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    I don't understand where your information is coming from?

    The Booster Bundle that had the highly sought Shaded Comic Material released on November 2021. So acting like this Booster Bundle was more late than others makes zero sense.

    The other thing I don't understand is the logic. Nobody tricked themselves into thinking that something that wasn't there last year will be here this year, but "expectations" were high? Those two cannot coexist. If you're offended by the word tricked then I apologise, its just a common phrase for how the mind works, but you can't say people didn't "tell themselves" there'd be Replays in this, and in the next line immediately say they "told themselves" there was a high chance there would be. They're opposing ideas. Only one of them can be true. Could you clarify which one?
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    Right. The Spring Sale. Which is likely the one and only time of the year when Replays are rostered to be on sale. Why are we moving from Black Friday to a Spring Sale here? I've never claimed that they'll never have Replays on sale ever again, I'm saying there's a fairly easy pattern to see and that's why they're not on sale right now.

    Content worries/problems/issues is a whole other can of worms to be honest. Best we don't open that one. It's a 12yr game, there's plenty to do. I literally just got out of an Ace Chemicals Alert from omnibus there and I honestly can't remember the last time I did that alert. It was fun and a bit nostalgic. But let's get the lid back on that can.
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    Wow, OK, couple of things to address there. I'll try to do it as politely as possible though:

    - It's a bit odd for you to be accusing someone of "being a casual", or even accusing anyone of anything, when you send 2 replies instead of just editing your first reply like a normal player would. The words Hypocrisy and Projection Spring to mind.

    - Enlighten us. What do I work as, and what is my position in my Job? You'd have to know of course because you've made the silly mistake of claiming you know what experience I have/have not. I give full permission and consent by the way. It's OK for you to reveal what my job is to the forum community.

    - I'm going to give you some genuine advice. And I mean genuine. It's not condescension, it's not Mr Know-it-all, it's not Mansplaining, it's advice from one peer to another. The Argument "You don't know what their income is" is a very, very bad point to try to bring up. Literally because it only ever requires one rebuttal that you cannot possibly come back from; Right, but neither do you.
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    I am speaking about the "current" booster bundle which is in the Marketplace right now and it is offering those new skins, new chromas and the lantern accessories. All Booster Bundles offer 150 replay badges, so why would the devs put the replay badges on sale at the same time a Booster Bundle is available. I am saying it is a bit late because the previous times when replay badges were on sale around Thanksgiving/Black Friday, no Booster Bundles were offered; usually they are offered earlier in the year.

    EDIT: Here is the link to the current Booster Bundle:
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    I'm aware of the bundle. Has the 2 skins that barely anyone is wearing yet folks have them priced ridiculously high. Dcuo greed strikes again.

    The question I was asking was about the logic behind your conclusion. Let me clarify it a bit more as I may have overcomplicated it with how I've worded it previously.

    - You stated that the reason Replays may not be in this sale is because the Current Booster Bundle is still available, which contains 150 Replays per Bundle.

    - Last year's Black Friday/Cyber Monday had exactly 0 Replay badges available in it. That year also saw a Booster Bundle in November, meaning this is not the first time a Bundle has been available at the same time as the BF/CM sale, something you alluded to earlier.

    - The logic falls apart like a wet cake when you look at the History of Booster Bundles. Over the Years they've switched from Mid Year to End of Year. Mid being around May/June/July, and End being mostly December. The reason the logic of your theory falls apart is because, as mentioned by someone else in the Thread, past Winter Sales have included Replay Badges. As just one example, a Booster Bundle ran from December 10th 2020, to Jan 6th 2021. The Winter Sale ran from December 24th 2020 to Jan 3rd or 4th 2021 (can't remember exact end date tbh). In other words, the thing your theory completely depends on, already has happened. And its happened multiple years. A Booster Bundle with Replays, and Replays along with other stuff 50% off.

    That's why I've been asking where the information was coming from? If it's just a genuine mistake then fairs fair, we all make them. I'm not here to rub it in, I'm just genuinely curious where the idea of "Booster Bundles can never coincide with Replay Sales" came from is all?
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    Marketing Exec - “I have some suggestions on how we can make more money”

    CEO - “No, Amber. No. We’ve made enough.”
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    Such arguing. This thread could really use relationship counselor Cyborg! :p

    In all seriousness, though, this really doesn't need to be a big argument and I doubt anyone's gonna convince anyone, so i think it might be good to move on from the fruitless argument. Not that I discourage discussions or debates. In fact, I encourage it within reason. But IMHO, I don't see this one going anywhere and it's just gonna cause a lot of frustration. Feel free to prove that wrong, though. Just personal advice. No one has to take it and for all I know this could go somewhere. This is just my 2 cents.
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    Every point I said could have been countered but you want to prolong it and you've missed your own points. The point is to make a good argument about not having replay badges or other stuff for sale. What you do for work? Nobody cares, unless it's similar to owning a game company that way you can defend your earlier statement.

    If you're not a casual then you'd understand that it's not free too play. So you're a casual. What's so accusing of me saying it?
    Very nice that you point out that I answered for two different topics with two replies, very enlightening.

    It wasn't even a point I was trying to bring up about their income but solidify the fact that they can put other stuff on sale and still have an income to run their business like usual.

    What advice? That's not an advice to begin with.
  9. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    Some of us heard you!

