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  1. greyankh Member

    Good Morning,

    I have been following a few threads on this topic and I am also a bit concerned. I have also done a bit of reading outside of the venue. Most of this is conjecture and theorizing from the limited information provided by this and other sources.

    There are some common trends about how the PS4 is going to operate. Basically think of Vitual Computing with Cloud support. In essence, games will be in the Cloud and the PS4 will be a virtual terminal. Games will be streamed to your PS4 instead of kept on your hard drive or through disk.

    I feel that the developers of DCUO will be able to port this to the new PS4 medium since we already have downloadable content. I also believe that this type of "streaming" will enable quicker fixes, updates, and the like since these will take place server side or in the cloud. Incorporating it into a "stream" will take less time and effort.

    The adaption aspect of legacy games will have to come from the manufacturer, not the system. Since the PS4 will act more as a terminal than a console, manufacturers will have to port their products to the cloud-based system.

    As it is right now, your player information is saved on both the hard drive and server side. I feel that the worry about whether or not your subscription will port should not be a major concern. I am confident the designers of this game will put appropriate services in place to make that transition.

    In short, I have faith in the development team. Secondly, it is still early in this whole design process to determine what will happen with the new PS4 architecture. Perhaps the slow down in content comes from the refurbishing of existing code in anticipation of the PS4 launch.
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  2. Lanternius Active Member

    From a business perspective, it would be downright foolish if our collective toon information didn't transfer over to PS4. With all the time, money, and effort in the way we have built our toons, if we had to start over again that would be the ultimate insult....let alone membership will dwindle down to mostly f2p and a new marketing campaign will have to start to lure ppl to pay membership fees. If they decide or determine that toon info is non-transferable...see ya!
  3. Solmes202 Well-Known Member

    I should think that as long as the game is making money, they will port it over with our information intact. Just makes good business sense. I do suspect that those of us still using the disk ( yup some of us still do :) ) will have to download the game though.
  4. Dee Pius Active Member

    Personally I'd like to see a DCUO2 on PS4 rather than the current version Ported over.

    I just think a fresh "starting from the ground up" approach to a new DC Universe would be exciting and get more love than the "same ol' song & dance" that we have now.

    It would be a great chance for SOE to iron out all the drama currently plaguing this game.

    Totally balanced powersets & weapons, no Ice Tank damage mitigation/armor piercing issues, new missions/storylines, & everyone starting out on level 1, as opposed to basically everyone being full T4(oppertunity to be the big fish in a small pond vs. our current everyone is a small fish in big pond issue), etc.(and i didn't even mention fresh PvP), all seems alot more exciting than our current "Universe" ported over to a new system.
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  5. Doc Holliday Well-Known Member

    Agree 100%. And I do hope for "starting from the ground up"to be just that.
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  6. Amp267 Member

    IMO the hole streaming games from a cloud is gonna be a mess. Unless the PS4 is a monster. We have all kinds of problems with running stuff off a disk wich is easier on the system than streaming content to you off your internet connection.
    There are quite a few games that suffer from the shortage in RAM, DC being one of them.
  7. ARI ATARI Well-Known Member

    i do not think the population is big enough for a 3rd server.
    ps4 would have to have its own server and ps4 people would not be able to play with ps3 people.
    if the population isnt guaranteed than the profit isnt there.
    alot of work, no guaranteed return on the investment, a ps4 server is unlikely unless analysts can prove otherwise.
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  8. Durath Sa Active Member

    I agree with you in spirit, but let's not be TOO hasty-- there's circumstances where I'd start over again. If they redid all the code in the game so that it looked as good as the intro movie- the big fight scene where Braniac arrives... okay, I'd restart then. But only then. lol
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  9. Solmes202 Well-Known Member

    I agree. It isn't even the ps4 that concerns me. What about our Internet bandwidth. It's bound to be stretched with all of that back and forth. The vast majority of the game files are still going to have to be locally stored.
  10. Dr Improbable Well-Known Member

    Agreed. +1
  11. DrewCheech Well-Known Member

    The PS4 games will be disc based, there was never an official statment that it was cloud only.
    Your charecters info is not on your hard drive, it's all online.
    If you go to a friends house who has DC on his PS3, you can upload your account info there and play with your toon.
  12. Quantum Edge Well-Known Member

    All I can say is this. Whenever spytle is asked about the PS4, which is daily, on twitter he has a stock answer "can't comment at this time" he always follows this with a winky face, or a smily face implying that the news isn't bad.

