DCUO dev has lost it's touch and I'm done with the game

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    I have been on here from 2012 - 2018 Spent money on replay badges pretty much almost monthly on top of the membership been through the era of they even sold us PVP gear using replay badges some of course when they used to do the massive 50% off sale but even then most in my league would spend the same amount either way to get more or receive the standard amount even created a hero account to play the other side before Suicide mode was even in the game bought $100 worth of skill points and other things that character need all character 2 - 4 armories each lairs some original some the new one that is $15

    Biggest point is we watched Dc make these massive changes cash grabbing then turned around and dumped it but took the money and really let us get nothing in return but a sore bum from feeling we got screwed it used to be I would login and my friends list would light up with Game Masters logging in among hundreds of friends to send messages to get content done major feats to now logging in and my friends list has zero to a max of 3 logging in that's how bad it has become and they know if they hit that switch it would populate and go back to how it was and some of it has to do with elite mode as well so many want to run that while some could careless about it.

    I did return mildly in early January of 2020 for a few weeks then left to return to least saying the Free login is better then the paid for those who can't afford it least it does allow some friends in tight spots to get back on the game but I have spread that word but the problem is they feel they have given the game so many chances and in so many ways Dc has found a way to screw them over.
  2. zNot Dedicated Player

    Yep and your signature is explaining the state of the game well aswell. „hey Healer you got EOG? : Nope Kick healer,we need a EOG healer.“

    „Hey Troll you got all those artifacts completed? No: Kick Troll.“ Way to go DC you are killing it in 2022.
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    I don’t disagree completely but that blame does not go solely to dc. Any healer or troll can be capable for whatever, it’s the player base that forces certain playstyles. Any game. Doesn’t matter what it is. If you want to do something out of the meta, then find like minded individuals and enjoy. My group of friends all know the meta. We use the meta. We also try all sorts of different things and no one complains as long as we’re clearing content. Even when picking up a random, we’ll give them a chance. If the burn slows down cuz they aren’t a buff troll, then drop a healer and go 1 EoG or even none so they’re strong enough to solo.

    I get that you hate metas but you really need to blame the player base a lot more. Artifacts are made to make the game more fun and they do just that. The player base then finds a way to make them op and poof, you either have them or you aren’t popular.
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  4. zNot Dedicated Player

    Its absolutly expected for the playerbase to use the best artifacts (other players on other games would do the exact same thing especially at endgame) if there was other good ones people would use them but there isnt,the gap is too big.

    The meta has been the same for years the devs dont have to nerf the meta artifacts either but with the right content design they could make the meta less OP for example forcing us to use power troll instead of buff troll reducing the number of DPS per raid from 4-5 to 3 and less DPS checks,less DPS focused design mainly this applies for the Elite Raid content people want a challenge but with the Meta everything is much easyier.
  5. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Isn’t that what they did with clock tower and tsd? You can’t group up in ct so that negates EoG. They forced a 2 tank 2 heal setup in higher elites of tsd due to all the mechanics of getting cuffed, transformed (that phase also tries to negate EoG since you can’t stay stationary long), and then the last fight stops you from tac swapping dead kings. 3rd fight kind of keeps you from tac swapping philosophers. But what did the community do? Figure out ways to do all the metas anyway. The only way to stop a meta is to create a new one. As is now, every role knows which artis to get. Troll: tetra/cog, claw, and I forget the 3rd one every time lol. Healers: page phr EoG. Tanks: manacles, mystic, EoG/Everyman. Dps, trans Strat solar/ EoG. That literally cuts down their income because no one HAS to get any others.

    The simple fact is that the player base loves to stack dps. They want to dps. Healers want the challenge of solo healing. Tanks want that same challenge. Forcing more roles is just another challenge that the player base will want to topple. The devs can do whatever they want, a group will prove that you can do 1/1/1/5 and poof that’s the way it is now. Not gonna lie, they’ve given you almost everything you’ve asked for except a 2nd raid recently and you’re still here asking for more yet I don’t really see any one else asking for that. Harder yes but not forced 2/2/2/2. And they’ve given plenty harder content with elite plus. It may just be time for you to move on to a game like Sifu which was designed for the hardcore gamers.
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  6. zNot Dedicated Player

    people always try to find ways to solo Tank and Heal, the double heal one setup is harder to force upon us but the double tank one is definetly doable,and a power troll instead of a buff troll, i guess it also costs more ressources/time to create a raid thats not a simple pew pew design..

    im definetly not the only one who is/was asking for more support roll heavy setup you can go back to many threads before where many said that the content is too dps centric and that more support rolls should be in the elite raids and how trolls turned to be buff machines for dps.

