DC Bombshells style suggestions

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  1. tukuan Devoted Player

    A little off topic and I don't want to derail this thread too much but I do have to reiterate that the investment into the environmental resources for the Bombshells content would hopefully make it easier to justify a set of 40s/50s JSA episodes.
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  2. StarshipAwesome Well-Known Player

    Then, I'll go with WW's bracers and Catwoman's skirt with the split down the side.
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  3. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    They are not. The livestream mentioned that there are no style drops because they had to get the episode done and released. This thread is what SJ asked for so that they can create styles for future releases. Drops from the Bombshell episode will be base items (posters).
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  4. StarshipAwesome Well-Known Player

    I smell time travel! Maybe we get to see the return of a little treadmill action, too? Some instances in the past, some in the present.
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  5. Eternity's_Girl Committed Player

    Now I do agree these would be nice but the subject of this thread is about styles from the Bombshell Episodes and the styles you suggested are out side of that subject.

    Those would be great to bring up in their own thread, to get a better focus on them.
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  6. Stark23 Committed Player

    Bombshell. Harley. Quinn. Boots.
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  7. UMBRA Well-Known Player

    1) Supergirl's boots
    2) Supergirl's gloves
    3) Harley's chest
    4) Harley's boots (or some similar feet/legs with two colors)
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  8. Circe New Player

    I'm sorry for bringing up a legitimate concern based on previous styles released. I don't know how what I said was not constructive. The two chances of males getting shorter shorts were shot down, and they were given way less revealing alternatives.

    I mostly want to know if shorter shorts can be made for males with their tech, or if they just aren't doing it because of people who are uncomfortable with it.

    I gave suggestions for Bombshell styles in the thread as well, I don't know why you're attacking me. I have both female and male characters, so this topic does relate to me and there are styles I want to see as well.
  9. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    I posted those styles as a compromise that way females characters can have some styles and male characters could have some styles if they go all in on female styles we'll end up with some stuff like AF2 styles that looked ok on females but a mistake for males.
  10. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Supergirl's Gloves for sure (long, slimline and fingerless...just awesome...and easy enough to adapt for boys too).:)

    Harley's Jacket (open with the two-tone bra for the girls and a tank top or t-shirt for guys...especially so we can put our emblem on the shirt). :D

    Harley's boots. They are spectacular and should be easily adaptable for both genders.:D

    Wonder Woman's belt with Lasso. :)

    Now...I know we are to restrict this wish list to the existing Bombshell NPCs...but if they add Stargirl in a future episode, I would KILL for her boots (female and male versions).
    (since we're still restricted to a 3 color palate choice, keep the stars white or non-customizable metalic) :D
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  11. Vesper Dedicated Player

    Bombshells should be a chance for the costumes to branch out and do something different.
    Supergirl's tightly fitted fingerless gloves and awesome emblem-able belt.
    Harley Quinn's two-toned bra with or without the Aviator jacket.
    Wonder Woman's long hair tied with a kerchief and OMG THAT SHIRT.
    Talia's metal and sparkly-sheer material Harem-style shirt and pants.
    Catwoman's slinky slitted skirt and that fantastic veiled fascinator hat with the little cat ears!

    Even more than the costume styles, this should be the inspiration needed for new High Heel footwear styles:
    Supergirl's thigh-high heeled boots with a color-cut band at the top!
    Harley Quinn's mis-matched stockings with lace socks & high heel combat boots!
    Wonder Woman's two-toned cuffed high-heel boots with stars!
    Talia's high-heel curly-toed elf shoes!
    Catwoman's AMAZING thigh-high sheer stockings with HIGH HEEL SHOES.

    We have not had new high heel boots for almost 4 years! Not since Split Personality in the Penguin solo/duo has a new high-heel shoe style come out.

    PLEASE. Pretty please with a Bombshell cherry on top: High heel footwear.
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  12. Cursed Khagan Well-Known Player

    Awww, I guess I didn't hear that. Well, that's heartbreaking! :(
    I was really looking forward to some of these styles. Oh well, hopefully in September then.
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  13. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    I was looking forward to it also. I thought for sure we'd get them with this episode because the setting is so different. It would have been cool to put on our own retro suits while fighting along side the iconics. I'm sure they'll follow through since they invited our feedback.
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  14. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    You know there might be an issue with boots like Harley's and Stargirl's, the socks/leggings.

    They look good with the original outfits but they don't go with everything. A lot of the problems that have come about with the boots we already have is they cover to much of the legs. If you are going for a short boot you want as much leg showing as possible.

    Of course that might mean with Harley's boots if the leggings aren't with them then they might end up with her shorts and that could be worst.

    Oh and my vote is all of the above:D. Yeah, yeah I know this may disqualify my vote but I have to stick with it.
  15. NerdOfPrey Creative Director

    Good stuff. I just want to clarify that we do not have a timeline for this yet, but we want to hear from you guys now so we have feedback for if and when we can get it on the schedule. Thanks.
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  16. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    Harley's boots / socks !!
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  17. MentosTroll Loyal Player

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  18. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Speaking only for myself, and I am unanimous in this... the Sinestro Corps Zoot Suit needs to happen in-game! :cool:

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  19. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    Harley's goggles and chest.

    Ivy's hair.

    And we need this Sinestro as a legends skin as well.
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  20. Curse Bringer Most Wanted

    Cat womans stocking/heel combo , all the new hair styles :eek:, Harleys jacket, wonder womans hot pants
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