DCUO dev has lost it's touch and I'm done with the game

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by NelielTu, Mar 6, 2022.

  1. NelielTu New Player

    I've played DCUO since the very early days and always loved it, but the past few years have been horrible. The focus on acquiring cool stuff with skills, cool game mechanics and teamwork has shifted to pumping out style after style, which you have to acquire with your wallets.

    It's so tiring to see hype getting build up for new episodes, but for the 50th time there's a big shocker: copy paste token farming dailies. Over. and over. again. When you finally get high tier gear from the current episode, the next god damned episode is around the corner already. Oh wait, finally, they're going to implement cool new hairstyles and a new skin style! Let's go! Oh wait, you have to farm god damned loot capsules with your wallet again. It's just ridiculous. As professional game dev team I'd be embarrassed to put fans up with this level of production for such a long time.

    A couple of months ago I was hyped to hear that some new management or whatever would be looking into new ways to revive the game, but I'm thinking it's just far too late. The game has dug itself so deep in it's current disappointing and pathetic state it would be a way too big of an operation to turn it around. Considering how long it took to listen to the community and implement a single cool new skin........which....ended up...as another cash grab yet again.........shocker...how long have people been asking for such a small thing? Years! And they make a god damned cash grab out of it in the end!

    Every new episode is just copy paste mechanics of farming tokens with super boring Dailies. The rest of the content you have to farm with your wallet. Every. single. time. There's no soul or love for this game and it's community anymore. No creativity, no passion. Just making players spend money. At this point the game should just die, because it's the prime example of what the game industry has become.

    Also: I know this message won't be heard by any dev or whatsoever, because that's just how it is. This is my goodbye. Thank you for some amazing years.
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  2. STsource Active Player

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  3. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    genuine question. why post this on here? do you want someone to talk you out of it? to feel sorry for you? I don't get it. you say you know this message won't be heard by the devs, but if you honestly wanted the devs to read it why didn't you just send all of this straight to Mepps in a direct message? what do you expect us to do? beg you not to leave? mop your worried brow? not having a go at you, mate, I just don't get the need to come on the forum telling everyone you're going to storm off. honestly, what do you want us to do about it?

    sad to see anyone go. I hope you find another game that you love, truly. have fun out there.
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  4. Slade New Player

    I had a few moments like what your saying but having had this account since the game went live I stuck with it. But then they put the reward for those of us who literally had our credit card information stolen in the hack as a pay for monthly reward for cash... That moment I realized NOTHING is SACRED to this company.

    I canceled by sub on that day and have not logged back in. This company is 100% corrupt at this point. You can pay to win top gear and you can pay to even have a reward that was given exclusively to people who had their privacy violated by this company. I've seen mobile games with less predatory features.
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  5. zNot Dedicated Player

    While i dont like the style,cosmetic stuffs either if this generates money i dont see a issue with it, The issue i see is when the company does not invest enough money back into the game and if they do its only the bare minimum amount..

    dcuo is doing very well interms of revenue so i expect the company to also invest more to the game with larger Episodes.

    But it seems like that the company has started to invest more into dc by hiring more devs for episode content such as raids etc but we also have devs leaving the company so im not sure how much more devs will be there id say give them some time the devs certainly listen and act upon feedback and thats very important to me.
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  6. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Also a long time player and I’ve got to disagree with a lot of this. Maybe you don’t like the changes but they have been adding and changing so many things in the last 6 months alone. Every single time the devs deviate from the norm, we the player base freaks out and make them revert any changes. Always sorry to see anyone go but at this point, the more negativity that goes the better. You’ll find out that every game is repetitive unfortunately. They seem all great and new for a few days then it’s right back to the same grind. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized I’d rather have some complaints about this game than have to put all the years into another one to grow a toon all over again.
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  7. NelielTu New Player

