DCUO dev has lost it's touch and I'm done with the game

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by NelielTu, Mar 6, 2022.

  1. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    I have reliable information from the gnomes from "the mine of eight rings" that the inflated prices for adamantium are also the work of Mepps;)
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  2. Leland New Player

    I honestly agree with everything u said. Plus it’s obvious that some powers are in need of some kind of revamp or rework just something. Forget a new power just balance the current ones first. Some powers are over preforming so much it’s outrageous
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  3. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    I’m actually surprised he uses GIF, didn’t see that coming lol
  4. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    In all honesty, this started with replay tokens. A loot lock was a loot lock and that was it. The levelling up was staggered, and when someone hit peak CR they would walk through the the watchtower or hall of doom to hushed oohs and aahs. When they realized people would pay dearly to be geared up on day 1 they knew they had walked into a gold mine. Suddenly legendary wasn't as sweet as it used to be.
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  5. SilkyPawz Bunny

    Reading all this posts, I have to agree with several,

    With Oceans leaving daybreak, it's just really sad, I wish her nothing but the best, she went above and beyond and with Extra Life poor thing did so much, with Mepps and I think Red five, unlike the other years you had so many more devs involved and this past year she just did so much. Funny reading some of the posts after she left like with Megzilla and people blame devs for time Capsules, yet like many who have jobs they are and were only doing what their boss's asked of them.

    Seeing the year before earnings that EG7 posted 20 some mill this past year 18 some mill and it does make us all wonder why we are getting less content, give it we have gotten some really nice QOL stuff but, we are down to 1 raid per DLC, we are getting cut and paste from previous episodes over and over rehashed DLC's, boss fights, instances and that is when it starts to get boring because, we have run the content previously just because it's dusted off and handed back to us to look new it isn't!

    while I personally, liked the open worlds for Atlantis I know many didn't, I liked patchwork, 31st even Flashpoint, then you get to the current DLC and it looks drab compared to previous open worlds.

    The Anniversary event style I was like are you kidding me a villain style reskinned then the previous Time Capsule was a restyle of a style already in the game.

    The members login reward where at this point I would just rather it go back to how it was before and who thought of only giving rewards for 20 days??? I login more then 20 days some months they really need to do sooooo much better and make it longer then just 20 days!!

    Don't get me started on Allies! while I like the concept it is just soooo expensive and so lackluster these Allies for the cost should be doing so so much more they should be out longer, I can't save them to individual armouries that is still broken, we should be getting more ally favor, but really the cost of them compared to artifacts is no comparison.

    Why are we playing a Super Hero game and Feel So WEAK! why always nerf nerf nerf, fix powers balance all powers and weapons!

    I too sit here and hold out hope for every new DLC that it will be something really good but then I get disappointed over and over and yet here I am supporting the game year after year and I would really like if the game invested what I support them to do just a little, I mean come on now we have cat woman and NO CAT EARS, even Halo has Cat Ears! :(
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  6. L T Devoted Player

    I'm pretty sure players would not be happier if content went back to coming out every 6 months. It would certainly make things easier on the developers though.

    I have to disagree. Wonderverse and Legion featured open world raid-type bosses complete with distinct adds and various mechanics and they had no loot lock. You may not have liked it, and it may have been a grind, but it was creative and different.
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  7. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    I have to disagree with you there. They used to focus so much on the quality of the game... constantly balancing out powers, interesting story lines, decent mechanics. I agree with the OP, it's all about the money grab locking feats from styles/collections away in lockboxes, and the poor daily system is just a way to regurgitate old styles... Current one I have had for awhile now... and I don't want to put womens hairstyle on my men's head... so even that stupid styles isn't of any use to me.... how about putting styles that were locked away as a daily, or other things useful. This is a MMO, not a Barbie game. I want to make my character strong, not dress my toons up with styles and show the world...

    Make Skill Points Matter Again.....
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  8. Batman Begins New Player

    I don't understand why you complain. For the low price of 15 $ per month you have access to all the content in the game. That for me is enough.

