Downtime Daybreak Server Maintenance and Gift

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Feb 14, 2023.

  1. Hudson198413 New Player

    Can I ask why your thanking mepps?? Wat has he done nothin
  2. Nature Active Player

    seen 4 hour downtime seemed to change to 6 hours been 6 hours already any updates on when servers will be back up ??????
  3. Hudson198413 New Player

    Mate always extends over what they say they should say down for 10 hours then if up after 6 every ones happy lol
  4. Nature Active Player

    mepps update ?
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  5. FluffyCloud99 Well-Known Player

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  6. Hudson198413 New Player

    Time is precious lol
  7. FluffyCloud99 Well-Known Player

    Then why you waste it playing a game? ;)
    You have plenty of time to kill if thats the case
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  8. 0xDJBx0 Active Player

    Well, maybe the comment was more of a spoiler than a prediction ???
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  9. Gamma Lantern Committed Player

    Haha can’t say I would be surprised
  10. ThePanda Active Player

    Mate are you serious? A Game from 2011 doesn't have the same graphical advances as a game that came out on a next generation console?

    Also, from another of your posts, it says "New Player" here cause you have like 10 messages.. this fourm is not the game, it doesn't care what level or sp you are, the more you interact and communicate with others, the more you level up here.
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  11. Dirt Nasty New Player

    I just wanna spend my 25 bucks on stuff ingameXD
  12. kurtkokain New Player

    How much longer? :D
  13. Nature Active Player

    update ?
  14. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    He started this thread, for one thing, so people have a place to come and whine. And whine. And whine...
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  15. Dirt Nasty New Player

    Dangit my ADHD is driving me up the wall, I wanna playXD
  16. Eve YouTuber

    You're not allowed to thank Mepps for keeping us updated sir!! ;)
  17. Hashy New Player

    Does anyone know an estimated time that the servers are going to be up?
  18. Ominous Din New Player

    Can all you people that are waiting for server to go up, head over to Bug reports and upvote the one where Face & Waist styles missing. Been happening for over 2 years
  19. Stoopid Witch New Player

    150 replay badges ;)
  20. Dirt Nasty New Player

    Hey!! I resemble that commentXD