    To let out my frustration of returning to the game after a long time with hope, finding out nothing has- and will change. And bring attention to the matter of course, with hopefully sparking a discussion and letting this be heard. But in hindsight I'm also wondering why I posted this because I know the game is just done for, for a long time, and most like minded people have already left anyways.
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  8. NelielTu New Player

    Repetitiveness was never a problem for me if the content was fun. Like doing difficult raids with teams and achieving things with your skills. The sense of achievement is just so hard to find in this game anymore. Like, you can literally farm your CR with loot boxes lmao. I just don't get how people don't see how this game has not turned into a golden money farming donkey.
  9. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Id implore you to keep on the forum to keep an ear to the wall, on the games changes. As well as the games content is free to play to, you can always jump back in when you have the urge to.

    For the game content to improve and expand, the developers are going to need more time to create that content. We would have to be patient and allow them the time needed to create something new and fresh. And that may be asking them to take longer with their content cadence to try to build the scope of the DLC abit bigger.

    But if players are devouring content at an insane rate and expecting more 24 hours after a DLC release?
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  10. the solowing Steadfast Player

    The thing is in DCUOs defense, its a free to play game. They have to make their profit/return somehow. However coming from its previous hybrid subscription model. This one is much more player friendly, and rewards you for logging in and even moreso if you subscribe.

    The loot-box thing unfortunately was something the player-base asked for themselves... People didnt like individual loot/ loot that wasn't a upgrade.

    So they added it lookboxes the assured a upgrade piece of gear up until a certain item level.
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  11. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    Since the crux of the issue seems to mainly revolve around the layout of the solos/duo/alert/raids, due to the reuse of already programmed assets, would a longer development period be acceptable to program more diverse environments and "dungeons"?

    Currently Daybreak delivers a new DLC what every 4 months? Plus they have Seasonals and Special Events thrown in between. What if instead of a new DLC every 4 months we wait a little longer for a more refined, more story driven DLC 3 times a year?

    The devs are under constant time strains & resource limitations when it comes to these projects. I personally wouldn't mind waiting a little bit longer for a more spectacular DLC to be created.

    I understand all too well the pressures that can be applied by Management to time sensitive due dates on projects. It is stressful enough. Giving the dev team more time to develop / program the next DLC might be just the answer.
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  12. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Ok I will say this. I do not like time capsules. I do not like that it gives feats. That said, I do not let that affect how I feel about the game. I open up the minimum required for the feat and then buy the rest of the stuff I am missing from the broker. This is probably the most transparent the game has been in years. The company is proactively making changes for the good of the majority of the people. People who like harder raids have elite critical. While those who just want to do elite for basic feats can go to elite standard. Everyone can do reg with basic effort. The game being open for everyone means you can cancel sub and still play. People can get membership just for boosted gain and is no linger mandatory. Devs continue to adjust clamp to be a more welcoming fit for more players while also not trivializing content.

    This is still a company. They need to make money to pay bills in order to keep the game open. TCs make them money and so do cosmetics. So why should they stop this?

    This is still an MMO. DLCs bring near gear and new feats to farm. This is a pattern shared by many MMOs. What exactly do you expect? So let me ask you this. How would you guys do DLCs? Its is easy to critique the system but how about give a plan of what they could do instead?
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  13. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I guess I don’t see it as farming money because I don’t really spend much. I do still sub even tho I don’t really need to but I run 4 toons and they can use some of it. Not saying I haven’t spent money but when I left dc, I went and played gta for a few years. That game is far more expensive in a p2w sense. All games have this micro transaction setup at this point and they don’t really sell anything anyone “needs”. People want, that’s their issue. I’ve never paid to open tcs. I’ll never pay to open tcs. I have probably 50 stabs right now after opening the 25 for the ally. I’ll do that again when the next one rolls around.

