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  1. Synisterstrike Active Player

    That's a fair point. Still doesn't stop me from being a dreamer lol. I will continue to enjoy this game as long as I can. :D
  2. tukuan Devoted Player

    True that Darkseid is not much of the mentor type but by the same logic is the Joker?

    That said it's a more or less a moot point as mentors are pretty much inconsequential once you hit lvl 30.
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  3. nanoUSB Well-Known Player

    I always found the categories a little strange to be honest, at least without a very few exclusions here and there. Tech-mentored Sorcery toons, Magic-mentored Gadgets or Munitions toons, while Meta seems to be a catch-all.

    While it's 10+ years too late, I think it would have made more sense to divide it by movement mode with some clever lore to veil it a little, since that'd fit more nicely as compared to now, with 2 fliers and an acrobat on each side.
  4. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    The Joker has his moments where he takes a liking to someone and takes them under his wing. Granted, it's usually not the healthiest of relationships and there's always (and I do mean ALWAYS) the risk and fear of him deciding it'd be funnier if you weren't breathing anymore but there is precedence for that.
  5. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    yea no... darkseid like the first reply after your post. he is a omega level villain no pun intended, he is against EVERYTHING. just because he is a bad guy doesn't mean he isn't on the side of villains, this guy is a *****, i mean, he is worse then thanos. i know alot of people dont like the comparison but. im sure lots of people that play dcuo dont know the Lore to deep but , to put it in a way everyone can understand, Thanos, has a heart, he truly feels like he was doing the universe a service, now on DC villains, Sinestro truly believes all soldiers and lanterns should be militant and have no fear and not let weakness through, but he has a conscience, he will work will the other lantern corps if there is a thanos or darkseid level threat,

    even lex, joker , he is chaos but. he does work with batman when the chips are down, and like were gonna see in the Snyder cut WOOOOOH, anyway, Darkseid could not Be a mentor, he would soon Throw your character into a Degeneration parademon pod to make you his slave rather then send you on missions, there are certain , VERY SMALL like brainiac at full power , but he even minipulated the JL to use brainiac after they defeated him, he is not a good guy in any sort, hes not a bad guy , he is just Terror, death, anti life, in carnet, he wants to build a castle on the universe and every planet terraformed of bone and fire to his planet like apokolips , thats just how he is, and his allies are slaves to him, the only way we would see it in DCUO is if, they had a anniversary type even , an anomoly or another universes version of Darkseid , or uksas where we would help him out for a couple missions/ raid. that is it.

    and as far as this , never ever , we barely can use the negative speedforce as a aura/material yet, and omega beams are to unique to give to players, and too powerful. you have to keep the game grounded to the canon at most points, or its just mortal kombat ridiculous
    Omega Effect! We currently have two heat vision powers related to two artifacts, Solar Amplifier and Computo Redistributor. Why not have a tray ability giving you the Omega Beams?
  6. catplaysxoxo Well-Known Player

    I'm well aware of Darkseid and his role in the multiverse. He has many servants such as the Fatal Furies, Granny Goodness and Kalibak. We have missions where we work with Mantis and Kalibak, taking mission orders from Darkseid would make me feel like a "true villain". Perhaps Darkseid as a mentor does sound too farfetched. I mean, I would like the idea of starting off on Apocalypse instead of in Metropolis or Gotham. The equivalent being at New Genesis for heroes. I can name a few people in the comics who can use the Omega Beams. We have many canon iconic powers such as Shazam, Heat Vision, Frost Breath and two artifacts that revolve around Heat Vision, Solar Amplifier making Heat Vision stronger, Disruptor Ray which shoots out like a Heat Vision. I only used simple logic as a focal point for us to have something similar for an Omega Beam.
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  7. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    well i know they always do they say they cant do in the past. one of the things was new starting cities. or main cities. i would love to see apokolips proper done in this game. we got the new gods area which is MEh, but yea i legion 31st size apololips would be awesome but.. there really isn't much there but a raid, if they could build a story for a reason we need to even be running quests out of it, that would be awesome, but lakes of fire, and assimilation / death and pure torture sounds like a metal place to go and as a villain i would like it , im kinda torn on if it should just be a huge raid or a city , and as i said if it would even be a story that would either ruin the darkness of it or if they do it right it could work.. why as players are we there? what story line do 100s of strangers get free passage to darkseids palace and land without being attacked?
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  8. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    every time i level a character with joker as my mentor, you just play it as he is, he uses everyone. and u can't really think of him as a mentor but yea its funny, but he screws you over a couple times in the story, so it is made to work.
  9. Dark warlorck Active Player

    Darkseid as a new mentor but you are crazy !!! We are talking about a being of disproportionate wickedness who seeks to submit every individual to his will. Even our three current evil mentors don't have Darkseid's cruelty, instead of seeing him as a mentor you should mostly think of him as a master and he see us as those slaves.
  10. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Honestly I think Darkseid is more likely to not even acknowledge us at all. He barely seems to pay attention to (or even care about) those under his command and rule.
  11. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    It is always a challenge to create narratives on the villain side that make sense and don’t directly contrast previous DCUO canon. The whole “everybody working together for a common goal” thing doesn’t really jive with a lot of the iconic villian’s MO. Many of them have other villains that they hate just as much as they hate heroes. When collaborations and teamups do happen it’s usually quite touchy and temporary. Darkseid would probably be at or near the top of the list of villains that would present the most challenge for putting them in to a collaboratory role without contrasting their personality and canon.

    As for the whole mentor system, I do wish it was worked in to the game a little more, even if just cosmetically. For example, the pet summoned by The Grimorium artifact could have a different skin based on whether you are tech, magic or meta but still perform exactly the same. Stuff like that would be really cool and if just cosmetic wouldn’t utilize a ton of extra developer time.
  12. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    One of the first things taught in any intro to business course is that the cost of customer retention is far below the cost of customer acquisition in a per customer basis. Obviously it’s almost never a good idea to completely ignore growth potential and strategies. But in terms of maintaining long term profitability, customer retention should almost always take priority.
  13. Dark warlorck Active Player

    If you read the current comics you should know that the DC Universe has restarted again and now the Batman Who Laughs and the Dark Multiverse have been defeated. Darkseid has just reclaimed his title of Ultimate Villain, sorry for the spoils but his first act to announce his return was to destroy Quintessence (Divine Representatives of the Multiverse). So I think that with the danger he represents it is impossible for him to become a mentor knowing his contempt for free individuals.
  14. Dark warlorck Active Player

    Darkseid is also the main antagonist of the new version of the film "Justice League" which will be released in a few weeks. Considering his importance this year and that he's once again become DC Comics' main villain since the defeat of The Batman Who Laughs, it makes sense that Darkseid would get higher prominence in this game, for example by taking Brainiac's place and becoming him. even the big bad of the game with the addition of the planet Apokolips as a new open world.
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  15. Mentaldope40 Well-Known Player

    Well in that interview I believed one of the Developers had stated they wanted to revisit the open world and non-instanced sections of the game. "Fingers Crossed"
  16. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    I loved working for Darkside's Elite in Halls of Power 1 and 2. I was crushed that we had to fight him and not Highfather. I think its time for him to return, but I really admire the game developers for not constantly going to Darkseid. They have done a good job of giving us tons of villains to fight. I thought his inclusion in Wonderverse was nice, but I am ready for his return. My guess is he will be the April DLC seeing how the devs are good at timing to what movies or tv shows are being released.

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