Cutscenes stoppig PoT - intended or bug? PLEASE RESPOND.

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by MooseDetective, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. MooseDetective New Player

    A few updates back, cutscenes started cutting off PoT - which can be really annoying in instances with multiple small cutscenes in a row, and problematic in raids.

    I had started a thread about this in Gotham City on the the old boards and got no official response. Are you guys even aware this is happening and is it intended?
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  2. Claytoun New Player

    that's a bit frustrating, indeed
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  3. ToneMD New Player

    Seems like thats been happening for a while. Long enough to know not to bother to reapply PoT when a cutscene is coming up.

    Of course if one sleep walks through a raid we end up doing it anyway. The most annoying ones are those short "let me show you this clue" cut scenes that don't reset your power and HP levels.
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  4. Thunderm2k New Player

    I noticed this last night. But it doesnt seem to affect Healing.
  5. Tesseract Prime Dedicated Player

    Happens on the pc too, reported it months ago. No response.
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  6. Kroye Loyal Player

    yeah, definitely aggravating. It wasn't always that way. I wondered if they added it due to cut scenes in the PVE arena battles.
  7. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are investigating.
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  8. Bishop New Player

    It has been happening for ages, since about a while after Battle for Earth DLC. Not that I am insinuating they are connected. I just assumed the lack of response on the issue for so long meant it was a sneaky slowdown of the game's really juiced up pace lately.

    It would be good to see this returned to it's original state.

  9. Little Sister New Player

    Awesome!! Thanks.
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  10. Master Manipulator New Player

    Yes this is happening and is lame...

    OP is right on with this bug
  11. MooseDetective New Player

    I'm getting dislike votes for a question asking if a factual game change - that negatively affects every player in the game - is working as intended or a bug. I'm thinking these people might be good first additions to the new ignore function. What do the rest of you think?
  12. Sytenia Committed Player

    I've seen those two downvote other good topics for no reason.
    If you ask me this whole voting thing is pretty useless.
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  13. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    It's much better now that we can see the names of the Downvoters. :)

    And +1 to the topic. In content with multiple cutscenes (the Black Adam fight in Khandaq for instance), it's particularly irritating.
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  14. Radium Devoted Player

    It's kind of reinforces the point of how useless downvoting was to begin with. Now Arkhams the only place the trolls can do anything.
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  15. tyler durden New Player

    how about you get your facts straight. i thumbed up 6 or 7 threads here that i agreed with. have you mentioned those? no of course you didnt. because all you care about is the few thumbs down i gave to some threads you happen to agree with. what about the other threads that were thumbed down into oblivion by 8 trolls? not a peep from you hypocrites? thought so.
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  16. Sytenia Committed Player

    That's nice but it would be nicer if you could state why you disagree with those topics like this one for example.
  17. MooseDetective New Player

    Yes, I'd personally love to know what there is to disagree with in this thread...
  18. tyler durden New Player

    no. how about reading what mepps wrote? mepps - this is your chance to vote up or down bugs, even if you don't have further information to add to the reports.
  19. Blinx New Player

    Don't get too excited. They post they are "investigating" but that doesn't mean anything is done for months, if ever. It just means they'll look into it in between their money makers.
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  20. Sanctimonious Well-Known Player

    They probably don't realize that you can see who votes which way now.
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