    I don't know about you, but if my job were about to be obsolescent I wouldn't use cute emoticons when talking about it.
  13. Lanternius Active Member

    Hahha well said bro...if the whole game was just like the opening cinematic, I'd be all over it!!! I'd bite the bullet and start over....IF AND ONLY IF gameplay resembled intro cinematics!!
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  14. Bishop Well-Known Member

    That would be interesting however with the PS4 coming out soon, I doubt it since the development would be pretty much in line with, or just after, the current DCUO development.

    I'd wager, if they do transition to PS4, that they create an Expansion Pack much like City of Heroes/Villains did with Going Rogue. A complete overhaul and maximising the utility of the current engine. If they do so, and with the advent of the PS4 capabilities we may no longer be held back, apologies PS3 players, by limitations on their end.

    Where that leaves PS3 users I don't know, tricky tightrope.

  15. Jayeto Prime Active Member

    dcuo is already a digital download format. every time i see "is this game going to work on ps4?" i am seriously put in a wtf?! moment. but back to topic i seriously doubt with every fibber of my being that this game for ANY reason will NOT work on ps4. its a simple port over. that like games way back like mario having a problem working on a computer now.
  16. Durath Sa Active Member


    Great. This is going to be all your fault now... what you just said is almost as bad as saying "hey, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?" or "what's the WORST that could happen?"
  17. DarkSyde79 Well-Known Member

    DCUO being ported to the PS4 isn't going to be the issue since the PS4 being built like a "gaming PC". This should even allow for there to be cross-gaming with the PC servers as a result of the new architecture.

    The issue at hand is this change in architecture might not allow for cross-gaming with the PS3 and as a result, not allow for DCUO to be ported for some time... if at all.
  18. TheMarvel Well-Known Member

    Random thoughts:

    The PS3 does not die the day the PS4 comes out and the window for updates is not closed. It can live on the PS3 for years to come if the revenue warrants. (FF content was updated for the PS2 in Japan in 2013. Just saying.)

    Moving accounts from PS3 to PS4 (or even PS3 to PC) is relatively trivial. Your character(s) is just a set up number values in a DB somewhere.

    DCUO took 3 plus years to develop. Even IF it was going to be PS4 you are looking at 2015 realistically as the soonest possible date (unless they stared development a year ago).
  19. Phantasy2013 Well-Known Member

    I totally disagree. I assume you're not even Tier 3 let alone T4 Geared in either PvE or PvP to make that statement about having everyone start over at level 1. Not my fault players don't have the time or motivation to grind for your Armor. But I earned my T4 Armor and plan on doing the same with T5 Gear as well when it comes out, and just like earning a college degree, NO ONE WILL TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME!! Some of you might not care for others time and dedication, but no one should have to start over at level 1 unless they create a new character. They can port PS3 DCUO data right over to PS4 without negating anything, but moreso enhancing the graphics to the point whereas I get punched into a building and I go right through it OR I put a huge earthquake size dent in the pavement OR if I have the iconic power Super Strength, I can pick up tall buildings and use them as a weapon. That would seriosuly be SO AWESOME!!!!!

    If thousands of DCUO Villains and Heros had to start at level 1, that would be like spitting in the faces of everyone who ever felt that proud moment when they earned that final piece of Tier 4 Armor. With all the money, time, and effort I have spent into this game, I would quit DCUO and go back to Xbox 360. I plan on playing DCUO until I am old and can barely see the tv screen (if it's out that long). Starting from scratch would be exciting for you, but not for others that have spent countless number of hours on their character just for DCUO developers to tell us, oh well new system, start over. Along with Work,School, Family, DCUO is a HUGE part of my life and I would hope the developers have more respect for us than to force us start over from scratch when the new version comes out on the PS4. DCUO is the ONLY reason I am even getting a PS4 regardless of what price that charge.

    I would like to see enhanced environmental graphics whereas I can poke a hole in that big blimp in the sky of Gotham City OR It would be take 8 Heroes or Villains to take me down due to my enhanced Gear (Sorry, that's a whole different topic). With the increase in RAM on the PS4, I would be grateful that freezing, delay in uplaods of environment structures, and lagging would be a thing of the past. That to me would be more beneficial to the DCUO Community than having everyone start from scratch. I would like for them to take away that Rock, Paper, Scissors format and let a Tank and Controller duke it out without the Tank getting a increase in attack (I have seen Controllers in the comics and tv series wipe the floor with so called tanks). Funny how I see the Healers can stand a chance against the Controller and Tank, so unfair I feel. But anyway, enhance the environment and visual effects of powers, especially at a higher level (once that level cap increases). Do not have us start over at level 1 when the PS4 version of DCUO comes out.
  20. Jayeto Prime Active Member

    ..............oh bloody hell youre right -.-...... eff me >.<

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