should raise broker cap to 999 bill since 1 bill now is like 1 mil in 2012 .
  16. Punkpirate Well-Known Player

    Thats what im saying , in dev update they should consider this, marketing wise smart move, have say 1mil ppl buy 3 bundles hoping best givining up, or have one item for max 2500 DBC and have 1mil people buy it directly , no one gives up if its available. though I bought 3 bundles to to get just that item, but gave up, ofc not everyone has gambling restraint but just saying, if they implant lot of changes why not small ones like this?
  17. Charon Lead Content Designer

    For now, this feature only covers all orbitals, supply drops, henchmen, and sidekicks which does branch out to Survival Mode variants. Combat and non combat pets are not included at this time.

    Update - the items that get dispensed from the Base Dispenser will be account bound so you can trade them to your alts. None of these "new" items count towards any potential feats and the item information states as such when looking at the item.
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  18. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    can we get more inventory slots added in there somewhere?
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  19. Hamicrux Level 30

    So two previous dark knights who show up in a cameo in the final battle and one new dark knight who shows up for one volume. Unless you're holding back information that might draw in players? No Castle Bat? Robin King? Superboy-Prime? Swamp King? Bathomet? B-Rex? Baby Batman? Batmobeast? (Hoping that last guy at least shows up as a quest giver.) It would be impossible to believe Darkest Knight isn't in this.

    Ah, yes. Washington D.C. That place totally exists during the events of Death Metal. It's uh, somewhere unmarked ... on this map.

    I understand the team is working with limited resources, but any of these locations could've been an open world. You chose one that both isn't on here and conveniently, is already in the game. I mean, at least this is on-brand with the rest of the metal episodes insofar as they don't have really anything to do with the comics aside from some of the raid content and (kinda) the duo. Which means the new duo will be, uh, the Australia PVP map. And the alert will be the Smallville. Or maybe the outside area of Love and War?

    Speaking constructively, if I had to reuse old content for an open world, maybe I'd go with somewhere around the Crypt of Heroes, using the Area 51 or Moon Base with desert terrain and Gotham Wastelands assets dotting the landscape. And the quest givers would be in a structure under the terrain to which you would warp via a mausoleum teleport ring.

    Not that I really care about Death Metal (which had more mcguffins than a Harry Potter movie and more fan service than Ready Player One) but BWL is my favorite (misunderstood) DC character; his curtain call is this episode. And I'm a bit disappointed some criticism of the faithfulness to the comics of Metal 1 & 2 wasn't received given this news.
  20. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Best news ever. Awesome:) thx