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  2. Lantern Harrisen New Player

    So Excited! Getting my wizard hat! Let's cast some spells and get rid of evil!
  3. ShadowsNLight New Player

    Awesome, can't wait. I love it! Keep up the good work DayBreak.
  4. Kuno Loyal Player

    Please tell me the 2 styles are based on Zatanna and Shazam.
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  5. ARMY TANK Well-Known Player

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  7. Papa Kola New Player

    Hey, Papa Kola here newer to the forums but has been a loyal player since alpha!
    I’m super pumped about the new DLC but I would really want to help all sections of the game flourish PVP and PVE.
    I feel like this is the perfect time to capitalize on both. Let’s help our community flourish and grow.
  8. Kuno Loyal Player

    I really hope this episode brings something new because it's taking too long to just be another episode with the same set up as the last 10 episodes...
    I miss when older DLCs would bring new powers, legends, weapon sets, systems and background character selection screens.
    They had more unique feelings and would include different things. Now we only have different materials but aside from maps and mobs, its all the same. Except Atlantis. Atlantis is the top episode since AF2.
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  9. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Are we going to see recent new Iconic Heroes and Villains in the PVP character selection?[/quote]

    No, not this time around.
  10. Duzzit Active Player

    It seems that all the characters in this episode are Sorcery Power. Is Sorcery getting a revamp this episode too?
  11. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

  12. tukuan Devoted Player

    Confirmed, Legion episode to follow closely...
  13. EconoKnight Loyal Player

    If last year was an indication, then Legion in November. Last year, Corum Rath appeared in Deluge in March; returned in November in Atlantis. And if we continue the comparison - will November see a large open world in 31st century Metropolis? We’ll see.

    I would also note we’re likely to see some kind of big comics re-launch with Legion by the end of the year. Bendis has hinted at it; and Johns alluded to it coming after Doomsday Clock. Synergy.
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  14. AtrocitusPS4 New Player

    New artwork looks great Dev team. Any possibility of a 4th artifact slot?
  15. Nighteye New Player

    Really liking that Half green half red [IMG]
  16. 01 Cantore Level 30

    You can also try to put the graphics to PC and it's time to make a change to the PC graphics please do something for us the gamers PC
  17. 01 Cantore Level 30

    No, not this time around.[/quote]

    You can also try to put the graphics to PC and it's time to make a change to the PC graphics please do something for us the gamers PC
  18. MellowJelo New Player

    If any of the artifacts are any good, it looks like alot of dps toons are gonna lose some might unless they come out with a fourth artifact slot.
  19. MrMigraine Devoted Player


    'Not this time around' implies that 'next time around' is something that is actually under consideration.

    Are you guys actually talking amongst yourselves about new Legends? :eek:
  20. tukuan Devoted Player

    Fingers crossed, I know I got all excited with the hint they threw out in the rebirth one-shot but that was what, three years ago?

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