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Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Mista E, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Mista E New Player

    I would like to know the reasoning behind adding so many pets in this game with no way to counter them...

    The ps3 could barely handle this.

    consistantly in arenas and open world pvp there is an excess of pets being used... and what happens is people either start going invisible on my screen (which happens the most) or I freeze/lag out...

    It is rediculous that one person at any given time can summon 4-6+ pets... and when you have multiple people using them you could easily have around 20+ pets on your screen... from just one team...

    there has to be some type of cap on them like you can only have one pet out at a time, or a way that we can one shot all pets outside of power trees... it is ridiculous
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  2. Dee Pius New Player

    Yeah, it's terrible. Did a PvP match the other day for the first time in months(since I got my full t4 set), when I ran into a Mob, & I mean Mob, of about 25 - 30 pets, henchman, sidekicks and what-have-you on a node in STAR labs. Like really PvP community. If you think you're good why do you need 10+ body guards? Anyone PvP'ing who conforms to this trash is exactly that, trash. I quit the match ASAP, and doubt I'll ever do the joke called "PvP" again.
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  3. Zypher New Player

    I'm not gonna name any names.. but I fought some dude in a lair battle the other day that lost the first round and decided that in round 2 the next course of action (he was nature, as was I) was to summon swarm, 3 henchmen, Ms. Boo and for good measure.. an orbital strike. This was all on top of some staff combos plus 3 DoTs. I kinda just sat there in awe of the cluster[censored] army that was wailing on me then I cracked up.

    There is a serious disconnect, for whatever reason, with the guy or team developing these new trinkets and what players actually want. The entire community came together and wholeheartedly said NO TY to pets and they somehow or the other decided that what we REALLY needed.. was more pets.

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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  4. Mini Lini New Player

    Pretty much said it all. We say no pets, they ruin aspects of the game for us. So SOE said.... "Well here are some more pets then."
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  5. Faust74 Loyal Player

    I agree, once I get my final T4 Head piece, I am DONE with Arenas. DONE I SAY!!!! And I'll never RETURN to Arenas!!!

    Until T5 PvP Armor comes out. -_-
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  6. Ken Silverback New Player

    I have to voice my opinion here. I actually like pets. I like them when they work. They are awesome for PvE. I am aware however of how much they suck for PvP. I inquired what was being done so that folks could keep their pets and it not destroy Arena PvP. Unfortunately, I found an answer and it isn't one anyone like but I have to mention it here.

    There was a quote from Mepps saying that if anyone was looking for true balanced PvP, that Legends PvP is where you should be going; that Legends PvP is where you go for the fairest fight available. I wish I had it, but legacy forums and what not.

    It wasn't the answer I was hoping for but there it was. So I would say, don't knock the pets because they mucked up PvP. They (some not all) should be banned for PvP. But even then, I don't think that is likely. I love my pets, but it'd be ignorant of me to say the intro of henchmen, sidekicks and orbital strikes haven't made Arena PvP even harder to play. That's sadly why I gave up on Arena PvP in DLC 2 and just stuck to Legends PvP.

    So I hope they do something to fix this issue. But don't take away our pets. People want to customize sidekicks, more henchman/backup styles, redo Insect Swarm & Snow Devil. But being able to summon all of those in a 1 v 1? Not as fair. So like my post if you like your pets but don't want them to screw up your Arena PvP. I don't claim to know the solution, but don't throw out the baby with the bathtub.
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  7. Loadingscreens Committed Player

    I no longer solo que since turf dlc came out, it's just too rediculous. Can't lock on to a target cause of the army of pets.

    I miss the good ole days
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  8. Faust74 Loyal Player

    I kinda figure that would be the case for PvE. I haven't done an Raid since Central City first came out. Seeing what a mess PVP Arenas is, I may give PvE another shot.

    As far as doing PvP Legends for a balanced and "fair" fight. It gets old quick, since you can't use your own Character. I love playing as Joker from time to time, but I still prefer my own character for PvP.
  9. Greenman_x Devoted Player

    They need to tone down the pets by a lot (you can currently have over 90 pets in an 8v8 arena)

    I understand they view legends as more of the "skill vs skill" version of PvP, but its really not as fun as arenas in many peoples eyes

    I just wish theyd remove all PVE content from PVP arenas (armor, trinkets, mainframe devices, etc)...It would make so many more people happy
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  10. raaddd Well-Known Player

    The henchmens trinket definetly made the problem worse haha. Too bad nothing like this is going to ever be fixed.
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  11. PaperGirl New Player

    If you got a green name answer on pvp topic you'r awesome , PM me i give you 10 bucks .
  12. Zylo Committed Player

    What they need to freaken do is add something that kills pets, henchman and acomplices in one hit. adding more freaken pets is NOT PVP!!! this is carebear PVPing and it seems like there only adding pets and support to help out the ppl who cant deal with it. this needs to freaken stop. stop helping the new commers. STOP IT!!!:mad:
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  13. MR.M1YAG1 New Player

    o man none of u heard pvp stands for player vs. pets and until its back to player vs. player I wont going into arenas anytime soon
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  14. ICYHURR New Player

    i agree with everyone . I love my pets but in PVP theres just no place for it if it isnt easier to obtain.
  15. Shadow Vlad New Player

    It would be nice to at least have options when queing like pets: on/off. Objectives: on/off, jump pads: on/off suicide squad: on/off (for real)
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  16. Zim New Player

    If they could only just give us a few arena areas with NO trinket pets allowed.
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  17. MARK2099 New Player

    I good fix should be orbital strike kill every pet trinket on the area, so the pets who are powers still persist since where from the very start in arenas, but knowing devs how little attention give to the game especially in pvp don't get your high hopes, there are more chances god come to earth in solid form over devs finally balanced pvp and fix all the lag problems due their "pay to win new content".
  18. Aqua New Player

    Yeah these pets really need to go or have an option to turn them off or every single power set should get one of their moves altered to disband pets instantly.

    Hell put that power in iconics so everyone can easily have it available.

    I think one thing is clear though, we no longer need ANYMORE pets. No seasonal pets, no anniversary pets, no hometurf pets, devs I don't wanna see a stray dog roaming the streets of Gotham. We have enough pets as is right now, I would argue too many in fact.
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  19. Zuse Loyal Player

    As a sorcery player i can summon 8 pets at a time
  20. Volaron New Player

    I'll put down money that a Green name won't respond. They have yet to give us a reason why pets were implemented. PvEers and PvPers alike didn't want pets. So smart.

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