DCUO Bias Against Villains

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Random Mind, Apr 14, 2021.

  1. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    Does DCUO have a bias against villains or is it just me?

    I just discovered one example today. I tried to create a villain league just for fun and found out that you can't use the the word "Villains" as a separate word in the League name, but you can use the word "Heroes". I know it is not a huge deal and it is easy enough to create an evil league name, it's just that I found this contradiction interesting.

    On a side note, maybe a DLC could be a based around the Suicide Squad, I mean they had a Birds of Prey episode right? I would like to see Deadshot get the spotlight sometime.
  2. High Troller Loyal Player

    you could always do a knockoff of 'villains' like 'viiiains'. i might giggle about that kinda name, but if that is what you want.. knock yourself out
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  3. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    if u ask me we need alot more villian based dlcs ...not such wanna be villians like the flashpoint were heroes trun into villians

    anyway let me show u some letter alternatives

    an big i can look like an small L

    and I and a 3 makes...I3 an B

    I V I make an M IVI

    I and V makes an N IV

    2 V makes one W VV

    thats some little things witch i use to make some names..
  4. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    I know all the letter tricks and for some people that works for them, but I like to try and get as clean of a name as possible. But this isn't even really about trying to get a villain league name, because I can come up with a good league name with no issue. The point is that I found it weird that you could use the word "Heroes" in a league name but not "Villains". You can use the word "Supervillains" just not "Villains".

    Here are a couple of other examples of the bias against villain characters I have found.

    First, if you go to the vendor in the Burnley or Midtown nightclub you will not find a level 12 (available at level 14) weapon at the vendors, whereas if you go to the Diamond District or Midtown police station for heroes, you will find a level 12 weapon available for purchase. When you level up a toon, having that weapon upgrade available is very helpful.

    Second, the heroes' vendors sell two style sets at level 14 (level 12 gear), The Schoolyard (in Midtown police station) set and the Street (in the Diamond District police station) set, where the villains' vendors only sell the Street set at level 14, no matter which nightclub you go to. So not being able to get that Schoolyard set means you do not get that 25 point feat that comes with it. Every feat helps a beginner, so robbing a newbie villain of a feat because....

    I realize there is an obvious workaround, just have a hero send the weapon and styles to your villain through the bank, but why should there have to be a workaround to begin with?

    Again, these are minor inconveniences but they are still there and villain characters are the ones suffering these annoyances.
  5. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    i may know another example against villains btw if i remeber right the game say heroes earn more money in bountys as villians

    but lets be honest thats like an open secret all the styles the episodes most of it turns around the heroes ..well or villian version of normaly heroes why do you think that game got alot more heroes as villians ? i think its just bcs the villians (lose all time) iconic styles storylines sometimes i feel anyway like i play a batman remake and not a game that deserves at anyway the titile UNIVERSE
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  6. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    What would Batman be without the Joker and his rogues gallery? Probably still doing the Batusi while looking for some Shark-Repellant spray.


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  7. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    like i said before without the great villians that dc got the heroes just be overhyped guys in tights

    i got a new slogan for dcuo be the hero or henchmen that you never wandet to be :p

    i mean lets be fair they add an heatwave and doomsday style this time that gives me hope
  8. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    It's just too bad that the Doomsday style came out now, rather than when the Death of Superman episode dropped. I mean it would seem to be pretty obvious right? Why did they choose a Lobo style for that episode?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to have a Doomsday style (it is a style I have been wanting since I started playing) and I'm glad it's here, just wish I could have had it sooner. The only thing I'm not really a fan of, is the tusks on the head style, I prefer his original style.
  9. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

    That is one funny thread title.
    Made me picture a protest called "Cops bias against kidnappers and murderers".
    Ha, thanks for the laugh.

    ...Villains can eat it -_-
  10. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    cant hardly say i was waiting for it too bcs it wont be true but i feel the start may think about more villian styles in the future well i said more than one time my favs aare the gotham guys brings me to the point that i still dont get we got firefly here lol

    anyway think about valentines day and freeze he fights the star sapphire corps ...witch is...stupid xD but the point thats even more stupid is if i got mr freeze at valetnies day i expact he offers something from nora and not from harley or joker

    the point why i say that is simple the stuff comes to very strange times like u say doomsday now but it end we should be happy that we get them at least xD
  11. ErickStrife Well-Known Player

    Villains have always received the proverbial middle finger.
    Villains here aren't really villains anymore, they are mostly anti-heroes as far as I am concerned.

    Why would villains fight villain bosses alongside the heroes? (Forget the lil bomb on their necks)...
    Villains wouldn't go against Luthor, or any of the other big-name baddies...

    It's just lazy coding... though I do understand it from a budget perspective... cheaper to lump everyone in together, but, it still sucks when you're trying to immerse yourself into the villainous role.

    As far as words that cannot be used, there's too many that are on the list that shouldn't be there at all.
    DCUO\UNREAL3\DCGAME\CONFIG\DCPROFANITYCONFIG - While there's tons of words i agree should be banned obviously, there are far too many that make no sense. (Specially for a polyglot who understand many of them in several languages and they are not profanity or offensive in any way). But, I digress.
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  12. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    A hero is nothing without a good villain.

    It is also interesting how many anti-heroes are out there right now. Maybe because heroes are boring.
  13. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    i mean villians fight villians isnt wrong...gangwars but yh you are right it make no seens if the villians help heroes and save the world o_O
  14. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    hey thats so hard i always wanna i always wandet to get a cat down from a tree

    i imagine that in a villian version .....pistole tree ...shoot cat falls....well at least we saved the tree xD
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  15. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    No, you would go around Venomizing the dogs who would rip down the trees and give the cats something really to be afraid of.

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  16. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    lool yh or like that
  17. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    Nah it's because basically heroes and villains get exact same story. So I don't blame people for wanting to play on the more popular side.
  18. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    yh thats the point we talking here we need villian storys....btw im on heroside myself as mister freeze ...it feels...strange tbh
  19. ErickStrife Well-Known Player

    We do need villain-centric stories indeed.
    For now the only use I have for my villains is just to ... er..... nope... can't think of anything.
  20. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    the problem is that many gamers do not care enough of it so im not sure if daybreak really think they need to react on it
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