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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Dec 18, 2018.

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  1. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    My heirs will be advised not to pay and to fight this in court. With 5 dps, a healer, a troller, and a tank.
  2. Bzzzztt Active Player

    12/24/2018, approximately 12:10 am: Logged in to upgrade to the lifetime sub after scraping up the $300 (why the bleep did they wait to offer this until the holiday gift buying season when many of us have very little leftover cash for ourselves?). Clicked the lifetime sub option, clicked continue. Waited 60 seconds and got an "a system error has occurred, please try again" message.

    Had to step away from my computer for a couple of minutes (cat vomit was involved, eww) and when I came back to try again, the lifetime option was no longer displayed. So it looks like they already sold out all 4000 in 6 days, and my Christmas now officially stinks. Bah Humbug! :mad:

    I'll try again later, on the off chance that is was indeed a system error, but not going to hold my breath. Mepps, if you see this, any chance of more becoming available? For those of us that foolishly spent our paychecks on silly things like mortgage payments, gifts for our children, or groceries before the offer was announced. By the way, waiting until the actual day the sale started to make the announcement, nice touch. Sorry if this post is ranty, but I'm really so maturified cheesed off right now, almost hit the cancel sub link before I came here to post
  3. loupblanc Dedicated Player

  4. spack2k Steadfast Player

    just cause the game will be running on Unreal Engine 4 doesnt have to mean anything, it depends on the developers...pros on UE3 >> noobs on UE4
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  5. iNeoN Active Player

    Today marks the 6th day with no DBC conversion. Original lifetime and bought the 12 month + bonus on Wednesday. I reopened my ticket to support.
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  6. sharpy36 Active Player

    Having not gotten an update from Mepps about this issue I decided to open a ticket too.
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  7. Sivulla Dedicated Player

    Which one of you is working on holidays?
  8. iNeoN Active Player

    Not sure if that was directed towards us, or if you are asking a Dev if one of them are working....?

    Anyways. Customer servers man Scott Dale, told me to update my ticket Monday if I haven't received my conversion.
  9. Alina Well-Known Player

    Just because you strongly hold DCUO in high regard doesn't make it superior. "Pros on UE3 >> noobs on UE4" Those videos are alpha footage. But I'd be wasting my time trying to explain that to a guy so loyally devoted to one dev studio that he is willing to demoralise another developing team by insinuating that their skills and talents are lesser because he is DCU fan. I get it you sunk lot of time & money I hope that $300 pays off.

    Being on a new updated engine means a lot. You saying it means nothing doesn't hold any weight.
  10. Alina Well-Known Player

    You should be glad it was removed after midnight. Spending $300 on 8 year old game is an awful lot of money that you could spend on something else. I have lifetime with Cryptic but it wasn't nearly as much as DCUO £237 offer and it will last me more that 3-4 years as isn't going to go away anytime soon because of new Trek shows.
  11. sharpy36 Active Player

    My latest:

    "Thank you for waiting on me to get back to you my friend. I checked out the account but I did not see a purchase of the Lifetime Membership on ---account name---. Sadly, we would not be able to grant Daybreak Cash in exchange for membership time without the purchase of the Lifetime Membership plan as described by Mepps. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I certainly hope it can be resolved soon. Take care and have a nice evening!"

    I bought lifetime the day the game came out. Mepps, can you please make sure this gets taken care of?
  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The Lifetime All Access Memberships have sold out. The 12 Month + Bonus are still available!
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  13. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    Could we get a UI redesign from the 1.2 million in new funds? ;)
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  14. Bladejack Level 30

    I had 6 months 2 weeks left of membership left and I got approx 8000 dbc right away when I got lifetime on PC
  15. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    I wouldn't hold your breath if I were you.
    IMO, City of Titans will never get finished unless it gets a REAL financial backer or bring in some people that really know what they are doing. Unless they miracled something out f thin air recently CoT has basically been in the same kickstarter and development phase for at least the last two to three years.
  16. speedster1981 Committed Player

    I couldn't afford any higher than $150 and in Canadian ps store the 1 yr sub is always $119 and reg price for 350 replays are $9 and the 40 stabilizers is normally around $35 to $40 in this sale the 350 replays are just over $3 and some change and the 40 stabilizers are $25 and some change. Like I said I didn't care about the Diamond Material or movement style or the artifact stuff lol simply because the material and movement style wouldn't match up with any of my characters and I like doing the artifact ranking the normal way lol I don't like buying my way up the artifact ranks which to me is the easy/lazy way lol
  17. Alina Well-Known Player

    I'd say the same for DCUO getting a new UI for PC.

    CoT been in development phase for 5 years just like how any other MMO would take. They have done better than most with what they have. I get people being cranky not getting a finished product. I wouldn't judge CoT when some people here are throwing ridiculous amount of money on a product that is nearly DECADE old with a questionable gaming history. The real miracle is if DCUO goes past 3 years for people to benefit from the non-refundable $300 they have spent.
  18. Jay Smeezy Dedicated Player and daybreak made 1.196 million in a few days, off of lifetime memerships alone!
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  19. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Lifetime wasn't offered to console, so I don't see how that affects Sony.
  20. Bzzzztt Active Player

    RE the 12 month + bonus offer: I'm currently on a recurring 1 year sub, purposely timed to renew right around the time our tax refund comes in. If I purchase the 12 month + bonus option, will that change the renewal date to December of every year, or will the new sub continue on after the current sub runs out, keeping my renewal schedule the same as it is now?
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