Daybreak Winter Extravaganza

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Dec 18, 2018.

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  1. Saami Loyal Player

    Where were these offers when DCUO was booming with players and other SOE/Daybreak games did better too? 4000 lifetimes would have sold in mere hours or even less. Now it takes several days :/
  2. speedster1981 Committed Player

    Is it me or is this 1 yr + bonus items for $149.99 only for Americans? I'm in Canada and my ps store has it for $199.99. I thought it was u.s ps4 server?
  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    If you're in Canada it auto converts the Canadian dollar to US dollar. You are paying the same price as the rest of us.
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  4. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

  5. speedster1981 Committed Player

    looks like I'm getting the normal 1yr membership or maybe I'll just get the 3 month and pre-order mk 11 since all I had enough psn cash for was $150 not gonna pay $204 bucks for a 1 yr sub costing $119.99 and for 350 replays that are on sale atm and 40 stabilizers which are the only 2 things I'd actually use. don't really care about the mat or the movement style or the artifact stuff.
  6. Sivulla Dedicated Player

    Im betting you would have bought atleast half of these back then.
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  7. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    So PC players are getting 249 Years for $300.
    Perhaps PS4 players could get 125 years for $150.
    Oh! Wait! They do offer 1 year for $149.99 plus a Material and other goodies!
    If it were for 2 years, I'd pick that up in a second.

    I'll take the 15k MPC that is a great deal.
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  8. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    Because SONY milked it for what it was worth and did little as possible to do things like this. You can think what you will about how things have gone but it was not until SONY spun off SOE and then the new owner brought in Jack Emmert that we started getting nice things. I will add that it helps that Jack Emmert is head of games for all of Daybreak now and not just over DCUO & Austin Studios.
  9. Alina Well-Known Player

    £237 for a lifetime subscription. For a limited time only? "Now through December 31. 2018, While supplies last** "But don't wait, because these WILL sell out.!" Really?

    Cryptic studios sell their lifetime memberships at least three or two times a year and their MMOS are 8 years old about the same age as DCUO? (don't know for sure) they sell theirs at 35% of the price (£158). I don't understand how it can run out. It is a virtual promotion and can be renewed at anytime. Nice marketing strategy though! But your mind tricks won't work on me.

    It's near Christmas as well and people have most likely spent like crazy. If these are 'sold out' I'd be surprised. Nor do I believe it won't come back again. I am going to risk not indulging and see what the future brings. City of Titans is coming close next year for a release.
  10. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Wouldn't the $119 yearly also adjust up if you are comparing apples to apples? So you would have been paying Canadian $161.82 for the year...not $119....vs $204, or as you stated $199 in the PS about $42 for the 'bonus' over regular membership. The 40 stabilizer pack is around $34 assuming US to Canadian as well....the replays are at least $6, so you are about even...ahead if you assign any value to the other stuff.

    I'm not trying to convince do as you please, but if you are doing dollar comparison you can't use US dollar on one and CAN dollar on the other to find the difference.

    Personally I did the math and found just counting the Artifact XP, replays and stabilizers $150 was the better deal if I were intending to buy they year again....if they had the same sale price of $80 like last year vs the $150 bundle, i'd have gone for the $80....but I'm sure that was DBG's thinking as well.

    I have asked myself if the $300 lifetime was available for PS4...would I get it vs the $120 or $150 bundle? Not sure I would or wouldn't...Guess we'll never know.

  11. Alina Well-Known Player

    Ah nm. They're including Everquest & Planet side. Not a good deal if you only play DCUO though.
  12. spack2k Steadfast Player

    Did u check the run animation? i had to LOL when i saw that an old game like dcuo is way superior...
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  13. Captain Video New Player

    Marketplace Cash may be on sale in the PS4 and XBox areas, but what about Daybreak Cash for PC Users? If I upgrade my all access to Lifetime will I get Daybreak cash on my PC, or is it just Marketplace cash for PS4/Xbox users?
  14. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    The addition of new movement styles to the marketplace caused me to realize what the next mega capsule style will be: power set movement styles. For example ice trail, fire trail etc. Green & Yellow are already on the marketplace, so maybe they'll make a slightly different trail for Hard Light, or use some of the other Lantern Corps (violet, black, etc.) For Rage it'll be a blood trail instead of lightstream.
  15. Alina Well-Known Player

    Link? I wouldn't call DCUO superior. It is clearly showing its age. I am waiting for the devs updated skins they were in the works of making. CoT isn't in a playable stage yet but the costume system is already leaps ahead of DCUO. FYI they are both using the same engine by the way.

    I have seen their alpha combat animations and they look really nice. Have to remember all their assets are pre-alpha. Speaking of run/walk animations doesn't DCUO have walk/run animation [serious personality] that makes the woman look like they have a stick up their butt?

    DCUO - Unreal Engine 3
    CoT - Unreal Engine 3 moved to Unreal Engine 4
  16. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    In their current state, it would be a borderline closed Alpha / Beta. Out of all the spiritual successor for City of Heroes, the one leading the pack would be Ship of Heroes. And they're not that great either in terms of Art direction and animation/rigging.
  17. Alina Well-Known Player

    SoH looks too much like a showcase. They are newest entry to the successors of CoH. The rest have had 5 years of building a infrastructure. SoH is using pre-built assets and plugins. They have still yet to build their own art assets. Most people that are moaning that they haven't got playable physical copy have jumped ship to SoH (unintended pun) and think they are overly praising SoH because they gave them instant access to a unfinished Alpha that may not reflect what the game will become.

    I am not sold on the spaceship world setting either but hey that is in my opinion.

    My mistake on CoT release (I should have said kick starter alpha & it is only character creation/chat). CoT is going to be in kick starter hands and it will be the character creation only with maybe a live chat in-game (no quests). So nothing to get excited about yet anyways.
  18. Magnificent Loyal Player

    USPC, bought the Lifetime membership but do not have an option for the 15k SC. :(
  19. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Nevermind, I just realized PC isn't eligible for this :(
  20. Alina Well-Known Player

    Always read and research what you're buying before purchasing.
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