    The community „loves“ to stack dps because its the most effective,the most simple and the fastest way of completing content i think for elite raids specificly such dps stacking setup designs need to be avoided at any cost, theres not much challenge when the bosses and adds die quickly. Also Challenge to me should mean that the difficulty is as equal as possible for every group like it used to be but it simply isnt anymore the artifacts,powers and dps stacked setups make it almost impossible,i hope the devs can change it.

    The devs definetly are moving to the right direction and i also said that before this is a big improvment (interms of raid design) from what we got before.
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  7. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Power trolls are just old ways basically. Anyone coming into the game can easily start off by getting the meta choices and never have to experiment like the old timers. That’s a good thing.

    The community stacking dps is for a lot of reasons. We can all agree there. The problem with forcing a 2/2/1/3 is that now you have to find another role. Roles are important. You can’t have a bad role in elite but you can have 1 or 2 bad dps if you’ve got more than 3. So 1 great tank, 1 great healer, and great troll and 5 varying skill levels of dps let’s a lot more players into elites. And the general player base will always want more burn that’s just how it is. Yeah, fine more than you is asking for 2/2/2/2 but how many? 5 people out of 100 surveyed or something? Chances are, the ones that don’t want it outweigh the ones that do since the game has a lot more dps than any other role.

    Tank challenge is dependent. Have you tried critical with 3 120 artifacts? Cuz that’s pretty dang challenging. They can’t make things to the point that you HAVE to have 200s to complete or the community will cry foul and call the game p2w. Which they somehow already do then complain that things aren’t hard enough after spending all their money to make the game easier.

    I’m gonna ask a real simple question that you and anyone else can answer. If they made a new teir of raid that shut off allies and artifacts and was set at the basic elite level, would you run it? Would you be able to get thru it? Would that not be like going back to basics? Or would you (anyone) rather have the advantage of allies and artifacts? Same payouts same rewards, don’t go trying to make it have to have special rewards to give people reasons to run.

    After everyone answers that question, I’ll drop the shocker bomb on you. (Hint: you can literally take all those off and run elite already)
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  8. zNot Dedicated Player

    Since i said above i want equall challenge for everyone yes i would 100% be fine with a non artifact,non ally difficulty raid. And i have all arts to 200 for my Tank, The point here for me is equall difficulty what bothers me with dc is that the gap between groups is so large purely caused by the meta arts,power,allies and it gatekeeps players from joining those groups like the signature of the guy above said. No eog = kik healer,no buff troll artifacts = kik troll this is very bad for the game and also extremly toxic.

    The devs could also look into is letting us choose how many bosses we want out at once in one bossfight for example like we could during Paradox or ultimate soldier that lets us pick how many bosses we want out combine this with elite +and i think this will offer alot of longevity and longterm challenge but all of this will probably cost more ressources then a simple pew pew design which brings me back to the topic of lack of ressources despite the large revenue dcuo makes.
  9. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    So have you built a group and gone in and ran without any crutches? I don’t think I could find 7 other willing players and that’s the point basically. People claim they want something but then still go for every advantage possible.

    The gaps between things is as much the players fault. Shout in lfg for tsde group. You’ll have players answering that are very under built in all departments. Of course I don’t want to run with rainbow aug brigade. I’m not in there to fail. But if a troll shows up well built and running parasite/grimbors / bop then sure let’s try it. Just because some would kick because they aren’t meta doesn’t mean everyone will. Players being toxic is a part of online gaming. I’ve seen far worse in gta and cod so nothing in this game even registers with me. Maybe once a year.

    If someone wants to be non meta, that’s their choice. It does cut down on their ability to get picked up for a group. That’s their choice. Players choosing to only play with meta is their choice too. Maybe they’re just horrible and need the crutches. Maybe they like speed running things and their challenge is to beat their last completion time. Who knows. But they can’t have perfect balance in the game as long as players force the metas so I wouldn’t expect that to change ever.

