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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ergotth, Oct 17, 2021.

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  1. Ergotth Well-Known Player

    Checking the latest DC Fandome I realized something: They could've advertised DCUniverse Online. Despite this game riding on one of the biggest brands of western multimedia entertainment, DC Comics, the game seems... barely mentioned or advertised anywhere, and considerin the game went through the most massive overhaul ever since Weapons Mastery and class revamps, it feels like they had the perfect time to do a "grand reopening" of the game at the Fandome to attract new players.

    Its much harder to gather fanbase when your game started or opened beta, but a fully-developed MMO with minimal system requirements and several DAYS-worth of content seems easy enough, especialy now that the grind was made easier.

    I don't know, while the game isn't "dead", it sure seems ghosted by the big D and C. Please prove me wrong, it would make me feel great about it.
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  2. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    There are most likely some legal matters that still needs to be ironed out by EG7 and Time Warner/DC Comics. Hopefully..., hopefully, there will be a marketing blitz soon leading up to and during the launch of Ep. 47 Legion of Doom. Or is it pronounced Legion of Doooooooom?!

    I think for maximum impact, an advertising campaign during the launch of a new dlc would be the optimum bang for their marketing dollars. EG7 is a European gaming company with lots of experience in marketing, development, ect. They aren't an investment firm interested in only making money today off of knick-kacks; they are looking at long term growth and revitalization. Ep.41 is an example of the revitalization efforts that we the gamers can see right now.

    But yeah, it really bums me out that there is no mention of DCUO on DC Fandome.
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  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    It's episode 42, not 47.
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  4. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Its hard to advertise right now when we are for the first time, actually playing 100% recycled content, i wonder why they chose this raid for the ww throwback, it didn’t even come out that long ago. I really thought it was gonna be gates. Despite the legendary rework nothing feels new gameplay and has in along time.. really since water since most arts are just passives
  5. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

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  6. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Throne of the Dead came out in 2015. That was 7 years ago.
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  7. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Most major advertising for games take place at the game's launch. It's very rare to see serious advertising take place a year after a game launches, much less ten years later. So I'm honestly a bit surprised they had that clip TheLorax linked.

    And while the DC name is on the game, that doesn't necessarily mean DC is the one obligated to advertise for the game. Chances are good that falls on Daybreak/Dimensional Ink's shoulders and ads aren't cheap.
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  8. Mentaldope40 Committed Player

    Exactly this.. the whole show was very lacking, this is the only mmo I know of that is generating revenue for DC, but I am not surprised since the comic book issues have been pretty bad lately, the writers have been spreading nothing but PIS stories etc. it's a dam shame honestly.
  9. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    Yeah, when I saw the trailer on their website I was hoping we'd see at least a teaser of DCUO on the fandome, but I guess it wouldn't be cool to show a 10 years old game near their next-gen release.

    The truth is, DCUO doesn't have enough to be near their releases. A major conference with billion dollar movies and million dollar TV shows isn't where you advertise your 10 year old game is going full f2p and launching a new dlc.
  10. Controller Loyal Player

    The ONLY Superhero Game out there like this one and the "Big Wigs" at WB Media / DC continue to sleep on it.

    There is NOT another port out there like DC Universe Online.

    We can debate all day long about the stat clamp....how old the game is....what's wrong....what's right....but the bottom line is that there is simply NOT another port out there like DCUO and many still find this "supposedly flawed and old game" fun and entertaining.

    I've questioned for many years now the direction of DC / WB Media...how they are sleeping on a GOLDMINE of characters....how Marvel Media is outplaying us....how they treat this game like a crazy old uncle they'd rather not talk about....

    It is a shame, TBH.

    If this was a MARVEL-based game Stan Lee (RIP) would've ALREADY advertised for it several times before his passing.

    There is no "Stan Lee-Like" person out there to steer this ship, IMO.....no "Unifying Force" to bring us together.

    If DC / WB Media was a FOOTBALL GAME we're trying for Short-Yardage gains (Black Adam movie, BoP, Suicide Squad 2)....but seem to not have a CLEAR end-game set (See Marvel's EPIC Big Screen Story line).

    We BENCH proven talent (see Zach Snyder).....

    We're scared to take RISKS...scared to try for the DEEP pass....set on SHORT gains....trying to play it SAFE....

