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  1. catplaysxoxo Well-Known Player

    Call me crazy but wouldn't it be awesome for villains to have Darkseid as a mentor? It can open a lot of stories especially since he can make parademons from exobyte civilians. There's a lot more heroes than villains, this could also increase villain population.

    Omega Effect! We currently have two heat vision powers related to two artifacts, Solar Amplifier and Computo Redistributor. Why not have a tray ability giving you the Omega Beams?

    Darkseid War! Open world content let's go!! Sure Anti-Monitor is cool as an anniversary event but there's a lot of comics of Darkseid invading earth and recent animated movies.
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  2. Jaelia Well-Known Player

    I feel like Darkseid is against everyone in my opinion not like Circe joker or lex where as they need other villains help. Darkseid is like ok you don’t wanna help you die. None the less I’m all for new mentors that’d be pretty cool but I highly doubt they’ll add anything like that at this point in the game.
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  3. Myphisto New Player

  4. myandria Loyal Player

    Agreed. Darkseid doesn't want to "mentor" anyone; he ain't got time for that.

    Granny Goodness would LOVE to torture mentor new recruits for Darkseid's cause; she would be the better choice IF this game opened up mentors of other galaxies/realities.
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  5. catplaysxoxo Well-Known Player

    Having Darkseid as a mentor would honestly feel more villainous than having Calculator talk to you all the time. But since the villain side deals with the legion of the doom I see the point. Darkseid though is always looking for new warriors for his army. Granny Goodness can be Calculator replacement.
  6. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    What's the point of adding new mentors at this point in the game? What purpose would they serve other than just being a different face telling you what to do? Adding new mentors also means adding new starter missions, otherwise what's the point? And since the "real game" starts after the 1-30 leveling missions, what value would this add???

    These kinds of ideas might've been good back when the game started, but at this point it just doesn't make any sense. Since things are changing around here apparently, it would seem better to shift ideas towards making endgame more engaging for players (once you level up your characters, those early missions won't see much use), and expanded customization...if Panderus is open to Gender Change Tokens, why not customizable sidekicks, new iconic powers, more movement mode skins, actual skins (we REALLY need new Tattoo skin styles), and so on.

    I don't know...just seems pointless to add new mentors unless they'll continue to be useful beyond the early leveling missions. That's development time that could be better spent on things people will get more use out of.
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  7. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    This would be a welcome addition for a sequel. But for a sequel I would rather prefer they remove mentorship and the beginner storylines be unique to your powerset choice. For example if you selected Sorcery your missions from levels 1-30 revolve around similar iconic characters in that theme.
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  8. catplaysxoxo Well-Known Player

    More story, literally any iconic character can be a mentor. Villains just need more love than heroes apparently from the recent statistics. This game is free to play, mentors do a lot in those moments.
    I like the idea and that would be a ton of unique storylines from the amount of powersets we have, two of which being lantern powers.
  9. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    As much as I'd love new levels and mentors, I don't think (But I might be wrong) that they will add new mentors in the current state of the game. Because we are long past mentors now. Our mentors stopped matter after level 30, sadly. So adding new ones means just new leveling missions basically and they will mean nothing after it.

    Before we add something, maybe they need to bring meaning again to Mentor system. But that's just what I think, I can't speak for the Devs.
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  10. antipseudo Committed Player

    For the 10 years, I was hoping for something with Darkseid and the jusTice league, unfortunately, it was not to be :(

    Darkseid is a kind of supreme being who doesn't need anything unless he decides to use someone, but with a very precise objective.

    It's the Thanos of DC.
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  11. Controller Loyal Player

    "I can't believe he's blood."

    "I told you once, Superman - If you would not be my knight then you will be my pawn."

    "I am many things, Kal-El - you couldn't begin to imagine half of them, but for now I shall take the role of executioner."

    "A final gift, my wayward son."

    "A fast death, infinitely preferable to the shame of returning to Earth. There, your legacy would be one of fear and distrust, a pariah desperately chasing the favor of a world that cursed your name."

    "Had I known one human's death would pain you so I'd kill more - and kill more I shall! Take that agony with you to OBLIVION, Superman!"

    "I am many things, Kal-El - but here I am God."

    Has there been "ANY" Hero OR Villain - in Detective Comics OR Marvel - with LINES like that?? Thanos was "OK" but NOTHING like Darkseid.

    Darkseid is like a Villainous Shakespeare. He needs to mentor THANOS.

    Love ya, Michael Ironside. IMO the BEST Darkseid voice EVER.