    Yes, paradox was cool cuz we could bring out all the bosses. That’s literally the only cool thing about that raid. It’s like having a stroke otherwise. And had no place in actual DC universe so the comic hardcore styles didn’t love it. Yes yes I know it won some rigged voting contest after the “real” winner was taken away. Clearly that whole thing was trolled multiple times. Hell, I know myself and others didn’t even vote and sure wouldn’t have voted for that. But yes, being able to have multiple bosses was fun. But try to keep in mind how many people (I believe you were one of them) complained about how crappy it is to have a one room raid. Then try to remember how many cries for nerfs harder content gets. Like sure, we thought totde was easy enough. But then they nerfed regular because so many couldn’t complete it. It’s not that the devs aren’t trying, they’re facing an impossible challenge. They need to make the easiest most difficult raid ever seen that spans 7 open worlds and has 12 bosses gather in one room. But make sure it doesn’t take more than 13mins or people will complain it’s too long. Don’t hit 12 tho cuz then they’ll complain it’s too short.
  10. zNot Dedicated Player

    The devs are 100% not the issue just to make that clear again and i agree its probably very difficult to satisfy our difficulty needs especially with the meta going on and especially due to the lack of ressource and time and staff they have, i think the more time devs spend in a raid the better it turns out i think alot of the issues go back to what i said before you also need to consider this tsde raid had the ressource consumption worth of 2 raids.

    Not sure if u didnt see it but mepps said Origin crisis broke all time records and still holds them up untill pandemic started which was obviously expected soo as much as some forum users like to talk down OC its just not representing the facts and numbers the devs have and know and yea it also won the bracket list whats more interesting about the bracket list is that the top 3-4 most voted episodes all had lots of things in common.
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  11. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Well it was a pretty brand new game at that point. I’d expect every single game to always have more popularity at launch vs a decade later. I do agree about the other choices. I’d have voted for jld. Had a lot of everything and even with recycled bits, was pretty perfect. 2nd choice would have been WV. And that’s from someone who didn’t really like the ow bounty stuff. But it worked and it was different. Don’t confuse the fact that the community likes two raids vs 1 tho. They like more. It’s not about 2 short raids or 1 easy and one hard or just one long one. Wv and fp are prime examples. There were 2 raids that took less time or about the exact same time than fgs. The community at large just wants more and more. 2 raids makes them happy but once that happens again, you will see a post asking for a 3rd raid just like you see people asking for another bounty to be added to this dlc. There’s already 5 out there. We used to get 2.
  12. zNot Dedicated Player

    id be happy if we get 2 raids like we usually (should) get anyway?! but thats not a improvment from what we got years and years ago,dcuo dev team size needs to be upgraded and the devs are probably under heavy pressure due to lack of devs,we have 4 devs leaving in 2 years but the game has high revenue so whats going on? Better job offers? How? With a game that does so well shouldnt the devs be rewarded too? Or just too much stress due to lack of devs..?

    also i know charon said 2 devs are trained for episodes but just so we can get back to 2 raids again.. and where is the improvment then? (Question goes to the owners not the devs who just do their job)considering how far behind the size of dcuo team is atm, see how they had to cut down to 1 raid per episode (the devs simply have not enough people) despite the large revenue so i want the senior producer to tell us why we still get less content then 8 years ago or same amount where does all the money go to? Still figuring things out after 11 years..?
  13. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Large revenue is great. Are we also seeing their expenditures? I own my own business. People see what that business brings in. They don’t see what goes out. Lemme tell ya, it’s most of what I bring in. They’re paying an entire team (probably a much larger one) to work on another game that is bringing in $0. A giant literal 0. They have other games that may not be bringing in as much money that dip into dc money. There is soooo much more to it all that we will never know unless they list it all out. But they won’t because what they pay their employees isn’t our business. What they pay out to rent servers, add machinery, pay for the building they’re in, all the different insurances and all that. Like ok they made a million. Did they have to put out $800k in expenses? It’s also not about breaking even so is it still profitable? Hiring more devs can easily upset that and drive the game into the ground.

