Danny Trejo as Lobo?

Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by TheDarknessWithin, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    Sure he'll need abit of CGI work, but his voice, look and attitude would make an awesome real life Lobo as a brief appearance in a movie.





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  2. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    No, Lobo should play Danny Trejo :p

    Hmm, 'Trejo' doesn't have that squiggly line under it, does that mean it has a real meaning? Like "Super Coolest"?
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  3. BernUnit81 Devoted Player

    I fully support Trejo playing Lobo!!!
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  4. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    That is one awesome photoshop, where did you get that?
  5. BernUnit81 Devoted Player

    Searched "Danny Trejo Lobo" on google images
  6. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    Lol, I never knew people would of had the same idea :p
  7. Faust74 Loyal Player

    10 years ago I would have agreed, but he is looking too old and pudgy nowadays.

    My first choice would be Jason Momoa, but he is already cast as Aquaman.

    My second choice would be Joe Manganieloo.
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  8. SuperSoldier Devoted Player

    I agree 10 years ago and this would of been a nice outside the box casting, but I think that window of time has passed. But the OP did say for a brief appearance, so it could still work if they don't plan on using making his own movie.
  9. The Quickster Well-Known Player

    Yeah Danny Trejo is cool but he's getting up there in age but then again he has his own ongoing action franchise as far as i know. He would make a badass cameo though.
  10. BernUnit81 Devoted Player

    I could also see Jeffery Dean Morgan filling the role too
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  11. Remander Steadfast Player

    As much as I think he looks the part, Trejo is 71 years old and only 5'6". Need someone a little more physically menacing.
  12. Remander Steadfast Player

    That I can see.
  13. SuperSoldier Devoted Player

    But he's already been the Comedian (The Watchmen), Clay (The Losers), and more importantly he's playing Thomas Wayne (Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice). So I don't think he will be back in the DC cinematic universe anytime soon.:(
  14. montazumas revenge Devoted Player

    When I see Danny, I just think "hola dea "
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  15. SuperSoldier Devoted Player

  16. Remander Steadfast Player

    Well, TBH, I don't see a Lobo movie anytime soon, if ever.

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