DCUO Announces Next Episode: Long Live The Legion

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. RahRah Level 30

    No. I really hope they don't do that again. Ruined the game. Took away a lot of people from queues and was hard to even get people together from LFG for a lot of older content at most times. The less I see of "inv for bounty spam" the better lol It was beyond ridiculous, especially if you had multiple toons to work on.
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  2. nawanda Dedicated Player

    Hopefully it means they’ve improved them by putting them in a raid.

    This world boss format has killed interest in the DLC after the feats are done. Soul destroying, tedious, abysmal.
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  3. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    QUESTION: Since we are getting more and more open world related content, can we have prestige earned from completing it?

    Appreciate the new DLC that isn't magic based. This made my leaguemate excited. :D
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  4. merrygoblin Well-Known Player

    My first thought was it was similar enough to Earth - essentially Earth with ferrous rocks? - that they probably wouldn't do a new power for Magnetism, but you never know I guess.
  5. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    I can't wait, I like the new open world bosses. Just need to have a elite version for solo, duo, alert, & raid.
    Even if they made elite version membership lock.
  6. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    I don't know about that. Mordru was the main villain in the Justice League Dark episode, which was magic focused. Theres probably connections between that episode and this one.
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  7. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    But it's not the direct theme. It's a general theme, different types of powers. It's like teen titans had Raven, but it was not a magic themed dlc.
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  8. EconoKnight Loyal Player

    I do wish we would have had Time Trapper instead, but I’m just glad to have the Legion which is the dominant part of the episode. :)

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  9. The VL Active Player

    I've actually wanted to see the Legion of Superheroes in the game quite a while. If you guys haven't thought of it already it would be of great benefit to everyone if you made the styles of at least Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl available to players in game. Perhaps enhanced versions as well? I'm sure people would like that given how long they've wanted these characters in the game. Another style idea to include is their Legion of Superheroes belt.

    Where it is mentioned "improved World Boss encounters" I hope there will be an improvement on the timer compared to this current DLC. Often times its taking a bit too long for the bosses to spawn after one has been defeated, and the rotations themselves are taking some time. Right now its taking maybe 20-25 minutes to complete one rotation but roughly 30 minutes before you can do another. The point being that there are these walls in the way of getting them done at a better pace. While this is an MMORPG, the grind has become a bit too tedious and much when it changes your approach/mindset as a player and you realize "To get what I want I have to spend x amount of time" instead of just a simple "Oh okay, I just have to defeat these bosses this many times."

    Hope you guys take these into consideration! Thank you!
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  10. tukuan Devoted Player

    The golden age Superboy, Curt Swan would be fun but I suspect too campy for most. However we could still get a Planetary Chance Machine for our base or a Proty base pet.

    The high-water mark for most is the Levitz/Giffen iteration so I personally hope they go with that. That said I suspect it will be the Bendis looks adapted to one of the older storylines not unlike what they did with the Titans episode.

    Villain wise if they are doing the OG three they could do the OG LSV, but Cosmic King might be tricky to execute. So with that in mind I think Fatal Five is most likely just because you can pretty much add them all with the existing powers and animations, only Mano would need some tweaking. Mordru is also a possibility.

    Regardless of which version I'd also like to see the mission monitor board for our bases.

    EDIT: missed that it's Mordru in the anouncement
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  11. tukuan Devoted Player

    I reckon they'll just cherry pick from existing animations for Rokk but I've wanted to see magnetism for a while. It's also possible that he'll just hang in the HQ, give missions and never actually do anything in the content. Worse just shows up in an instance, something and takes off not unlike the Atom in the Rip mission.
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  12. EconoKnight Loyal Player

    I’ve wanted that for league halls ever since they put them in the game! :D

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  13. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Yes! Well, except for the Cosmic Boy and Tyroc S&M outfits. I would rather see them in any other costume.

    Cosmic Boy


    They could even go old-school...


    But just not reeeeeeally old school.

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  14. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Brilliant! Been looking forward to this for a long time.

    Can't wait for an Emerald Eye of Ekron trinket...
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  15. Magnificent Loyal Player

    BTW.... This is not Mordru:


    THIS is Mordru!

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  16. Magnificent Loyal Player

    That's what I am afraid of. If that's how they go they can expect a LOT of backlash.

    This is not what people want...


    THIS is what people want...
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  17. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    And I bet I'd get stuck with monitor duty.
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  18. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Yeah... But apparently they will do new... We got two DLCs for metal. It's still terrible to get through...
  19. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Hopefully it's not too late to change it.

    If they end up going with the Bendis look I hope the backlash at least inspires them to ask us which looks we would prefer for teams/characters in future DLCs. This should be a no-brainer. The Bendis takes are just god-awful.[IMG] (and from looking at the responses a lot of others in this thread think so as well)
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  20. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I think if it's launching in Nov, it's too late to change. Remember, it takes 6 months to a year to develop a DLC.
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