Damage = Time Spent

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Aggro, May 1, 2017.

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    ALL Powers Suffer from Damage = Time Spent, some more then others and that's where you get "TOP dps Status" Despite the power costs.

    The MAJOR notice, that any tester can point out this issue is on the weapons, even with the buff. The playstyle doesn't exist.

    Cooldowns, Channels, Dovetails, Supercharge Cooldowns, Animation times, Length of combos are not being accounted for.

    • Flip slash on live is totally worth every tap and hold.
    • Flip slash on test? Well another combo, I wouldn't use
    • FireBurst on test, about 13k plus channel.
    • Wildfire on test, about the same 13k no channel.
    • RumbleCrush 3s cooldown around 10k crit
    • Stone instant cooldown 25k crit
    • Solar Flare, honestly compared to any tap holds, holds hold weapon mastery, why spend the extra sp?

      These are just example's of some but all powers have a few power moves that people won't use, or won't even pay 10$ to switch too cause it has too many.

      At the state of revamp 1.6, some powers that don't suffer as much are keeping up more then others.