    Having him in DCUO as a MENTOR would be quite the challenge. I'd have to create my first villain if they did this.

  12. Synisterstrike Active Player

    I, like many others here agree that it would be a cool idea to implement. As Zoe said, on order for it to matter, the mentor system would need to be overhauled.

    I also like the idea that Lorax had with storylines based on iconics with your specific power set (or similar).

    In my opinion, the whole dlc structure would have to change. This is something that would definitely be a sequel idea (or another game altogether). As you progress, you'd be given specific missions from your mentor. Your initial starting location would based on their lore. For example, if let's say Darkseid is your mentor, you would start out assaulting new genesis. Your leveling missions would be there. Anyone gotham related would obviously be in gotham (bats, joker, bane, catwoman, etc). But each would need their own story arch for leveling.

    Once you're past the "training missions", you would unlock new places to attack or save depending on your morality. Admittedly, that's what we have now, but it's so generic in my opinion.

    The opportunity to be an antihero should be present too in my opinion..or a merc for hire (think deathstroke)... Only out for yourself.

    For example, right now.. leveling missions are like "go to metro" and the "go to gotham". It's rather annoying to me. If I'm superman mentored, why am I going to gotham? Gotham has bats and the bat family.. metropolis needs us.

    All of this sounds great on paper to me..but the implementation is definitely tricky. Hopefully what I said makes sense. If I'm derailing this convo... please let me know.
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  13. Controller Loyal Player

    I also think Bruno Manheim could play a part in this as well - since he's an arms peddler for Apokoliptian weapons on Earth and has been linked to Darkseid.
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  14. myandria Loyal Player



    I agree that the mentor system in this game needs a fresh coat of paint.

    I think it would be great if we could level up our characters first before officially work with a mentor. For example, players should be able to choose any and all leveling missions available for their morality, regardless of power origin until they get to the level of meeting and directly work with a mentor (I suggest CR 62-65).This way, players can play lower level content longer because they would have access to all of them and it would be much easier to get those feats without having to create another character simply for the power origin mission feats/collections/briefings.

    Heroes/Villains having to prove themselves BEFORE working with a mentor seems more logical.

    As far as my suggestion of Granny Goodness being a villain mentor, I think she should be reserved for CR 300+ villains, as her training methods are not "traditional" and low level participants would have a high chance of not surviving. Just sayin' ;)
  15. kingmonkey Level 30

    Remember that, from a business standpoint, the game needs to bring in new players, as many and as often as possible. Focusing on end-level players helps to maintain the customer base (ideally of paying subscribers), but any effort to make entering the game more appealing serves to bring new activity into the game.

    If new mentors could pull new players in, it could be worthwhile. Those of us at CR300-plus need to remember that we are cannot be the sole focus of the developers.

    Granted, if mentors could be made meaningful to higher levels of play, that would be nice, too. If, instead of heroes and villains doing the same dang missions in recent chapters, the dailies could even be reflavoured for the different metatypes or mentors, that might be nice. Perhaps in 31st C New Earth, Sorcery-types are dealing with wild magic, Tech-types are dealing with androids, etc. Mind you, that would mean that they'd need to program more dailies, or something.
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  16. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Oh, so you want to pretend that Halls of Power 1 & 2 and its conclusion in Darkseid's War Factory didn't happen??? o_O

    Also, I love Marvel big time...but you need to get some facts straight: Thanos is the Darkseid of Marvel. In other words Darkseid came first (he only predates him in cinematic appearance).
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  17. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    What you're describing here sounds like good ideas...for a brand new game, not one that has been going on for 10 years now. What works for comic books won't necessarily work for an ongoing live service video game.
  18. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Only by a couple of years, though. 1970/1971 for Darkseid (cameo appearance first and full intro the next year) while Thanos came along in 1973. That's close enough (I think) to call them contemporaries of one another, especially when they were rolled together for the Amalgam Universe.


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  19. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    I'd question how much mentors would actually do for that, though. They could have the most compelling content and the best voice actors around but when it comes to a super hero game, I think players just want to play the hero more than play the villain.

    Sure, playing the villain is great, especially considering they're the ones who usually get to not only chew on the scenery but get to take huge bites out of it and spit it out with glee. LOL But I think it just comes down to personal preferences, and from the looks of it more people want to be the good guy, even if they name themselves something like "xXDeath Dealer4219Xx" when given the chance.


    Dang it all, now I want to try and create a character with that name JUST to see if that name had actually been used by someone. :D
  20. catplaysxoxo Well-Known Player

    Yeah I get you. It makes sense people just want to play a hero more, it's natural.

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