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    Titans covers by Nicola Scott (Inspired by the late George Perez - one shots
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    I am wondering if the emphasis on Michael Keaton is in reaction to Ezra Miller's, troubles. Keaton is certainly a safer face to put out there for the publicity tour. Miller on a talk show begs a lot of questions that have nothing to do with the movie.
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    Most likely
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    It's a possibility alright.

    Though when you look at the 2 Trailers, the first one definitely focuses mostly on the Flash, while this second one has more of a focus on Batman. As you probably know from reading Flashpoint, both Flash and Batman (Albeit Thomas) are equally pivotal to the story. It is a Flash story through and through but he'd have been pretty screwed without Batman's help and connections, they both spend as much time filling panel space as each other.

    Plus this will be the last time we'll get to see Keatons Batman, so the Marketting Team are doing their jobs right by putting the focus of an entire Trailer on him to pull in crowds due to nostalgia.
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    1950/60's Singer Connie Francis
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    Can’t wait to see how the DCUO community will celebrate Superman Day June 12.
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    We'll all play with our underwear on the outside of our pants.
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    Hmm... what did we do last year?
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    Wore glasses and hoped nobody recognized us.
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    Coming out June 6!
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    I will own this movie lol.

    I would love it if our next DLC, (which has been promised to be dark), involved with story line! How cool would that be, I like, omg Wonder Woman in West World wow! Batman the Barbarian!
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