    Do you know why I play DCUO? Because I love comics and superheroes. Because I can be Batman, Superman or any other superhero and fly or run through Gotham and Metropolis while listening to the excellent soundtrack of the game.

    Because I love decorating my secret bases, especially Wayne Manor.

    Because I love helping my league complete missions, and I laugh with teammates. Because I love recruiting new players for the league. Because I love playing the new episodes with my league.

    To have fun in the game I don't need to have all the styles or all the OP items. I'm not worried about skillpoints. With worse statistics I have proven to be a better player than many others. I am a competitive player and always will be, even if I don't have the best equipment.

    Your complaints are baseless. If you're bored go somewhere else to get attention. What a way to generate **** in the community.
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  9. GameIsGreat. Well-Known Player

    Thanks for sharing, feedback helps. They can’t afford to lose many more people…..hopefully this helps.
  10. the solowing Steadfast Player


    They dont so much profit from the content as much as they do cosmetics anymore. Once the Booster Bundles/ Time Capsule proved successful, they heavily leaned into it. To the point where players buy lootboxes to sell its content to players for ingame cash, and players spend their in-game cash on lootbox content purchased by players via Time Capsules is kinda the lifeblood of the game now.

    In a sense i do hate it, but its keeping some the games worse monetization demons in check.

    Allowing the lootbox contents to be tradable was a genius move on making that work.

    Content isnt the sales focus anymore, its the lootbox cosmetics IMO.
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  11. L T Devoted Player

    You lost me here. Until relatively recently, they did an absolutely positively horrible job of balancing power sets. Really. Really. Bad. Now powers are so close to in balance all they really need to do these days is fix exploits.
    Here I concur. Though that's really personal preference. Not a fan of Dark Knights Metal, Year of the Villain, etc storylines. I'll tell you I have a league mate who absolutely loves it though.
    You lost me again. You don't even need to subscribe to the game anymore to play every aspect of it. For $0 per month you get access to all content, and full use of your cash and the broker, plus free stuff from daily rewards including a gear style every month, and a Destiny Token so you can buy last month's Members-only reward. All the Time Capsule rewards wind up on the broker-- most of them (eventually) for pretty cheap. Not seeing the money grab there.
    Again, skill points matter more than they ever have. I remember when 70ish skill points were all you needed to max out your crits and relevant stats.
    In case you've failed to notice...This thread is over 1,000 pages long. You may not like that aspect of things, but clearly a lot of folks do.
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  12. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    The sad thing is that the devs keep going with the same style of content, while the players can't stand it anymore. They think the game is attracting people over and over again and they make us believe it, sure it's attracting people, but it's not holding them back, we regular players, we really see what's going on in the game and we see very well the activity of the population decreasing and especially, on the non US servers which is suffering enormously from this. I don't know about the activity on the US side, but on the EU side, the community is dying a lot, we see big leagues dying, players who were in big leagues leaving in surviving leagues.

    The cruelly monotonous farm is making players weary, for proof, in the last DLC, players only care about Menta and Giganta no one chases the other world bosses in the world of this DLC, add to that the unfairness and extreme slowness of endless artifact xp people are clearly getting bored of DCUO and will play on a game that is more open minded, moreover, I find that on DCUO everything is made to make the main character a prison...

    I don't know about the activity on the US side, but on the EU side, the community is dying hard, we're seeing big leagues dying, players who were in big leagues leaving in leagues that are still alive.

    It's really a shame that the devs don't hear the discomfort of the players on this game, because the activity takes a huge hit because of that. in the long run.

    I think the community is partly responsible for this, as some of them are asking for more difficulty in the game, but strangely they are not there anymore for the difficult content.

    I also think that the game is becoming too selective towards players for a game that is supposed to be an MMO, it's a shame to see the game take this kind of direction, we're at the limit of a CV to be able to make an instance and far too IRRESPECTIVELY judged by some pretentious players.

