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  1. LL New Player

    What is your top 5 from each company?

    I will eventually watch them all, but I'm hoping to watch the better ones first.

    In the past few weeks I finally watched Red Hood, doomsday, and justice league crisis of two earths. All great. :)
  2. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Superman/Batman Public Enemies and Apocalypse
  3. LL New Player

    Public enemies is the one I was thinking about next.

    Side note, I love the casting choice for Zod in the new movie. He is great in boardwalk empire, and looks great as Zod.
  4. Lwee New Player

    Public Enemies is definetly good. Love the Supes/Bat chemistry (or lack of lol)
    Apocalypse was meh to me, kinda corny, should've been more about Superman/Darkseid and less about Supergirl but whatev.
    If you haven't seen them yet I suggest ''Justice League: Doom'' (Tower of Babel inspired) and ''Superman Vs. The Elite'' (animation and graphically a bit disapointing but good story)

    I also like the ''old'' Batman The Animated Serie (circa 1990) animated movies, can't remember exact names but I just love the Batman TAS gritty feel and look...They introduced Mr.Freeze (as we know him) and Harley Quinn. Those are like early 90s.

    Marvel just doens't have REALLY good animated movies... It's decent, somewhat entertaining, but not even close to DC.... If they do havent seen any yet.

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  5. LL New Player

    Well u sold me on Apocalypse...lol....Kara one of my fave char....and u left out KRYPTO was in it..,,best movie ever...:)
  6. Mint Stiletto Loyal Player

    I think I'm the only one that liked the Wonder Woman movie from '09 lol, but if you like Kara maybe you'll like it too, I thought it was darn good.
  7. LL New Player

    Well I'm going for that next then...I'm watching batman year one....now....very good, but Kara, or krypto makes the movie must see. :)
  8. RamsesVIIX New Player

    That's true about Marvel, HOWEVER! I just recently finished watching Astonishing X-Men series on Netflix. Dude it's on par with DC films. Check it out. The animation is like a comic strip, and each episode is like 12min long (there's like over 20eps) It's gritty and graphic. I'm pretty sure you'll like it (awesome ending).
  9. RamsesVIIX New Player

    The Dark Knight Returns and Strikes Again, and....... actually they're all good. The Green Lantern one was pretty lame though. To be honest you should just watch the original Batman Animated Series and the Justice League/Unlimited Episodes.
  10. MrMigraine Loyal Player

    If I'm forced to narrow it down to five: (and yes, I have put them ALL in order at one time or another :p )
    5. Under the Red Hood - one of the few occasions where the movie is better than the book
    4. Superman vs The Elite - one of my favorite Superman stories of all time done justice (though the designs were not to my taste)
    3. Justice League: New Frontier - brilliant adaptation of the mini-series
    2. Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths - great movie, but even better when you think of it as the 'lost' story between JL and JLU
    1. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - still the best Batman movie ever made

    As far as Marvel, the only animated feature I've truly enjoyed from them was Hulk Vs Wolverine (though the Thor half wasn't bad). Marvel has some other decent animation (X-Men: Evolution and Spectacular Spider-Man come to mind), but they're light years behind DC in the DTV department.
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  11. Alan92RTTT New Player

    Astonishing X-men is not really animated. All the did is take the panels from the comic and move then with a bit a tweaking for mouth moments. Its ok but its makes for some weird visuals. I'd have been happier if they had really animated them.

    Planet Hulk was not bad and I liked Iron Man

    Return of the Joker(unrated cut)
    Justice League : New Frontier
    Justice League : Crisis on Two Earths
    Batman : Year One
    Batman Dark Knight returns Parts 1&2
  12. RamsesVIIX New Player

    Like Watchmen The Motion Comic, except they use different voices for all characters. Marvel really needs to step it up in their animated department. The Spider-Man Animated Series was pretty cool, by all means it was no Batman; that set the bar.
  13. Meta Flare New Player

    in no particular order:

    planet hulk
    superman and the elite
    red hood
    doom/public enemies

    also just gonna throw this out there even though it has nothing to do with dc or marvel. watch ff7 advent children complete. especially if ur a ff fan. just sayin.
  14. RamsesVIIX New Player

    Watchmen Motion Comic
  15. Mint Stiletto Loyal Player

    Had to give you a like for Mask of the Phantasm...it really is the best batman ever...joker is awesome
  16. Faust74 Loyal Player

    Most of my top 5 favs are from DC.

    1) Batman Beyond: The return of the Joker (Mark Hamill's best performance)
    2) The Dark Knight Returns: Part 2
    3) Batman: Under the Red Hood
    4) Justice League: Crisis of two Earths
    5) Hulk Vs
  17. GeoShock New Player

    DC (hard for me to pick just 5) :
    - TheBatman vs. Dracula
    - Superman/Batman Public Enemies
    - Batman Beyond: The Return Of The Joker
    - The Dark Knight Returns part 1&2
    - Justice League: Crisis On Two Earsths

    now waiting for Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

    as for Marvel, well I don't like Marvel.
  18. LL New Player

    Well as I said I will watch all of them at some point. I was hoping to watch the best up front. I still have not seen much marvel animation. Planet hulk was my next target.

    Watching superman elite based off a suggestion...,good so far.

    I will again say apocalypse....best movie ever. Had krypto, and Kara.....only way it could be better is krypto being more in it. :)

    Year one was fantastic, very dark, loved it.

    Thank u all for commenting, makes it easier when u make a choice what u want to see. :)

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