Damn Devs !

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  1. Ringz Dedicated Player

    I must say..

    I was hearing good things from the test server about this DLC, Im glad to echo that same vibe from Live. Very well made DLC. From Intro story all the way through to The Machine raid, has been a very pleasurable day 1 experience.

    Open world mission is okay. My favorite from it so far has to be the Giant Robot that attacks the tower. Seeing a crowd of people gather to fight him in that open area is really a sight see to enjoy and experience. I just only wish when he ran off he didn't reset. Would've been a nice chase around if we had to follow him in that open world. I also REALLY appreciate you guys dropping those "Kill X" missions. Im glad that was traded for instance content.

    Duo was whatever. Alert was excellent. The raids(normal experience only) have been a blast. When I was running the raids, I swore I thought I was playing a different mmo. You can feel the creativity in the mechanics in these raids from the tera boss fight and The Machine many phase. When I saw those tornado's spiraling across the room I was like "Okay DCUO ;)", then later on when they started intertwining with each other forcing you to manuevur around them WHILE also avoiding the strafing runs, I was like "DAMN :eek:! Am I playing FFFXIV right now?". You guys really killed it in the raids.The right amount of challenge for a normal raid, and I can imagine elite.

    You guys should be pushing out quality content like this from now on. We should never have to go through; Gotham War brokenness, Earth 3 press a button and win, and Starro at first an event but now a dlc, types of content to finally reach something high tier quality level. Especially if you want us to participate in your new monetization schemes, then you first make the core game worth it to assure us players that the monetizing is going somewhere right. Thats how you will get my sub.

    You'll 100% gurantee breakthrough successfully get my sub if you fix pvp. Cmon, rifle full combo 5 tap uninterruptible. Surely even you guys spider web of a code can fix that.

    ANYWAYS. Besides stiff animations even for a cartoon style and Damien bootleg face, Very Well Done DLC !
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  2. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Voice actor for Starfire sucks though, sorry had to say it. Was an ear sore listening to
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  3. Yes We Can Active Player

    Pfft. We need to turn the clock back 4.5 years and then the fun can commence. This grind and capsule crap is awful. Content too easy, no controllers, no unique tanks, no hybrid only, and those &&):&/‘ time capsules and artifacts that are a poor mans fix for the revamp.
  4. Ringz Dedicated Player

    I was too busy talking spit about Damien face to notice her VA. I did hear terra scream though. That riled me up a little.
  5. The THlNG Active Player

    I totally agree. I probably sub 1 month per year for the last few years just for member appreciation-type weeks and after this DLC I kind of feel like maintaining my sub. I've been lowkey pleasantly surprised the last few months starting with style unlocks. Well done, devs. Hope you all keep up the good work.
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  6. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Thats what influence me to make this thread actually.

    I could almost revision myself playing old dcuo again. Its a new time and new age now so Its almost impossible at this point to ask for old like style dcuo, but even so I enjoyed what this dlc did and it did reminisce me on how much fun this game could be.

    Even if later on I learn the mechanics and get better gear, I was still able to slightly taste the good times of playing dcuo. This quality of content was long overdue.
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  7. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Agreed, but I'm not holding my breath just yet. We said the same thing about AF 2 and shortly after that came HoP 2 and monthly content. Same with DWF, and shortly after that came KCT. If the next dlc keeps this same quality, then i'll start to be swayed.
  8. Ringz Dedicated Player

    I think its dangerously worth the sub. I say dangerously because I don't know what they have plan next and usually after my pve runs I like to do pvp to end the night but you know where that is.

    Like planet patrol sang "Play at your own risk".
  9. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Same boat.

    Thats why I wanted to emphasize on this apparent pattern of a few mediocre dlcs, then release a killer one, then back to the cycle.

    I know not everything can be a hit, but you can tell which dlc was made out of love and which dlcs were made to meet a quota.
  10. XEMD Well-Known Player

    Just got done doing everything except the last raid, and here are my thoughts.

    This is by the far, the best DLC i've ever played. I loved playing with the titans and seeing all this content. Raids were awesome and stuff.

    Titans tower is so cool as well,I've been trying to find the collections and ****,I've managed to complete 3 out of however many of these collections and investigations. I got the Hive Master Shoulders/Head piece earlier today. And let me just say, there are a ton of of the briefings to go looking for at Titans Tower

    Second thing I'd like to say, I did notice one bug where the mammoth in the alert was glitched still.

    Third thing, I have never seen so many people try to kill a bounty before,like it was insane seeing so many people tryin to kill the Giant Robot.

    All in all, this is by far a 10/10 DLC for me,I've got a lot of content to explore myself still and I'm excited to explore.

    Oh and the new augment stuff is so much better!

    Great job devs. You killed it.
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  11. Coelha Well-Known Player

    The episode is fun, the art is amazing and the raid mechanics are cool.

    It's a lot better than the last 4 ones we got, BUT, it's far far away from being AF2 level and it'll probably end like every other episode, meaningless, you farm farm farm just to farm again.

    I miss having something to do in-between a episode and the other (cough SM cough), I'm sure many other players too. I hope they can find something to fill that (cough SM cough), doomsday celebration was a start but mehhhh, it ended up being just base item/style farming like seasonals nothing that made our elite/OP gear worth it (I know it's not what they wanted to do in the first place, but still)...

    Augments are nice and better than mods (at least for now), but they are a bit far away from being the system I wanted, for example, today I wanted to try a might loadout, but since my augments are prec, I can't do that and get the expected results, we had the same problem with mods and I hope they can do something to give us more flexibility in the future.

    They have done some pretty good things but if they keep at this rate I'm not sure the game will be able to grow, some updates and the fail of the revamp left us in a bad spot, to get out of it the devs will need to bring things out of their hats (like augments, but there's still a lot more to be done), I really doubt the game will be able to keep up if they do only the basics.
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  12. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Am I the only one who expected a totally different kind of thread here? Lol.
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  13. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    With Ringz usual comments.. no you weren't lol.

    He's right though, a breath of fresh air
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  14. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    Starfire is way too over dressed too. Where is this Starfire:

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  15. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    It's 2018, I'm sure her lack of clothing offended someone
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  16. calvin_0 Dedicated Player

    I dont like this event... there is only 2 mission to solo... there is so little things to do... this episode is too much multiplayer focus for me to enjoy....

    also, Starfire look kind wierd..
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  17. stärnbock Devoted Player

    whats that voice of terra actually? she seems to get realy annoying realy fast too, but the strange change in tone in the HIVE raid leads me to believe the voice actress didn't realy know exactly what was going on at all and a random sample of diffenrent out takes was put together... seriously: "he sayd. he sayd. HE SAYD!" was a bit off allready, but then that screaming out of nowhere... somehow... idkr?
  18. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    I enjoyed the DLC as well.... I think my favorite "surprise" was during the battle with Tera when I activated my Orbital Strike and in BIG RED letters I was informed Tera had activated a Volcanic eruption to nullify it. And before the BS starts YES I know that is not the exact wording but in all the years since the utility belts and orbital strike have been available THAT is the first time I ever saw them specifically come out with a counter move to limit the effect that blast has on its target. LOL NOW to me the reaction was "OH COOL!" But I can just imagine some guy at home in front of his console or PC screaming blood murder :mad: "WHAT the heck do you mean you can't do that!" Ummm Yes they can :p
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  19. Ekart Committed Player

    It's the same voice actor as for Supergirl. Samo voice, zero change.
  20. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    Well, I’m happy everyone else is enjoying it. No, really, I am. But any chance of a little help for someone who had a dreadful first night, anyone? :(
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