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  1. Empress_Orana Well-Known Player

    Hey guys I’m trying to give my best advice to lower SP support role player in my league.

    What are the best Allie’s to have for HEALING TANKING and TROLLING?

  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Combat: Superman (AoE) or Krypto (Single Target)

    Control Support: Cyborg/Death Metal Batman/Batman Who Laughs
    Heal Support: Cyborg/Batman Who Laughs
    Tank Support: Superman/Bombshell Harley Quinn/Queen Diana
  3. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    For support roles I would recommend 1 of 2 allies for combat.
    Rank 5 krypto: so that they help with boss damage if needed
    Rank 0 queen Diana: for groups or players who struggle she can help taunt. This makes it so that you can take some pressure of the tanks or helps healers in tank-less alerts.

    For support allies you can go a few routes. Best ally overall I’d Batman who laughs with his luck if the draw passive. Good for all roles. Allies can look like this:

    Troll: Batman who laughs and death metal Batman (his passive places an AoE field on you that gives back power to anyone who steps in it)
    Alternative allies:
    Cyborg: more power regen
    Black Adam: more SC to use your SC shield
    Batman who laughs (other passive) will help the boss get burned faster once the boss is under 50%

    Batman who laughs (luck of the draw again) and cyborg.
    Alternative allies:
    Black Adam for an EoG build

    Tank: lex luthor and superman
    Alternative allies:
    Cyborg: if power hungry
    Flashpoint Batman: for added defense

    Some cheap support allies for newer players or baby toons:
    Cyborg: cheap to max and always good to have extra power regen
    Orcl bot: repairs gear

    Cheap combat allies:
    Krypto: dirt cheap to max. Best ST damage
    Cyborg: good AoE damage and pretty cheap to max
    Queen Diana: can be kept unleveled. Leveling only gives more reflected damage. Taunt duration is the same at all ranks so worth leaving unranked.
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  4. Dogico Loyal Player

    Bombshell Harley for tanks?
  5. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    He's thinking the objective passive no one uses.

    Active: AOE - Batman or Bombshell Harley. Though Harley is a TC reward. ST - Krypto.
    Passive: BWL and probably something like Zoom or Flash. This also dependent of play style.

    Active: DM Batman hands down.
    Passive: BWL (either passive is good, depends on your preference as a troll.) and probably HoL bot or Cyborg. There are also argument to get Black Adam's buff. Pairs well with BWL passive #2.

    Active: Nubia
    Passive: Not a lot of options, probably BWL P1 and Cyborg. You can also use Flash or Zoom in place of Cyborg to get back out of the fray quicker.

    Active: DM Batman is good for debuffs, but you can do Queen Diana for the aggro help.
    Passive: Superman P1 and BWL P1.

    BTW, good idea to get Oracle up, since she's very cheap to build and save you time on repairing your gear.
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  6. Omega91 Well-Known Player


    Batman Who Laughs is great for Fire-Tanks as you benefit from 3 of the 4 cards.

    I've said it before, HOL Bot/Krypto are a necessity today, so are Uplinks, being able to just press two buttons and get 2M damage is insane.

    Future Lex Luthor is very much a good option, I'm waiting on some Stabs to get mine.

    FP Batman is the only other one I can think about.
  7. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    I only use Cyborg and Batman Who Laughs for everything. I was assuming someone somewhere uses her.
  8. kingofthebeast Active Player

    Man y'all sleep. Lex passives work on every role.
    For healer I run
    Nubia - combat
    Lex -pass 1 or 2 depending on group.
    The 50% health drop increase is very noticeable. I have survived numerous things because of it. That lex passive is a beast