    I wasn't going to buy anything, but a half-price Superman ally for my tank was pretty good. I get enough ally favour in gameplay tho') Still saving for when replay badges go on sale (and avoiding the pointless arguing).
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  10. GabeKnowBest Level 30

    Optimism is key, I mean we have another sale coming in a just few weeks for Christmas, followed by the anniversary event where we receive stuff. Coming from a day one they have been pretty generous lately. In a business you can’t please everyone, we just received a augment x2 and we got a artifact sale before a x2 artifact that’s really good for a lot of players. If you didn’t get what you was looking for in this past sale look towards that one coming later this month.
  11. phill132 Level 30

    I actually hate myself for not checking the forums to see if there was a sale. I would've bought an ally and some artifact xp. This sale would've been really good for me, and I would've spent a lot. Please don't listen to the haters, and please have this sale again so I can participate. P.S. - If you feel like extending the sale or doing it again as a Christmas present, I will be very appreciative. Thank you.
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  12. myandria Item Storage


    The sales period(s) you are referring to happened during the main part of the pandemic; there were a lot of extra discounts and sales then. 2021-2022 has seen a slow return to the norm, of how sales used to be before the pandemic, so I am basing my opinions upon that. The sales and special events that happened during the pandemic should not be relied upon to return in the near future unless we have another global pandemic. It is not surprising to me that the devs would want to go back to the sales formulas that have been useful and stable.

    Spreading out sales makes sense, especially in financially lean times such as this one; overwhelm customers with sales for one time period and they will less likely have the funds for the next one. It will be interesting to see how the Winter Sale and the Anniversary Event will perform this time around.

    As far as this Cyborg sales go, it is a one and done deal; not worthy or enough time for a replay badge sale in my opinion.
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    My request from the management team. If EU and US Server can be merged, please do it URGENTLY.

    Yönetim ekibinden ricamdır. Eğer EU ve US Server birleştirme yapılabiliyorsa ACİL olarak yapılsın lütfen.
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    You're 100% correct, the time period mentioned is when the world realised it was 6 months late with prep for the Pandemic. You're also very much correct about DCUO extras. Instead of randomised "Bonus Weeks" they put effort into making sure there was a Bonus every week. On top of that they did indeed have a few randomised sales added in too. Everything about what you said is right on the money. To be honest it's a shame some of the community have already forgotten that the Devs put a lot of effort into trying to help Distract them from the nonstop death and misery on the news with everything you mentioned. The irony of how my very first comment in here wouldn't have been necessary had they remembered is not lost on me.

    It's all good info, but means nothing next to what we're talking about.

    We're talking about where the idea that Booster Bundles cannot exist whilst a Replay Badge discount exists came from. The dates given align. It's literal proof. So again I'm just curious where the information you got came from?

    (Note to other Forum Members)
    I know it's been a while since some of you have seen one, but this back and forth between myself and Myandria is whats known as a civil conversation/discussion. Theres no "argument" being had at all. Take note of the complete lack of insults, sly digs, cursing, or attempts to defame one another. My honest suggestion is to learn the difference. I certainly feel no ill will towards Myandria and hope he/she/they don't either. Stirring the pot will not turn this into an argument, instead it will only reveal to the masses your true character.
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  15. myandria Item Storage

    Ahh.. no ill will here. :D

    However, I am looking at how Booster Bundle/replay badges sales were in the past before the pandemic; they never were within close range of each other. That is where I am pulling my info from; past replay badge sales promotions experiences. Usually, replay badges go on sale with other services, not a bundle that has replay badges in them.

    Why would Daybreak want to lose potential money by offering 2 replay badge special offers at the same time in normal circumstances?

    I know my view on this is different from yours and many other players; however, the profit game stands out like a broken thumb here. Simply put; the reason Booster Bundle sale cannot exist with a Replay Badge sale is because of the loss of profit from and interest in Booster Bundles will suffer.

    Perhaps "can not" is too strong of a phrase; maybe "should not" is a better one?

    Would you buy a Booster Bundle with only 150 replay badges in it for $10 or would you buy a pack of 350 replay badges for $4.50 (50% off)?

    The replay badge pack would win here, and less Booster Bundle sales would occur because players would spend less money on them. There is little reason to launch a Booster Bundle with shiny new cosmetics in it when it will be overshadowed by a better promotion.
  16. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    See that's the thing, if we ignore certain details then the point you're trying to make makes perfect sense. Why would anyone buy anything for more money? But "the devil's in the details" as the saying goes.

    Half of the entire game these days seems to be about Styles and Aesthetics. And that's not me just throwing out a random arbitrary number or anything, I genuinely believe half the reason the game is still played by a lot of folks is Style's and Aesthetics. And that's exactly what's missing from your reply there.

    We gotta be fair about this, you can't try to bring Booster Bundles up in a point and only talk about the Replays within it. One of the main reasons people buy them is for everything OTHER than the Replays within to be honest. The "New Shiny" that helps distract folks from remembering there's a bug or a glitch that still hasn't been addressed for months. But never mind, look, shiny, ooooh. It used to be crazy how easily it worked, now it's just scary.

    Anyway, to the point. If Booster Bundles and Replay Discounts coincided. They have, a fair few times. I've given an example above but considering it's the Tuesday after Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I just don't have the energy to cross check more. I know its there cause I had 3 examples last time but chose to just type out one, but after a full day I honestly can't recall exact dates at this stage. There'd be no loss of revenue when they happen together. The Replays are already discounted within the Booster Bundles, if anything having both on at the same time might actually see an increase. Some folks have no interest in Booster Auras and Skins and Materials, so they'd buy the Discount Replays. And vice versa. I've honestly never heard of the idea of giving customers multiple options to obtain something actually hurting the business. Historically there's a plethora of evidence it helps.

    But look, maybe it's best to agree to disagree at this point. My original point was about the absurdity of folks complaining about a sale. It remains just as absurd, it's just now we've been discussing it past the end date of aforementioned sale. Which itself is kind of absurd lol.

    Good chat anyway, nice to see there's still folks who can disagree with a point maturely and respectfully.
  17. myandria Item Storage

    Yes, good chat and I do agree that we can disagree about this one. :D