    As far as the challenge, that’s dependent. My main doesn’t find challenge in anything under moderate elites. So I know if I want a challenge I can go run critical. My low alts can struggle in elites because I don’t over gear them. It’s also something the devs are aware of which is why they’ve started to implement elite plus stages. The daily grind has almost always been the daily grind. A few quick open worlds and run the daily instances. I’m not a fan of the clamp but since I also don’t hate it, I’ve been spending time in deluge stuff that I’m sure Omni is helping to fill for me. I don’t need more sp by any means but I have some stuff missing in that dlc so that’s been keeping me occupied. Next up is the Gotham wastelands since that’s the dlc I left at the 1st time.

    Again, I hate to see anyone leave and I understand since I’ve also had to take a break here and there. Just don’t expect that greener grass to be much better. Cuz it isn’t at all. New games are fun and all but they’re also a new console and at least $60 for me vs $15 a month and I don’t need to put in 8hrs a day to feel like I'm progressing. I started playing Valhalla lately. There’s so much to do that it’s straight overwhelming. I can speed it along by paying for stuff tho. After putting about 80hrs in and realizing I'm at least 300hrs from done, I stopped and am back to dc full time vs just doing open world dailies.
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  14. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    You do have the option of taking a little break. I'm feeling the boreds too. It's that time. Wish there was something different to do.

    I will say with regards to this time capsule i tried a little experiment. I do not have that one final ultra rare collection piece (yet) but i did manage to get everything else without spending a single cent and with little effort in game either so there's that. The free stabilizers we get have been enough to get me the first feat for opening them and in the next week I'll have the second one too (and with whatever item that gives as well, I forget).
  15. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    If we're being fair, the hack had nothing to do with Daybreak. It was a general hack of Sony so to imply that "nothing is sacred to this company" is focusing ire at the wrong entity.
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  16. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    Short answer: yes. Long answer: yes because back when DLC's weren't coming out every quarter when they did come out they were very well done and fresh and different. As the OP said every episode is a few missions, 2 group bounties, a duo/alert/raid, wash, rinse, repeat. In short, there's very little creativity.
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  17. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    I totally get that, mate. I just think you'd've done better by sending it straight to the devs. but that's just grumpy ol' sod me.

    as I said, man, I hope you find another game you love. problem is ( &, believe me, I've looked ), there just isn't another DCUO, or even a semi-decent something similar, out there. I mean, there's Champions Online, I suppose, which has great character customization, but that's an even bigger money sink than this game can become if you're not careful, & the battle system sucks. Final Fantasy's alright - what I played of it, anyway - but it's Final Fantasy, not DCUO. & that's where they get'ch'ya. for good or ill, there is only one DCUO.

    maybe just try out Premium for a bit, see how it goes? or not.

    good luck.
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  18. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I do think it was a little lame of them to introduce the first new skins in god-knows-how-long as part of the rarer time capsule RNG. Hopefully more and more skins will come in to the game that are much easier to acquire. I’m sure that’ll be the case (like with neon chromas).

    As for the other issues brought up here, IMO they’re either way overblown or just simply the realities of MMO gaming in general (and much worse in the case of lot of other games).

    One thing I will point out is that the OP complained about the next DLC being around the corner by the time they’ve bought all the vendor gear. At the same time, a common complaint is that there’s nothing to do after the first few weeks (presumably from those who spammed and got fully geared within that time). Considering those two complaints come from opposite ends of the same spectrum, perhaps it’s prudent to adjust the pace at which content is ran and gear is acquired that is more suited to ones liking???
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  19. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    I have no issues with them monetizing, but it's really sad that the game profits so much with styles and the players who pay for them have been getting fully recycled content. I wouldn't have a issue if the content was good, but everything we got for this last episode was repetitive and boring and the next one will have one raid only as well.

    I know they are training new devs and it's understandable that they can't put all of them in a episode, but it's kind of ridiculous a game that profits a dozen million dollars has to count on 2-3 guys to produce the main content that people are here for.
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  20. zNot Dedicated Player

    That sentence is something i agree with and should let the senior producer think for a second if they read it.
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