daylies in openworld pvp phase

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    the superman event looks as if it would be fun when playing against the other faction.
    guess the pvp phase will stay empty because ppl want to get the grind just done ASAP.
    wich is sad actually. ppl do the daylies while waiting for Q's if they even do them at all.
    if only a weekly for each map would exist to reward for defeating some enemy players,
    similar to the "kill 329 starro" for example, that would make the task a lot more interesting.
    well, at least ppl would have a good reason to go and pvp. some feats would sure help too...
    because... why not? would you participate or would you ignore the weekly mission? tell me ^^
  2. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    I've got too many toons to maintain...ain't nobody got time for fighting the other faction. In fact, what you call unfortunate I see as a good thing...farming collection nodes and getting things done without people "stealing" kills and whatnot just cause the PvP phase is dead...that's cool.;)
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  3. MastaMind Dedicated Player

    Yeah PVP is just pointless at this point. I've come to that point in the game where aside from maybe 10 feats (A few are unobtainable since they are glitched) all I really have left is PVP, LPVE, and gathering exobits. So I've been working on PVP stuff and it's truly a sad state of affairs. All of these feats that revolve around 5v5s to 8v8s and those queue's rarely ever pop. When they do you can bet money that it will be a team of all league mates VS my team of pugs who are likely in a support role but trying to do damage because the game never teaches them how to switch roles or explains the difference. Typically, PVP is just played by people too cheap to pony up the membership or buy an episode. It truly looks like I'll be paying people to cheat those feats since there is almost no chance of earning them the right way.

    Clearly cross faction battles are not really all that popular otherwise things like the Diamond Heist or Ring War would be more populated. I know people who have 400+ SP and yet they are missing the Diamond Heist feats. That pretty much sums it up right there. As the guy above me said, PVP phase is quite useful though. This one sided spring seasonal that allows heroes to cheat villains out their objectives, and yet the villains can't touch the heroes objectives is exactly the kind of thing that is far easier to do in PVP phase. Same thing can be said about when a new event or seasonal emerges. It is far easier to speak with a vendor or whatever when you are in the wastelands that is PVP phase.
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    Only if you tie me so I don’t have to look at that stupid kneeling stance. :p

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