    Devs leaving is life. I hire new people, I train them, I pay for their training. That costs me a lot. 3yrs later, they get a job offer that beats what I’ll pay because that person doesn’t realize how much I’ve already invested in them and need to make back before I can raise their pay. Plus they don’t realize that a $25 an hour employee costs me $39 thanks to taxes and insurances. If they need to keep it to 1 long raid vs 2 to keep within a budget that keeps the game going after 11 years, we should be more supportive not continue to ask for more and imply they’re greedy. (Not saying you are/did) The game is old, they still do a ton that no one even notices because it doesn’t give them free stuff or more more more. I do believe if the hostility of the player base towards devs went away that we would be privy to much more information. As it is now, Mepps can’t say “this hamburger is delicious” without someone coming in and insulting the team or telling him he shouldn’t be wasting time eating. Like everyone is sad oceans is leaving, as am I, because she interacted so much. But how intimidating is it for a new dev to open their mouth in here? I know I wouldn’t want to talk to most of us lol. Talking to customers that twist your words into what they want to hear is never fun.
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  14. zNot Dedicated Player

    Just to make it clear im thankfull that we do get more devs but im disappointed to see us being in the almost the same spot no matter how much the community supports and spends in this game and being at the same spot then 6 years ago interms of Episode content. Since charon said theres vacant spots,Maybe there are even more devs or whatever incoming that we dont know about and i would definetly listen if a dev has something to share.
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  15. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I hear ya. And I know you are one of the good folk and I agree with most of what you say/ think. Just look at the title to this thread and any like it. It’s always aggression. Time and again. How do you respond properly to this post as a dev/ mod? It just isn’t possible. And if they do respond, that somehow gets twisted into “omg they’re updating the game to 1st person 4k 60fps!!!” cuz they said “graphics update”. I want what you want tho so I get it. Just saying that we don’t get to see the full picture when we see earnings. And we sure don’t know what’s going on in the office. Nor should we know. We aren’t execs or stockholders. If you spend $15 a month, nothing, or thousands, you still aren’t someone that needs all the info. Charons been giving us enough info to keep us enticed without having to toss out every single facet of info available. 2 raids will come back, till then at least we have multiple stages of one and an entire 11yrs of content that now offers challenges. Would be a great time to be a new player.
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  16. zNot Dedicated Player

    Hes definetly given alot of info to us which im thankfull for and i think i wouldnt be on the forums at all or play dc if it wasnt for him since he really listens to feedback so i see a hope. But yea as i said its not about the devs they do a great job for the lack of Ressources they have.

    Edit: so i went to DB website and they seem to hire 10 for Austin, Texas which means dcuo.. if thats the case id say more then i assumed before writing all of my posts. But we also have/had devs leave so im not sure how much of a upgrade it is.
  17. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    For starters stop putting out the same old tired content. Explain to me why the game was a lot more fun back in 2011-13? And do we need 25 different variations of Amazon styled gear? Oh, and it's not my job to come up with this stuff. I already have a job and I don't need to be doing someone elses on top of it.
  18. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    A new game (or even one that's only a couple of years old) tends to be more fun to play because there's a lot more "new" to it. The same can't always be said after ten years, but that's really a "milage will vary" kind of thing, I think. And while there's an argument to be made over how much they're concentrating on a particular character/theme, that same "why is there so much of X gear?" comment can be aimed at anything Kryptonian, ring-based or associated with a particular flying nocturnal mammal.
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  19. The Multiverse New Player

    "Be different!" isn't a helpful request. Making specific suggestions would be.[/quote]

    Well here's a few ideas, if you dont have enough creative team to build a story then adapt. Tell a story with comicbook like splash pages as the episodes unfolds, like they used to in the beginning of the game. That way you can fit more story in without trying to make your hero models do things it's not designed to do.

    If your team isnt big enough to make new maps every episode then work it into the story line. Have the Monitor sending us to different earths in the Multiverse to recruit more heroes in the war against Perpetula. Then it makes sense that we go to another Gotham or Metropolis.

    If your team isnt big enough to make new powers or it's to much of a strain to keep more powers balanced then make alternates of powers we already have. Like how yellow lantern is the exact same as green lantern but with slightly different animations. Example, make a alternate fire power green, slap a green Lantern ring effect on it and you have a new power without the trouble. Slightly change the animations on earth and you could easily have a Superstrengh power.

    Adapt to the conditions your in and make the best product you have the resources for. Do not just say we do not have the resources to do what they want to do so they do something "close"
  20. Batman Begins New Player

    Aside from it being a fresh new game, playing PVP mode was probably one of the biggest incentives of the game.

    Constantly facing other heroes and villains on the maps of Gotham and Metropolis had to be a lot of addictive.

    That game mode no longer exists. Why ? I do not know. Perhaps it was because it was more fun than buying capsules to change clothes and other accessories for your toon. Oh ! And it was free. You didn't have to pay money.