Cutscenes stoppig PoT - intended or bug? PLEASE RESPOND.

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by MooseDetective, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. MeleeHappy Well-Known Player

    :D i'm number 3

    i like having everyone off the bolt after the cutscene.. with a lot of line of site problems in this game since the introduction of the update that had Sub Construct, it's hard to count 8 ticks flying across the board. cutscene? nice. i'll throw a bolt. if my trinket is off cooldown, i would pop the troller trinket then throw a bolt. i already know the OP heavily disagrees and will still claim it is unintended.
  2. MooseDetective New Player

    I have NO IDEA if its intended or not. That's why I asked that very question. It may have been intended. It may be a bug. I don;t know. It was never included in the patch notes, so I suspect it was unintended but with these guys you can never be sure.

    Of course, your point is kinda moot because if you like re-throwing after a cutscene because usually most players are gathered in LoS... you can rethrow anyway even if its still up.
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  3. MeleeHappy Well-Known Player

    so.. rethrow it so half your group misses a tick that already have power over time...
  4. Bishop New Player

    I think the circumstance is the PoT cleanse does not serve any beneficial purpose over the PoT continuing during cutscenes. It can be slightly irritating as a Controller when a fight has just ended, another sequence starts and everyone is half burned out.

    If anything it is a much needed QoL feature for Controllers, personally speaking.

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  5. Tesseract Prime Dedicated Player

    Which is supposed to be somehow worse than the entire group missing all the ticks they would have got in a cutscene?
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  6. Infernale New Player

    Back in the thread about this on the old PC-forum, someone tried to use the same logic as MeleeHappy is using, and I just don't understand it.

    If 2 people missed the POT for some reason, I'd much rather have THE OTHER SIX members of the raid (including myself if I'm the POTing troller) with full power bars at the end of the cutscene from the POT continuing to tick-away for those who have it than to have NONE of the members of the raid having a full power bar and having to try to catch EVERYONE up, myself included.

    You can't POSSIBLY be worse-off for recasting POT with it having been on already during a cutscene if you're worried about someone having missed it, than you would have been by casting POT anyway when you've got less power to start with because you've had no POT over the duration of the cutscene.

    Also, during many cutscenes you're considered to be "in combat", so you don't get ANY normal power regen, it's POT or nothing.
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  7. Bishop New Player

    EDIT: Thought I had a bug report, my own mistake instead.

  8. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Off topic, please check the stickied threads at the top of the forum. Your votes in this forum are to help us see which bugs are most important to you, or which bugs you'd most like to see fixed first.

    Back on topic, there is inconsistency in how cutscenes are working at the moment, and we are looking into our options.
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  9. tyler durden New Player

    still dont get why this is a big deal. im not a troller so how about clearing things up.
  10. ZeroFive New Player

    Prior to cut scenes going sketchy. You'd be able to get the ticks off of existing power over time buffs applied prior to the start of said scene.

    Since Hand of Fate and the intro of Ops, this is no longer the case.

    Draw what conclusions you will....
  11. MeleeHappy Well-Known Player

    It's been going on for quite some time well before Hand of Fate. They should just increase the idle-regen during cutscenes.

    As for OP, i am the original replier from the old forum. Line of site sucked since update that gave us Batcave 3: Brainiac Subconstruct. Let me keep recasting Power Over Time and let those 2 players get proper ticks and the others miss a tick. I think the best solution is to increase the idle-regen (not even sure that's the word) during cutscenes.
  12. Shadow Vlad New Player

    This has bothered me since the day it happened which was a very long time ago now. Nice to see an acknowledgement from the devs finally. +1
  13. BumblingB I got better.

    I actually was there when this happened. It was around Earth DLC and the sad thing is I still cast PoT before a cutscene. ><

    It probably was a bug that went along with the earth bugs that never got fixed because of priorities.
  14. Tesseract Prime Dedicated Player

    My original post PC side was on the 20th of august, and makes reference to having noticed it since the last update, but I waited until I had a recording of it to post.

    The "last update" was GU17, aka the Gadget and Mental revamp - seems likely it could be related.

    I'd like to think it wouldn't have taken me long to notice, given how habitual it was, and my tendency to bring the UI up during cut scenes, but if anyone on PS3 side can confirm a first posting then we should be able to narrow in on a date.
  15. Shadow Vlad New Player

    I dug through the archive and found a thread from early September after u17.
  16. Bishop New Player

    I concur with you Tesseract Prime, that sounds like the date I was thinking of myself and I remember participating in the topic too.

    Whilst both of those powers are Controller spec, I cannot fathom why PoT would be altered as there really was nothing wrong with it. Unless, the changes they made to Sticky Grenade has affected the PoT but again that had nothing to do with the Controller side of the mechanics.

    Even HL PoT is affected so it is clear they changed how they do their cutscenes, as Mepps already said, from U17 onwards (or Battle for Earth as it was next content update). Interesting finding, Dr Fate's initial cutscene in Wayward Souls spawns 2x each character if you check your UI - F4/Nearby.

  17. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

  18. Scarlet Level 30

    Acknowledgement, finally!! Thank you :)
  19. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Thank you!
  20. Massah Committed Player

    The 20 second moves that have their benefit removed during video cutscenes are Power-Over-Time and the 60% Damage Buff Lock-in when using Enduring Damage. (Meaning neither can be used to be prepared for the battle after the cutscene - or in the case of inner/Kahn both effects are removed during boss fights. (Having to recast a 3- sec move to utilize the enduring damage mod at the A.R.C cutscene is just as punishing as having your Power-Over-Time stripped when the team was low and you wanted to fill them before the A.R.C./Wing Armor/Omac Prime's start doing there AoE attacks.

    Glad they said they are looking into it.

    For those that do not see an issue and think it is fine to just re-cast after the cutscene....imagine if it were Healing Over time that got removed. The cutscenes out of battle are not too bad, but the cutscenes during boss fights would suck if you were about to die healer treid to heal you wasting power that cannot be regen'd thru the cutscene and no one got healed from the move cast during the cutscene. If anything while I welcome the challenge of timing making older content harder. I foresee a huge QQ-thread if heals get cleansed thru cutscenes........SMH (Why do people not care about Controllers being effective?)
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