DC PVP with a Twist of MOBA

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  1. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    DOTA, League Of Legends, Smite are just a few popular MOBA's on the PC and they all are ran simply put nearly the same. I believe that DC could do what they've done but with its on flavor. Usually those games are so strategic and have buffs and level increases that happen when correctly playing the map... for instance everyone starts of level 1 and with a kill or correctly doing objectives get stronger(level 2,3,4 and unlock moves) within the match.. i think this would be well suited for legends though. but the maps are usually lane based with points being gained for controlling lanes and advancing to your opponents side... DC would have to make maps that could house this correctly if you've played these games i'm surprised DC hasn't yet tried to integrate this. they can even put down creative buffs and add a bit more detail to their huge roster of Legend characters( gaining abilities wise) but i think that if the devs did this right they could maybe steal a few players from these games that rack up in the millions on active participation.... call it DC MOBA maps and two be honest i think they could modify a few in game maps to support this like Paradox wave, fos 2 and Nexus comes to mind anyone with alot of different tunneling.. just a thought
  2. KodyDerp Dedicated Player

    Gross, I hate mobas
  3. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    ok but you cannot deny their popularity and this game has all of the components necessary to make a successful one
  4. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    They are popular because of luck and determination. Riot games and Valve also have some of the best dev teams seen in the last decade.
  5. Clutchmeister Loyal Player

    Long story short, DCUO does not have the components to make a successful moba. I could write far more than is really necessary to explain why, but at its core the mechanics simply don't lend itself to that style of game.

    Can you imagine how infuriating last hitting would be with the targetting system in this game? :eek:
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  6. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    idk, i kind of disagree sure they may be tweeks but i think it has potential ...
  7. Clutchmeister Loyal Player

    It would take a hell of a lot more than tweaks, i think you're underestimating just how difficult it is to create and balance out a MOBA.
  8. Sir-Ivy Dedicated Player

    MOBA-lite is the best you could hope for.
  9. Yuin Level 30

    Nope, not happening. You'll just have to wait for someone to make a DC themed AoS mod in Dota 2 or *knock on wood* Warcraft 4
  10. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    yes, which is why in the LOL tournament they only use 5 of there available character list. Balance isn't a huge issue its having the option to play this ... i mean what harm would it do .. not to make the game a MOBA or the entire PVP universe a MOBA ... its like survival mode is to PVE .. just a another type of PVP ..
  11. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    There is already a DC moba, no need to wait.
  12. Clutchmeister Loyal Player

    And there is a LOT of strategy involved with those five picks. To start off with, they each have three bans each which can be targeted on either comfort picks for the opposing teams star players, characters which are generally seen as being overpowered or stronger than other available characters or bans to hinder a teams specific play style.

    Have you ever wondered why they only use summoners rift as the main competitive map rather than equally sharing the attention to all of the other maps? It's because the other modes are so badly balanced in comparison to summoners rift. All of the champions in the game have to be balanced around multiple facets - how quickly can they traverse the map? how quickly can they jungle? how effectively can they counter jungle? How effectively can they gank? How great are they at pushing? How great are they at farming? How good are their escapes? Do you want a kill focused dual lane or one focused on keeping your carry safe so that they can farm? How do these particular supports/ad carry/solo top/jungler/mid's abilities synergise with all of the others and various team set ups? All of these individual facets can be altered due to simple changes in the structure of the map and the layout of the jungle alone and certain champions which are average on one map may be broken on another.

    As I stated, there are so many facets that the developers need to focus on in order to get the modes even remotely balanced. Just look at riot and how often they update the game, add new items, add new champions, re-tweak existing items, adjust the map itself and re-balance the game and they STILL have issues. And this is all the while having to ONLY focus on this, imagine if they have a PvE section of the game to worry about and TWO different forms of PvP ONTOP of the MOBA they had? The game would be an absolute mess.

    Balance is important because if even a couple of characters are hugely imbalanced, they're all you're going to see and it becomes monotonous and boring. People get frustrated, don't find it fun and then end up decided to quit playing altogether.

    It diverts what little attention arenas/legends already gets and costs more resources for the developers to create a large new map and then have to constantly play test this mode, adjust gold incomes for creatures, create either items or take the route of HotS and focus on ability builds and ensure they're not completely broken.

    Simply put, the devs don't have the time or resources to do this and I highly doubt it would end up making them money (just look at what happened to the DC branded MOBA...).

    I'd rather them actually pay some reasonable amount of attention to the pvp we have currently than create a brand new game mode which would leech resources, time and attention which are already strained.
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  13. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    not really it would take a bit but not as much as you'd think MOBA's aren't to detailed as a matter of fact DC would be more of the more polished ones and one with the quickest gameplay hands down ... i say y not... when is the last time something has been done to pvp besides tiers and such? Last Laugh, this could be ground breaking and i stand by it ... besides on the forums i've said things ppl said were stupid ideas and once the devs did them they were all on board ...
  14. Clutchmeister Loyal Player

    Then that shows you truly don't understand mobas, which renders this discussion pointless.
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  15. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    Shame those devs can't rub off on the devs in dcuo. Oh well, Smite is still fun.

    But that being said, I doubt it would be possible, to make this game a MOBA. In fact when I started playing Smite I already missed DCUO's combat mechanics, but then again... I got over it soon enough.
  16. Talwe Well-Known Player

    You apparently do not have a clue about game development.
  17. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    shows your condescending judgement and failure to see what MOBA's are as far as game design ... MOBA's are small games i mean LOL is the most popular INDIE of all time ... this game (DCUO) has had the resources that they wish they had STARTING OUT but took a nose dive.. these are facts indies and MOBAs are not overly complicated games by design if you are saying they are then yes this argument truely is over.
  18. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    yea just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind and have nothing to base it on yea that'll prove you correct
  19. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    i played Infinite crisis for like 2-3 hours ... its not that fun
  20. Talwe Well-Known Player

    Taking an engine from one game and building another game on top of that is not that simplistic.
    See how long releasing simple things like new alerts usually take. Its a lot of development time and that's already something that engine is designed for.
    Making your idea work is going to take a lot more than a quick map with couple of buffs and NPCs added to it.

    How long has releasing new UI taken for? Should be simple, right? Create couple of images using Photoshop, rearrange couple of buttons and take the rest of the day off, right?
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