Cutscenes stoppig PoT - intended or bug? PLEASE RESPOND.

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by MooseDetective, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. ToneMD New Player

    Because they assume trollers are a neverending font of power with no need to regen our own power.
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  2. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    As a troller, this has always annoyed me when my group losses 1-3 ticks during a cutscene.
    +1 and a cookie
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  3. kgghk New Player

    Heal over time's work during cut scenes. As well as damage over time's i believe.
    Its probably all buffs and debuffs that don't work during cut scenes.
  4. Massah Committed Player

    Tanking Buffs, Healing Over time (which will show as the Heart/Healing Buff) remain active during cutscenes*

    I should say most cutscenes - I have found there are small windows of opportunity like in FOS 2 the cutscene from the top of the Party split to where Lex and Super drop below - if you double-cast Power-Over-Time (aka..Time it just right) you can have P.O.T up through the cutscene.....but this a very rare chance. Also, if you time a 3-sec cast move at the right time you can finish the animation and get damage/heals off during a cutscene. (Fire-burst, Bloom, Soul Well, Totem, Mass Levitation, Mass Detonation, TK Bolt....have been tested I'm sue there are others)

    Just that some consistency would be nice....

    Especially as I see these cutscene as a small way to slow down game pace and offer a small break or intermission. Would just be nice if like our health regenerating our power could do the same like it used to a long time ago.
  5. Master Manipulator New Player

    For Those who don't get why this is a problem...

    I throw POT before a cut scene using up my power, then cut scene happens and negates me throwing it...

    So I throw it again when the cut scene ends... then another cut scene happens negating it again and causing me to lose even more power... (in many cases this happens numerous times)

    Leaving us once cut scenes are over with power bars very low including my own.

    Its a problem, and clearly a glitch in the system. Its important and thus why I voted up. And so should everyone else.

    Who wouldn't want to vote for more power?
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  6. MeleeHappy Well-Known Player

    There will never be enough power since DPS don't use weapons except for clipping powers these days and fire tanks just blasting their whole power bar, let alone those electric healers that only spam galvanize all day and all night.
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  7. April Fool New Player

    I was the first one to care about pot! lol but in all seriousness if the cut scene isn't long enough for us to naturally recover our power it should keep any existing power over time going, but i'm sure it would be easier for them to just make pot not be canceled unless over written or end naturally.
  8. LisaLoeb New Player

    Oh ny god so true. Electric healers are absolute trash.
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  9. KiLL ORDER New Player

    Can we get this fixed already ????
  10. MrJackBodes New Player

    Lol. I just assumed this was intended because it happens every time and I guess I just got used to it. I am disappointed in myself for not yelling "bug" so much sooner. Yes this happens, yes it sucks, yes you're awesome for calling it, yes SOE is great for noticing the call.
  11. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    Tip for players. If you know the mission you can throw PoT about .5-1 second prior to the cut scene firing up your PoT will tick all through the cut scene.
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  12. OffySmash New Player

    Its people and companies like you that make it an industry standard to release a game full of bugs and incomplete ... do you idiots really think we players "dont mind" bugs? Do you mind buying a car new off the lot if it has no tires, engine, or windows? You have a product and we are consumers ... its gonna come to an end soon and all companies selling incomplete and/or broken items will be fined and/or shut down.... I CAN"T WAIT.
  13. Matite New Player

    Fix this extremely annoying bug before more trollers leave the game. There is already a shortage... watch LFG for 5 minutes for your proof.

    Our job is already hard enough with players who chew power and never use their weapon.

    This bug should be made a priority instead of being sat on for 6 months.
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  14. Cruize Active Player

    Fix it felix!
  15. Ilunis Dedicated Player

    Because acting like a complete **** bite is going to help, yeah? It is this kind of derp that keeps green names from even bothering sometimes. Do you understand how games work today? Remove those rose-tinted glasses and really look at how buggy older games are/were. Damn.
  16. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    I'll get a video of it today for you if I can. But if you throw it at just the right time it will put the bolt out there and it will restore power during the cut scene. However, this is still a silly work around. It shouldn't be wiped to begin with.
  17. Tsuzura Well-Known Player

    I hate having my pot ruined just for cutscenes that I don't care about.
  18. MeleeHappy Well-Known Player

    these players will leave the game regardless. they get a helm of OP or they get belittled for not knowing what to do at a high CR.
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  19. Unknown New Player

    I'm glad to here the Devs r gonna try to fix it!
    Seriously, Ra's Al Ghul speaks too much, and I can't believe my group looses all those P-O-T ticks they could get.
    And if it matters, I'm a troller.
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  20. Dreadwolf New Player

    Just out of the blue... doesn't SOE have updatelogs? Can't they see WHEN and WHERE the issue occured that made it so PoT didn't last through cutscenes?
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