DCUO and new MOB moves

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    Or... "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is that critter doing!?!?!"

    Yesterday was an odd day in DCUO in general, it seems.

    Some friends and I ran Gotham Courthouse LPVE a few times to tie up various Duo feats and noticed that when we got to the lawyers they started roaming around the zone when they would be in their unlocked/stunned phase. You could attack them but they would drift maybe out into the large area where the Bailiff spawns or along the sides where the jurors appear and then lock again when their timer was up. If they unlocked again they would drift again. At the end they would eventually come back though (since they weren't stunned any longer, is my guess).

    Later in the evening we hit Speed Force Flux Elite and noticed quite a few issues with the first boss.

    1. If he aggros on someone standing on something above him (like the Bat Computer stage or the ledge where the giant playing card is and he's beneath it) he will reset his health. I have an idea of why this is happening (dealing with an exploit which was used on the 2nd boss at one point) but it's a bit too sensitive. In both instances where he reset he had complete access to players (even the tank who was aggroing the bejeezus out of him) and just reset his health back to full.

    2. As the fight went on the boss would eventually ignore his normal behavior and move sideways or backwards across the entire room to turn and fixate on another player. This was observed by people who have done this particular boss countless times. He would also warp across the room every now and then. Imagine a legless, floating entity moonwalking backwards and sideways and that's what we were seeing (seemed to happen somewhere after the Reapers came out). This happened both in the same instance on multiple attempts and after dropping and requeing into a fresh, new instance.

    3. Our main tank was Fire and the secondary was Earth. At the beginning of the fight the Fire tank would start with his strong pull but the Gazer would ignore him completely the moment the Earth tank popped Gemstone Shield regardless of where in the room the Earth tank was.

    Did anyone else notice any other odd NPC behaviors yesterday?
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  2. jolaksi Well-Known Player

    This 3rd part: No matter what if its single taunt or regular pull; if tank gets the agro and stay on paradox gazer's close range that boss will shift the agro to 2nd person on hate table. That boss has proximity agro drop. It always been like that since way back from Paradox Wave. Any possibility of this agro shift occured on the run you mentioned?
  3. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    That defeats the purpose of a supertaunt.

    This is only true under normal circumstances with two normal taunting tank powers. They would compete. But a regular taunt power should not be overriding a supertaunt power.