Daybreak Winter Extravaganza

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Dec 18, 2018.

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  1. nawanda Loyal Player

    I don’t know what that means, but I take it that it’s some future content for one of the other Daybreak games?

    The way that lifetime deal is structured to bundle in all their games stinks. Unless you play all their games, you’re paying for a service you don’t use, and they will use this to justify refused refunds if DCUO shuts down within a timeframe that draws the ethicality of selling Lifetime memberships sharply into question.
  2. Xibo Loyal Player

    Since they present us this so-called Lifetime membership that shows to me...

    1) DCUO is granted for the next 3 years;
    2) I would be ok about buy some stuff during this time;
    3) As you said, other DBG's games are granted;
    4) Some DB Cash is granted depending of how much membership i have bought;
    5) We could receive some extra stuff as a Lifetime member;

    All of this is faith but if some people here haven't so the 1-year option is the better.
  3. ColdFuzion Well-Known Player

    Here are my reasons for not buying a life-time membership;

    - No attention to pvp
    - bugs that are still present never been fixed (batcaves etc)
    - Lack of mechanic creativity in elite raids (adds/boss just hit harder have more health)
    - Time capsules (feats attached to them)

    Those are just a few reasons but most accurate one for me is simply "i don't trust daybreak" - They just recently laid off 70 workers and they are promoting these deals people have wanted for years.

    Either they want a quick cash grab or the game does have a future.
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  4. nawanda Loyal Player

    Great post.

    I’m not a PC player so couldn’t take up the Lifetime deal anyway but I would definitely give them some money if the following happened:

    - A statement from someone senior explaining the current state of the company with some basic assurances - not asking for a shareholder’s report, just an overview that will allay justified concerns about the game’s future
    - The publication of an acceptable content release schedule - I suspect there will be no new DLC for 6 months
    - Removal of feats from Time Capsules - enough is enough!
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  5. DarkAya Dedicated Player

    2-3 years ago I'd buy that Lifetime in a heartbeat, but it's 2018 and my DCUO enthusiasm is pretty faded, I was hoping for 10-20% AllAccess discount to stick around another year, I'm not really into the extra stuff. Oh well, thanks for the Marketplace sale.
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  6. quietlife New Player

    First DBG has a bunch of layoffs, now lifetime subs coming back. It doesn't take one to guess at the state of their finances...DCUO's future not looking too bright. Like people have said past revamps and updates have brought less people back than the ones leaving. Time Capsules don't attract new players...DCUO team have to invest in new players and not the whales. Yes the whales give a lot of $$$ but the content is limited and they can only splurge so much but they lose interest. The way things are going right now needs to change (from a developer and PR standpoint).
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  7. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    Asking just in case since it's not mentioned directly but are the diamond and red obsidian material bound to the character/account or are they going to be tradeable to other characters in game via broker/trade window etc.?
  8. Kaladin Well-Known Player

    What I want to know is this: I just bought the 12 month annual membership last month, do I get all the perks they just released for doing so?
  9. Vesper Dedicated Player

    Okay, I admit that I am mad now. Really, really mad.

    I bought the Lifetime the minute this popped up on my Facebook last night. AND I bought a 2nd Lifetime for my husband. We've been playing this game since 2011. It's awesome and fun and we love it.

    But you're saying that we just dropped *$600* and that's not worth a handful of materials and assorted digital bits.

    If we could at least purchase the materials some other way, we'd do so. But we just knocked down $600 and we're permanently locked out??????

    "Thank you for spending more money on our special offers than we've asked in 5 years. As a reward, you have no chance at access to these special items only available by spending money." How does that make sense from a customer perspective?
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  10. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    From previous page...

    This implies to me they're for one Character. And you'd have to use replay badges to unlock them on your alts.
  11. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    I don't have a lifetime membership so this doesn't effect me at all...

    Except I'd like to say if you already bought one you should get those style items for free.

    You've paid your dues, you've played the game, and you hung around.

    Nuff Said.
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  12. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    Unlocking on alts isn't a thing until they add it to the style unlock feature and there's a dozen time capsule and booster bundle styles to add next beforehand. Marketplace redeemables and booster bundles also only grant a single thing as well, but there are cases in both where collections/base items/styles are still tradeable in game with other players.
  13. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    See, this would be a good reason to have at least the mats tradeable. You could buy the pack on PS or buy the material directly from someone on PS.
  14. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    If I could only afford it :(
    But these are amazing deals. :) Are the bonuses going to be on market place later on or are exclusive to these deals?
    (Like the materials, movement style)
  15. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    People asked for life time membership... they get it + bonuses...
    People are upset about it... Devs are like :rolleyes:

    Like get what you want then complain. I would buy it if I could but It's too expensive for me.
    I don't think it means anything regards the game's future, they gave players what they want. LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP.
    I get the concern's about PvP as it doesn't get attention or any proper response, but it doesn't mean anything about the game.
    Why think the worse all the time? Try positivity it cost nothing :rolleyes:
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  16. DCxDark New Player

    What Will PC Get?Nothing?Awwww...Still Thank You DCUO,I Feel Happy For PS4 And XBOX Players
  17. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    PC get lifetime membership with
  18. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    Blizzard has a better reputation than Daybreak and even with heroes of the storm they have:
    - shutting down of esports teams/structures
    - loss of some of their best developers
    - slower content releases

    after just offering a year long of extra xp/gold during a sale.
  19. Pinky Well-Known Player

    I would purchase the lifetime membership if I were not already currently holding one.
    I admit though, the long grind for SPs all over again would put me off since I'd have to start a new character afresh.
    DCUO has the backing of Warner Bros/DC Comics behind it. I'm not concerned with it folding up anytime soon.
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  20. Lantern Core New Player

    Is this another Lifetime that we had with SOE? when a new company comes along they will cancel our Lifetime Membership because reasons and logic?!o_O
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