    So try to get back to a good MMORPG or MMOARPG base and the game will regain that dignity, nowadays, there are some very good games to serve as an example mixing profit and game fairly without disgusting the players, take inspiration from them, please !
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  13. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    I do have to say something about the login day counts. This was done on purpose for OUR benefit. They could have very easily spread out the rewards from the 21 days and spread them out throughout the month. But they didnt. That is a good thing. If you miss a day or for whatever reason DC servers go down guess what? You still get the 21 day reward. However if they spread those rewards throughout the full month than any missed day would make people miss a reward. Than you would have people complaining about not getting something. This IS better.

    Everything else is a matter of opinion and I will say that I do not feel weak at all. Even on my Atomic and Nature toons who according to some people are the weakest powers, I never struggle. But that aside I for one am happy that allies are not OP. You have enough mandatory items in the game. Why wish for allies to be that way? Than you go from wanting to have them to HAVING to have them. I am ok with allies as they are. They fit more niche situations which is perfectly fine.

    Regarding the DLCs they are even more subjective than anything else. There will always be someone unhappy. I did not like bounty spamming for wonderverse or 31st century. But some did. Some like hardcore raids while other like more mild ones. Some want a solo and/or duo since its easier for them while others think they are a waste. Some one 2 raids while others feel they only have enough time for 1. The one thing I do think they can unbiasedly say that does need work is the story telling in DLCs.
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  14. SilkyPawz Bunny

    That is your Opinion you are entitled to it, just like I am to mine !
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  15. UnleashedBrevard Committed Player

    don't get us wrong you all do a amazing job on the content some want the game the way it used to be where we wanted to throw our money at you vs you needing to take it and there were times you all had it that way my entire league would run to the store to buy cards just to blow them on the game and that was just after the T4 days biggest issue is power balance you go on on other games and power is balanced no matter what you play you feel you are part of the team but on here some don't feel that way and it does get annoying when others shame you because you want to play a might based character they want you to go precision but you don't have the correct weapon it's like beating a dead horse at times and it pushes us off the game I am one when you are doing right I brag to friend that quit to come back give it another try then some do and you do it again and they leave and it's to the point many will never return and they get tired of being asked even when you say hey it's really free this time you got nothing to lose but they know I am wrong they do got something to lose and that is time.
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  16. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

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  17. UnleashedBrevard Committed Player

    If DC did a reboot to 2011 era with some of the things like the Allies , keeping the artifacts let players choose to mod using augments or the classic mod way bring back PVP the way it used to be get rid of replay badges require 100% membership like most games now are unlock the replay on content maybe to a few unlocks per day or unlock it all the way letting us decide how we want to spend our money this game would blow up like it use to with players bring back skill points make them matter make some character use might and some use precision and not force it all to be weapon not everyone has a pc and pc players have it so much easier with clipping among repetitive button mashing over console controllers. biggest thing I see as well it's hard to go back to old content there is not reward for end games players to be there so if we don't have enough online that need it we can't do it get's old sitting in a Que and using LFG for over 3hrs as a Villain trying to run a T5 that used to be a T7 and I just returned to the game on my second month of Legendary don't force us to quit again Dc is one the best things to ever touch console make it shine like it used to.
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  18. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    replay badges... yeah, i only spent membership currency on replay badges (rarely). Omnibus got rid of need for some uses of replay badges for old content. Old content can be repeated with a mark(s) rewarded. Play any content your character is eligible for, prior to our latest three episodes, for full rewards and without loot locks. I guess that was reason to increase incentive towards more opening of time capsules (Harley ally)?
  19. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    I agree 100% even though a noticeable ration has left over the years, there’s still been a section of the playerbase that has been overtly charitable with their loyalty to this game, and they deserve more than what they’ve been given
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  20. zNot Dedicated Player

    Absolutly,its time to give us what we deserve the community has showen its support during hard times for this game and during times like now where we dont get what we shouldve been getting.

    i hope the senior producer will think once again more deeply into this and to see them invest more into dcuo we shouldnt have issues like this when the game is making so much revenue..

    Its also nice to see that the community on this thread agrees on this thread for the most part or fully.
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