    Lack of advertising for DCUO is only a SMALL sympton of WB / DC Media in general.
  11. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    For that to happen, Warner Bross would have to be a little more interested in the DC Universe Online, which is far from being the case now...
  12. Controller Loyal Player

    I mean - we're talking about lack of advertising for DCUO from our Parent Company....DC evidently can't figure out how to properly "Modernize" Superman.......


    So "The American Way" isn't something to look up to anymore?

    I "GET" that these are Polarizing Times.....look no further than "OUR" own recent thread about Covid here in the Forums.....look no further than the other divisive topics in modern society at the moment.

    But you mean America isn't STILL a Beacon of Hope to many?

    Give me a "Better Tomorrow" by opening up the Treasure Trove called DCUO AND advertising MORE of DC's "Slept On" characters.....give me a "Better Tomorrow" by presenting (and COMMITTING TO) a Marvel-Like coherent storyline for DC.

    What Broader Message are we trying to send here by this change?
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  13. Hraesvelg Always Right

    You realize that DC is a global brand, right? They don't want to limit their market size. That IS the American Way...anything for a buck.
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  14. Controller Loyal Player

    But they can KEEP their market size without changing the label....it just smacks of "Political Correctness"......

    MANY MANY people STILL trying to come to America.....look no further than the Immigration issues we see in the news.

    America is STILL a beacon of Hope, to many.

    To me it's simply unnecessary and some useless marketing ploy.

    You want to "Modernize" Superman?


    then simply BROADEN his circle of "Friends" on the Big Screen.

    Start by introducing ICON, among other things. And it won't hurt to advertise DCUO, either.
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  15. Hraesvelg Always Right

    And is also a beacon of hegemonic oppression to many. Listen, a lot of us stopped drinking from the "America is the greatest!" Flavor Aid a long time ago. It has its good points and its flaws. If the country IS that super-wonderful funtime great...why would it need constant mythological propaganda reinforcement among media, especially those aimed at children? "Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow" is a way for Superman to inspire all of the people of Earth (like your comic panel implies) instead of just being the errand boy of a particular government.
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  16. Controller Loyal Player

    Absolutely. Perhaps NO ONE knows this truth more than ME - being that I'm Black with TWO young Black Sons.

    But I "STILL" look to the HOPE evident in this country and I'm STILL proud of my service to her in the Military.

    I "ALSO" take note of the MANY MANY people that STILL try to come to this "Hegemonic oppression" of a country.

    Are they aware of the DIVISION here? Of course.

    But WHAT DRAWS them here STILL, Hraesvelg? Can you tell me that?

    Is it the "American Way" that DC is now trying to capitalize on and change? I'd gather that it is.

    It is ONE THING to try and change marketing tactics....it is another to change a title based off of some hidden agenda.
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  17. Controller Loyal Player

    I'm about to watch (for perhaps the 100th time) the CLASSIC Trilogy of Avengers Age of Ultron, Infinity War AND Endgame on TV this afternoon....all the while lamenting the unusual (and IMO needless) label change with Superman AND the lack of advertising of DCUO.

    In the back of my mind I can't help but think of this classic piece from one of my FAVORITE MOVIES EVER - The Natural:

    WB / DC Media needs a ROY HOBBS to WAKE THINGS up and unite us.

    Until then - I'll be "Gently Rocking"........Gently Rocking......................
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  18. Hraesvelg Always Right

    I get it. You're pot committed. There are a LOT of us out here that think it's time for America to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. We've had the "USA! BEST COUNTRY EVER!" propaganda blown up us our entire life...it's time to live up to it instead of just resting on our laurels.

    Maybe we can earn back Superman considering the "American Way" to be something to actually aspire to...
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  19. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    Daybreak Game / Dimensional Ink Games is not owned by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. A third-party studio wouldn't get much spotlight. The way I see it the only way DCUO gains visibility is EG7 righting the DI ship.

    Edit: Here's the coverage from DC Comics leading up to DC Fandome 2021.
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  20. Controller Loyal Player

    The thing is, though - us Americans are a "Want it NOW bunch"......

    We're NOT getting the America back, pre-2015.............at least not YET..

    It is going to take SEVERAL YEARS for this country to Course-Correct the nightmare from 2015-2020.

    We must VOTE VOTE VOTE....locally, state-wide AND Nationally...............

    When I went overseas on deployments we were generally looked at positively - and most recently look at the SURGE of folks leaving worse-off countries trying to get HERE................

    I still have hope for America.

    Don't give up. Don't EVER give up.

    WB Media / DC changing Superman's Moto is a HORRIBLE choice, IMO.............seriously.
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