DCUO Announces Next Episode: Long Live The Legion

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. the solowing Devoted Player

    The DC Universe starting to look more like the DC Universe now
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  2. Fwames Well-Known Player


    When will be the next news update on this episode?
  3. Revelatiøn Active Player

  4. tukuan Devoted Player

    Not this one?

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  5. Kuno Loyal Player

    I need the streaming and reveal of the episode stuff. Wonderverse got old really fast and is sad but it lacked more meaty content...
    Im hoping for a duo and two raids again.
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  6. Walvine Well-Known Player

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  7. jamvaru New Player

    time travel is kinda _____ but it can make for a fun story
    there's pretty much no way anybody could fail to mess history up with time travel, not even braniac 5
  8. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    I have a complete run of Legion in Adventure comics from issue #300. One of my favorite runs! Curt Swan covers and John Forte Art! The best!
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  9. tukuan Devoted Player

    I've got them all in the digest format that were re-printed in the 80sm which I started grabbing when I started collection Legion just prior to the Levitz/Giffen years. Sadly the quality of those digests wasn't great both the ink and the paper and as a kid it wasn't helped that I read them alot.

    I keep debating getting the collected hardcover volumes so I have a more readable set.
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  10. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    I was one of the very few kids who's mother DIDN'T throw out his or her old comics. 90% of my collection was bought by me off the news stand racks . I got lucky.

    Though my wife STILL asks me when I am going to put the 17K comics in my collection up for bid :p

    (BTW I wonder if, at 63 years old, am I the oldest player on DCUO)
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  11. Jaelia Well-Known Player

    Excited to see Saturn Girl her powers look cool. :D
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  12. Earth742 Well-Known Player

    Well, ya got this geriatric 45 y.o. beat!
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  13. tukuan Devoted Player

    Pretty much the same boat minus a few years. The earliest comics I bought got read to death, a lot of GI Combat and Sgt Rock. At the point I was still buying off the drugstore rack or from used book stores. I'd read them in bed and fall asleep on them, read them outside, fold over the covers etc. However, I remember I had to go to the next big town over to buy Dark Knight Returns when it came out and the guy at the store introduced me to the concept of bagging comics and actually trying to keep from destroying them and since which made my mind explode. Other than a period through the 80s where I tried to fill back some of my runs the vast majority of my comics I bought when they came out.

    Never thought to sell them though I did sell most of my hockey card collection at the peak of the craze in the early 90s and managed to pay for most of a trip to Australia. Held on to my Lafleur, Roy and Dryden rookie cards though.

    We had a guy in our league for the first few years who was in his 60s so I suspect there's a few of you out there.
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  14. Coldzoom Well-Known Player

    I have never taken 2 breaks during the same episode before. At first I was wondering why why no source mark or gear marks from the bounties divided by 3. So if I got 6 of the secondary mark I wanted 2 gear and 2 source marks without reset(probably had to do with coding)

    My biggest problem with this episode s the raid map. I understand that it needed all 4 areas but did it need to be twisty. After my first break I did the raid twice and both times got lost on the stairs that I missed the boss both times. Sometimes the map just messes me. Besides I felt the length of the raid doesn't fit with the episode. However its still better than that JLD raid where I couldn't do the jumps.

    Rather than repeat my disability let me conclude by saying this I hope the episodes go back to normal because at times it seem like the focus was the secondary mark. If we don't get a duo in Legion I think we will never get another duo. As silly as it seems I miss the little treasure boxes and that chance for the extra gear mark.

    I respect everyone.
  15. Dallasw4th New Player

    So a DLC that alot of people will purchase and will only be able to do content once a day and only way to do it again is to pay for it isn't that kinda pay to win just? Wish you guys would quit worrying about making money and actually do something for the game all DC players need to rise and rant about this its BS about this game and I'll get removed cause I'm speaking the truth, it crazy enough let's you run content all day and you pay more for a dlc on that game, warfare let's you spend you money and trade it you guys just want use to spend spend spend not be able to help each other out in my opinion I think every thing should be trade able and all content can be ran as much as you want cause then there will be more people grinding other content for feats and PvP wait you guys don't care for PvP on PvE so you can make money. Seriously improve the games quality haven't had anything update since release of dcuo on ps4 citizens are literally half your size and upgrade the customization like champions online and put multiple chest over each other and other make it were every single gear has its own color put commas in trade to make it easier tired of always counting zeros put percentage on health and energy fix the broker decide the minimum and maximum what u can put on an item you need to sit down and put a price tag on every single item where you can only put that item in the broker between those 2 number for example nth metal cache make where you can only sell the for 2m to 2.5 m. Thank idk id daybreak or DC actually reads these but I really like this game but I'm getting tired of you guys taking advantage of you community

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